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Welcome to Jump

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Hello new town!

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Disclamier: I don't own TT but I do own Jamie


---The Next morning---

Jamie woke up the next morning, she got dressed in a sweatshirt the fell off her shoulders and a pair of ripped jeans, and of course, she wore her J necklace. She threw her hair in a ponytail and got ready to pack the rest of her things. Today was the big day, she was moving to Jump to live with her brother and his friends but this also meant that she was going to closer to Roy; Steel City was only an hour away. She finished packing the last box and went downstairs to grab something to eat. Jamie jogged down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. There she found a weeping Alfred making pancakes.

“Alfred, what’s wrong?” though she could have guessed that it was because she was moving.

“Nothing Miss, I just have something in my eye” but Jamie could tell that he was lying. She walked over to Alfred and hugged him from behind.

“Oh, Alfred don’t worry, I promise to visit”

“I know Miss, here is your plate, you need your strength for the move.” he handed her a plate filled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, and hash browns. Jamie’s eyes widened, she knew there was no way she could finish all the food even if she life counted on it.

“Um, thanks Alfred,” she took the plate and sat down. The others soon joined her, and were all happy about the big feast, except Raven who sat down with a cup of tea. Jamie ate the toast and let Beast Boy and Cyborg finish the plate. She went back upstairs to tape up her boxes. Bruce had entered the kitchen just when Jamie left.

“Richard may I speak with you in my study” Bruce began to walk towards the study.

“Ok” Richard, knew he really did not have a choice, grabbed a piece of toast to go.

---In the study---

“So what’s up Bruce?” Richard asked as he took a bite out of the toast.

“I just wanted to talk about Jamie” Bruce folded his hand together and rested them on the deck.

“About what?”

“Well, I do believe her moving in with you is a good idea but…”

“But?” Richard knew that Bruce really cared about Jamie and was going to miss her but would not show it, he just did not do emotions.

“I well want you to make sure she does well in school and. . .Um begin to train her so she can defend herself. I will send her a weekly allowance so you won’t have to worry about money.” Bruce’s eyes began to tear a little, he quickly tried to stop them hoping that Richard would not notice.

“Don’t worry Bruce I will take care of her, and make sure that she calls you every week.” Richard said with a smile.

Bruce began to smile, “I know that you will protect her, and she will keep you from consuming yourself with work. You should go help her pack.” Richard nodded and left.

“They are going to be ok,” Bruce thought with a smile.

---1 hour later---

Jamie was walking down the stairs with the last box; she could barely see over the box and was struggling when she reached the door.

“Here let me get that for you” Richard picked up the book from Jamie’s arms.

“Oh, thanks Richard” she opened the door and the two walked towards the hummer (the T-car) and put the box in the trailer attached to the car. The trailer included all of Jamie’s furniture, boxes filled with her stuff, and her motorcycle Richard did not want her ridding it all the way to Jump so she was going to ride in the car while Star rode with him.

“That’s the last box Richard,” Jamie said as she closed the trailer door and locked it.

“Ok, we will head out.” Everyone walk towards the front door where Bruce and Alfred stayed. Kori, Rachel, Gar and Victor all thanked them for their hospitality and made their way back to the car leaving Richard and Jamie.

Richard spoke first, “Thanks for letting us stay here,”

“No problem Richard” Bruce said as he shook Richard’s hand.

“You are always welcomed here Master Richard.” Richard shook Alfred’s hand and left Jamie to say her good byes alone.

“I want to thank you both for caring for me and giving me a home.” Jamie said trying to keep from crying

“Jamie, there is no need to thank us,” Bruce tried to tell the young girl.

“Yes there is you too have been my dads and I am going to miss you” tears ran down Jamie’s face, “but I know this isn’t good bye and I promise to call and visit.” Jamie stuck out her hand for Bruce to shake; instead, Bruce embraced Jamie into a hug. The two parted and Jamie gave Alfred a hug too. She pecked each of the on the check and smiled as she walked toward the car. She was about to enter when a motorcycle raced into the manor.

