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Let's fast forward a few months

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A/N: introducing the 2nd person in the world to perform the quadruple somersault. (insert appualse here!)



The dynamic duo, they were inseparable; Jamie and Xavier had become best friends. Everyone saw the change in Xavier because of her. He no longer thought of woman as a prize but respected them. Though she was still somewhat of a playboy, the change was evident. One thing that everyone in knew except one person was that Xavier had the biggest crush on Jamie; the one person who didn’t know was Jamie herself. She seemed oblivious but than again everyone at school knew that she had a boyfriend but no one had seen him.

Jamie had become popular in the time that she had been at JCHS; every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. Jamie was nice to everyone but some girls, jealous of her, tried to hurt her any way they could. Xavier was always there to save her and keep guys away.

“Hey Jamie,” Xavier called as he jogged to catch up with her, “wait up.” She stopped and turned giving Xavier time to catch up to her before he began to speak again. “Want to hang out?” he knew the answer would be yes, they hung out practically every day.

“I’d love to,” she started, “but I have to train with Rich.” He sighed, as she began to walk again, and he followed.

“You know that I train on Fridays, X” she had given Xavier the nickname but she was the only one who could call him that when anyone else did Xavier gave them the death stare.

“Man, why is her brother always training her,” Xavier never met Richard but he could tell that he was way protective of Jamie and was often the reason they couldn’t hang out more. They reached her motorcycle and she put on her helmet and got on.

“If I finish early I promise to call, maybe we can catch a movie,” and with that she rode off.


---Titans Tower---

“Hurry James, you’re late” Robin shouted through the intercom. Jamie sighed training was such a pain sometimes. She threw on a pair of red shorts and a baby blue tank top, Jamie took her rings off and left them on the desk. She gathered her black her into a ponytail and head off towards the gym.



“Took you long enough,” Robin said as Jamie walked into the gym.

“Sorry,” she grumbled as she walked towards him.

“Today we are going to spar,” he explained as she tossed her a bo-staff. She caught it with ease. Robin could sense that Jamie was not really into training today.

“If I win can we finish early?” she asked as she jumped into the sparring ring.

Robin thought if he could spice up training Jamie would get into to it, “Tell you what, if you win you can leave early and we will do trapeze work next work out,” he said even though he was positive he could beat her.

“Deal,” she said with a smile, she was sure that she could beat him.

The two got into a fighting stance and began circling each other waiting for the other to strike first. Robin decided to test Jamie and attacked first; using his bo-staff, he launched himself into a flying kick. She flipped over him and turned quickly preparing for the next move. They both performed a quadruple summersault in the air and the bow-staffs hit each other breaking in half from the pressure. Robin tossed it aside believing it had was now useless but Jamie spun the bow-staff pieces with her hands and launched into another attack. She did a roundhouse kick hitting Robin in the jaw, he punched her in the stomach she appeared to double over dropping her bow-staffs but she did a back spring and was up again. Jamie did two front flips, Robin crotched to the ground and kicked her foot during her landing but instead of falling, she just flipped over him pushing down on his shoulder before landing behind him. Both were breathing hard and took a second break before Jamie punched Robin in the stomach, he doubled over a little but stood up again and kicked Jamie in the jaw. She took a few steps back before getting in her fighting stance again. Suddenly Jamie went into a fighting frenzy, she ran at full speed towards Robin, who thought he could trip her but instead she somersaulted in the air and used both legs to kick him in the stomach. He fell but got up again, Jamie was ready for this and she quickly did a combination, a punch, kick and another punch, before he could even react. He was down for the count.

“I win,” Jamie said as she took a sip of water from her water bottle.

“Yeah, yeah” he walked over to the bench and wiped his face with a towel.

“Well, I’m going to the movies now. I’ll be back before 11.” she began to walk out the door but not before turning and staring at him, “Richard. . .”

“Yes?” he asked wondering what more she wanted.

“Next time you let me win don’t be so obvious,” and with that she left.

“Try and be nice,” he grumbled as he began towards the door.



Jamie was waiting in the park as she always did when X picked her up. The December air nipped at her nose. She zipped up her brown jacket even more and readjusted her blue hat. Jamie continued to scan for a red motorcycle but one could not be found. A red and black car appeared and park in the spot where Xavier usually parked.

“Jamie,” the driver shouted, “get in; here it is cold.”

Jamie giggled as she walked towards the car, the voice belong to X.

“When did you get a car?” she asked as she put her hands by the air vents to warm them.