“Wait,” the driver shouted. He stopped his motorcycle, threw off his helmet, and ran towards Jamie.

“Roy, what are you doing here?” Jamie asked.

“I came to say good-bye,” Roy said calmly.

“But we are only going to be an hour away” Jamie said as she giggled.

“I know but . . . well I got you this” Roy presented Jamie with a black velvet box. Jamie opened the box and gasped.

“Ohhh, Roy it’s beautiful you shouldn’t have” Jamie said as she stared at the gold necklace with an arrow pendant.

“It’s so you will always think of me,” Roy explained as he put the necklace on Jamie, “I also wanted to give you this” he handed her, what looked to be a smaller version of a Titans communicator, “If you are ever in trouble, just call me on this”

Jamie smiled as she held the communicator in her hand, “You really care about me don’t you”

“Yeah and when guys hit on you in Jump, just tell them that your big strong boyfriend gave you that necklace,” he said while he puffed out his chest.

Jamie laughed, “I could never fall for another guy” the two embraced in a kiss that was cut short when Victor honked the horn, “Yo Jamie we got to go.” Jamie walked towards the car and gave Roy a wave before entering the car. Everyone left leaving Bruce and Alfred alone.

“I shall miss having a teenager in the house, won’t you master Bruce?”

“Yes I will.” The two entered the now silent house.

---In the car---

Jamie sat in the front seat looking out the window while playing with her new necklace and Cyborg was busying listening to the radio and singing to it forcing Beast Boy and Raven to interact.

“Sooo. . .” Beast Boy said secretly enjoying the fact that Raven and him were alone.

“So” Raven retorted she was nervous around Beast Boy.

Beast Boy figured now was the best time to tell her, he took a deep breath and said, “RavenIreallylikeyoubutIknowthatyoulikehatemeandIjustreallyneededtogetthisoffmychest.” Beast Boy let out a sigh

“What did you say?” Raven was confused she only got a few words out of what he just said and there was no way that she could have heard right.

“I really like you” Beast Boy flinched scared that Raven may hit him or send him flying out of the car with her powers but when nothing happened he looked up to see a blushing Raven.

“I like you too,” she whispered. The two stared at each other gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling until. . .


Raven and Beast Boy started laughing, realizing their moment was ruined by Cyborg’s singing.

“So you want to go out sometime?”


Teen Titans Theme song

“Cyborg here,” he answered as he flipped up his communicator.

“We are going to take a break at the diner up ahead, how is Jamie doing?” Robin asked.

Cyborg looked over to see that Jamie had fallen asleep, “She’s fine man, and we will see you at the diner. Cy out,” he shut his communicator and began to sing again


---Minutes away from Jump---

Jamie gazed out the window, “Wow,” the giant T that stood in the middle of the bay amazed her.

“That’s your new home.” Cyborg explained, he pressed a button on the wheel. A rock swung up and the T-car and R-cycle went into the new tunnel. They arrived in the garage and everyone got out, taking off their holo-rings and civilian clothes leaving only Jamie in normal clothes.

“Come on we’ll help you get unpacked” everyone began grabbing boxes. Jamie stood there with her mouth wide up as Starfire picked up 10 boxes without evening breaking a sweat, Raven engulfed 5 more boxes in a black energy, and Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and carried the rest of the boxes. Robin turned and saw Jamie amazed and chuckled.

“Yeah, you will get use to that,” Robin said as he grabbed Jamie’s arm, “Come on let me show you around.”

Jamie followed Robin as he showed her the tower. He finally stopped in front of a door with no name on it.

“This will be your room,” he stated, “But you will be staying in my room until it’s finished.”


“Well you can wander around some more but I have to tell you a couple things. First, I promised Bruce I would train you so that you can defend yourself. Everyday we will work out in the gym. Second, you will need a disguise Cyborg is designing a holo-ring for you. Third, you start school on Monday.” he gave Jamie a little time to digest everything before he continued.

“Last” he started as Jamie sighed, “I want to give you this,” he revealed a red box. Jamie opened it to see a charm bracelet with a TT charm on it.

“Thank you” she gave him a hug before slipping on the bracelet.

“Your welcome”

“Can, I go look around the city?” she asked

“Sure as long as you wear your sunglasses” she gave him a peak on the check on ran to leave. Cyborg arrived just as Jamie left.

“Did you give her the bracelet?” he asked, looking around the hall for Jamie, “Man where did she go anyways?”

“To see the city and yes I gave her the bracelet,” Robin could not wait to see if it worked. Suddenly a light went off in Cy’s head.

“Oh, you are going to test the tracking device you put on the bracelet?”

“Yeah, come on let’s see it work.” They went into Robin’s room as he turned on his computer, he quickly opened a program and a map with a red dot appeared on the screen.

“It’s working,” Robin was happy, now he would always know where Jamie was in case there was trouble.

“Come on, man let’s finish Jamie’s room.” The two went into Jamie’s room where everyone else was watching.

The rest of the day was uneventful; Jamie had come back from seeing the city. Everyone sat down for a dinner of pizza, Jamie fell asleep early on the couch, and Robin carried her to his room, while everyone else continued to work on her room. Sunday, Jamie trained in the gym because she could not find everyone else. Unknown to her everyone was working on her room.

---Sunday night---

Jamie sat at the table eating dinner alone; she had not seen anyone all day and was beginning to wonder where everyone had gone without her.

“Hey James” she turned to see Robin with paint splotches all over his uniform.

“Where have you been?” she asked as she eyed his uniform.

“Come with me,” she got up and stood next to him, “but first wear this,” he took out a blindfold and tied it around her eyes.

Robin guided her to the spot, she heard a swoosh as she stepped forward.

“Can I take this off now?” Jamie was now very curious and antsy.

“Yes” Jamie ripped off her blindfold, her eyes adjusted in a few seconds and she was taken back.

“Welcome to your room” everyone shouted. Jamie looked around the room and it reflected her perfectly. The top of the wall was painted red and the bottom was painted a midnight blue with a black border. Her bed had a wooden frame around it (A/N similar to Robin’s in quest) with a black and blue stripped comforter. Black and red curtains hung from her window and a yellow desk faced the window. All of her stuff was arranged in the room.

“Thank you soo much” she gave each of them a hug.

“Your welcome, we are glad you like it lil lady,” Cyborg said as he reached for rings sitting on the desk, “these are for you to wear to school. You just twist them and you have a disguise, try them now.” Jamie grabbed the rings, slid them on her finger, and twisted them. Jamie was now had chocolate brown hair with brown eyes but for some reason a little blue still showed up.

“Oh well, it still works, just remember to wear these to school everyday.”

“Ok” she slid the rings off her finger and returned to normal.

“Well, you better get some sleep James, tomorrow is your first day at JCHS (A/n Jump city high school anybody got any ideas about a mascot?) come on guys,” Robin motioned for the rest of the team to leave the room. Making sure no one else was in the room he walked towards the closet.

“I thought you might like this,” he shuffled through until he found what he was looking for, “here” he handed her a framed poster.

“Oh, thank you so much” she began to tear up a little as she looked over the poster, it was a Flying Grayson’s poster but this one was special Jamie’s parent made it just before they died they were planning on using it in the next city; it included the whole family even Jamie.

“I’d thought you like it, now get some rest you have a big day tomorrow,” Robin hugged her and left the room.

She walked over to the wall and placed the frame on a nail, probably put up by Robin. She yawned, and began to change for bed. She lied in her bed thinking of the good times she had with her family.

---The Next morning---

“Good Morning Jump this is D.J Drake, its 6:15 the weekend is done but that doesn’t mean we can have fun!” Jamie slammed the sleep button on her radio and pulled the covers over her head, she really did not want to go to a new school today . . . or ever. She was just starting to fall asleep when Robin opened up the door.

“Come on Jamie, get up!” he walked over to the curtains and threw them open.

“Ahhh,” she slowly opened up one of her eyes to see the shinning sun through her window.

“Get ready for school,” he said before leaving the room.

Jamie yawned and stretched; she got up from her bed and walked towards her closet looking for something to wear. She picked a pair of dark jeans that hugged her legs and a black low cut t-shirt that ended just above her stomach. She put on her holo-rings and left her wavy chocolate brown hair down. Jamie put on her J-necklace, arrow necklace, and her charm bracelet. She picked up her black backpack and grabbed her cell and the communicator, that Roy had given her, and put it in her backpack. Jamie went into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast.

“Bye guys,” she shouted as she grabbed her helmet and put on her favorite red jacket; she walked to the garage and jumped on to her motorcycle. Within five minutes, she was in front of JCHS.


It seemed that everyone was watching as the new student drove up on a motorcycle. All the girls assumed that it was a new boy and hoping that he was cute, and because of that most of the boys thought it was a boy too, hoping he would be cool. Everyone continued to watch as the student parked his motorcycle and hop off but they were amazed as the student took off the helmet and shook her brown hair. The boys were floored as they watched her sway her hips side to side as she walked towards the building. Most girls became jealous; every guy’s eyes were on her and no one else. Jamie entered the building finally, she could feel all eyes on her and she did not really like it. She hurried to main office and closed the door behind her, finally escaping the stares.

“Hello hun, how can I help you?” a secretary asked, she was wearing a red short-sleeved dress and was chewing on a piece of gum.

“Um, I am new here and I need a schedule”

“Of course, what’s your name?” she questioned before blowing a bubble. Jamie looked around making sure that no one was there.

“Jamie Grayson” she whispered hoping that no one else heard her. the secretary’s bubble popped.

“Oh My God, Miss Grayson here you go” she quickly handed her a piece of paper, “and here is a map of the school. Your teachers have been informed not to tell any one your last name. Have a good day Miss.” Jamie took the piece of paper and hurried out of the office, she really hated the attention she got when people learned her last name. She looked down at her schedule:

English III honors

Geometry II


Chemistry I

Spanish II


Study Hall


“Fun schedule,” she thought, “now where is B212” she began to wander until she finally found the room; she made it just as the bell rang.

“Class,” the teacher attempted to quite the class, “CLASS,” the classroom quickly became quite, “Oh thank you,” the teacher said returning to her normal voice.

“We have a new student today,” she gestured for Jamie to step forward, “meet Jamie. Now find a seat dear and we can begin.” Jamie sat in the only available seat left, in the back corner. Everyone watched as the girl walked to her seat. One boy watched her every movement with his brown almost red eyes. She sat next to him and he noticed the TT charm on her bracelet, he was about to say hi when the teacher started talking.

“I’ll just wait until after class,” he thought but as soon as the bell rang, the girl was gone in a blink of an eye.

Jamie went through the rest of her schedule without a problem, well except for all the guys staring at her. She was trying to find the cafeteria, she was looking at her map when thump, she smacked right into someone and books and lunches scattered everywhere.

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she quickly picked up her things

“No problem,” he spoke with a smooth sexy voice, Jamie stopped what she was dong and looked up to see a pair of brown red eyes.

“I’m Jamie,” she offered her hand to shake

“Xavier,” he shook her hand and the two picked up the rest of there things.

“Are you lost?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m looking for the cafeteria,” she said as she blushed a little.

“Why don’t you have lunch with me?” he offered.

“I’d like that” she said as Xavier offered his arm she accepted and the two walked towards the courtyard.

“It’s a nice day; I thought you might like to have lunch outside”

“Well you thought right,” she sat down at an empty table and Xavier sat across from her.

The two spent the rest of lunch talking and laughing as they finished eating.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?” he asked smoothly, Xavier was somewhat of a playboy at JCHS and was not used to hearing no.

“I’d love to but,” she fiddled with her arrow necklace before saying, “I’m taken”

“Oh,” this was a new feeling for Xavier, rejection, “I should have known a girl like you would be taken. He gave you that necklace," he pointed to the arrow necklace and she nodded, "He is a lucky guy.” The two sat in silence until Jamie said something.

“We can still hang out as friends,” she suggested hoping that he would say yes.

“I’d like that,” he said as he ran his fingers through his brown hair, “How about after school?”


The bell rang and the two parted but not before exchanging phone numbers and agreeing on a place to meet after school.

Jamie went through the rest of her classes wishing everyone would stop staring but tired to think about what was going to happen after school.

Xavier went through the rest of the day thinking about Jamie, he could not help himself the girt made him feel different; if only she did not have a boyfriend. He sighed and watched the clock.

RING! School was out the students all ran out of school. Both Xavier and Jamie headed for their motorcycles. Jamie agreed to meet Xavier at the park near Titan’s tower, she planned to drop her motorcycle off at home and walk to the park.

---Titans tower---

Jamie walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple.

“How was your day?”

“Fine, Robin,” she said between bites. She quickly finished her apple, tossed the core out, and began to walk out the door.

“Hey! Where are you going in a hurry?” he asked.

“Out with a friend, don’t worry I have my cell,” she started to walk out the door again, “I’ll be back.” she closed the door before Robin had a chance to answer. She walked over to the park and found a bench. “Hmm, perfect bench” she thought, the bench faced the park and was in the sun but a nearby tree gave a little shade. She sat down and watch the kids play, hoping that Xavier would not ditch her. As if on cue, a red motorcycle pulled up by the curb. The driver took off his helmet and ran his fingers through his brown hair (a/n he has Ben from Ben 10 hair cut), he moved his brown red eyes around until he found what he was looking for. He waved to her, she got up and waved back and began walking towards him.


“Hey I keep you waiting,” he asked.

“No, where are we going?” she said with a giggle.

Xavier was about to melt her giggle made his heart skip a couple beats, “That’s a surprise. Come on.” he tossed her a helmet and the two got on the motorcycle.

---Jump Beach—

The motorcycle stopped and the two got off and took their helmets off leaving them on the bike. Jamie watched as the sun hit the water, making it glisten.

“It’s beautiful,” she said before Xavier took her arm and guided her towards the beach.

“Never seen a beach before?” he asked as he continued to guide Jamie towards the beach.

“Not a lot of beaches in Gotham,” she replied as she continued to scan the beach.

Finally, Xavier reached the spot and Jamie saw and gasped.

“Oh Xavier you shouldn’t have,” she said as she sat down on the beach blanket.

“It’s just a picnic dinner,” he paused before he added, “for two friends.” He opened the basket and took the food out.

“So why did you move?” he asked wanting to know more about the girl.

“To live with my brother. We really weren’t close until recently and my dad doesn’t think Gotham is safe anymore,” she answered as she took a piece of corn bread.

“Oh, so do you like Jump so far?”

“Its fine, if you like a million guys staring at you” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

Xavier chuckled, “Well, it’s not every day a girl like you appears on a motorcycle in Jump”

“Yeah, I guess I made a bit of an entrance.” she said before she began laughing.

The two finished their dinner, Jamie was packing up; Xavier tried to convince her not to be she was pretty stubborn and wanted to thank him for his generosity.

“Jamie looks up” he said as he pointed towards the ocean.

“What,” she looked up and saw the sunset, the warm colors hit the water and reflect towards the sky making it beautiful. The two watched the sunset for a while before picking up and leaving.

“Jamie is you sure I can’t just take you home?” Xavier asked for the millionth time as he watched Jamie walk towards the park.

“No, my house is only a few blocks away. I’ll be fine,” she said as she walked away, “thanks for a great night. See you tomorrow!” she waved and crossed the park.

“This is a start of a great friendship,” they both thought before leaving the park.
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