“While you see, only crazy people ride motorcycles in the winter,” he said as he drove towards the movies. She cleared her throat, “but you of course aren’t crazy just everyone else.” he finished with a smirk, “Of course if you’d like a ride everyday, I’d be happy to give it to you.”

“I’d like that,” she said as she changed the station on the radio.

“So, I’ll drop you off at your house from now on?” he asked hoping she’d say yes; he had never seen where she lived before.

“Nope, same spot as always,” she said with a grin.

“Will I ever get to see your house?” he asked.

“Someday,” she answered before gazing out the window, he knew not to press the subject any further.



Jamie and Xavier arrived at the movie theater in five minutes. They were standing outside deciding on what movie to see.

“Come on let us go see Wicked Scary 4,” he pleaded with Jamie.

“X, let’s see something funny and not scary” she said with a pout.

“You can hide behind me,” he said as she continued to pout, “and after the movie we can get pizza and ice cream”

“Fine,” she sighed, “but you are paying.” Xavier laughed and went to the ticket counter to buy the tickets.

Within a few minutes, the two were in the theater sharing a tube of popcorn and waiting for the movie to start.

“So, Mrs. Johnson was like I don’t understand what is so funny about screwing, I mean I screw lots of things at home,” X and Jamie began laughing when her phone started to vibrated she looked at the call id.

“Hey I got to take this,” she said as she got up, “I’ll be back” she walked outside the theater.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Well, hello sexy” the smooth voice said on the other line.

“Roy, why did you call?” she asked with a giggle

“Tomorrow, you, me and a surprise location for the best date ever,” he responded, “Pick you up at 7?”


“Ok, love you bye” he said

“Love you too,” she said before hanging up the phone. She smiled as she walked back towards the theater.

“Why are you so happy?” X asked as Jamie sat back down in her seat.

“Um, well. . .” she started before the other people in the audience shushed, “I’ll tell you after the movie,” she whispered as the movie started.

Xavier spent some of the time wondering why she was happy but when the first scary part came Jamie gasped and buried her face in X’s shoulder, he forgot about everything for the rest of the movie.


---Pizza and ice cream---

Xavier had taken Jamie out for dinner, just as he promised, after the movie. The two were sharing a pepperoni pizza and chatting about school when X remembered Jamie promised to tell him who called her before the movie.

“So who called you before the movie?” he asked causally.

“Oh, Roy called me,” she said as she took a bite of pizza, “and guess what?”

“What?” he said trying not to sound disappointed, though at the mention of Roy’s name his spirit always went down.

“He is coming on Saturday,” she said with a smile.

“Great,” he muttered sarcastically as he looked at his watch, “Maybe I should get you home now” he suggested.

“Ok,” she said as she put on her coat and grabbed her hat.

The two walked towards the car together.



“Jamie are you sure, you don’t want to me to drop you off at your house,” he asked for the millionth time, as the car neared the park.

“No X,” she said calmly, “for the millionth time I live a block away from the park and I’ll be fine.” She began to open the door as the car parked near the curb. “But thank you for caring,” she leaned over and gave him a friendly peck on the check before leaving the car.

“No problem” he muttered to himself as he left from the park.


---Next Morning---

“Raise and shine Jamie,” Robin called through the intercom in Jamie’s room. She groaned and pulled the covers over her head again.

“Jamie, if you don’t wake up now than I am coming in,” he warned her, but Jamie just throw a pillow at the intercom and pulled her covers higher. Jamie could hear a loud swoosh and groaned.

“Come on, Jamie” he begged as he threw the covers off of her, “you have to train,” she still didn’t budge, he smirked as he got an idea, “if you don’t train then I’ll be forced to ground you tonight.”

Jamie shot up, “Fine. I will be down in 10” he started to walk out of her room leaving her alone to dress. She grabbed a pair of royal blue sweatpants and a red tank top. Throwing her black hair into a loose bun and walked out the door.

She jogged into the kitchen and picked up an apple to eat while her walk to the gym. By the time she was in the gym, the apple was gone.

“Ok, I’m here let the pain begin” her voice laced with sarcasm.

“Did you forget,” he reminded her as he appeared from the shadows.

“God Robin, you take after Bruce”

“Today we are working with the trapeze.”

She smiled as she looked up to see that the trapeze was set up in the gym. Her and Robin began stretching to get ready and doing flips on the ground.

“I am going to perform the quadruple somersault,” she smiled as she looked up at the trapeze.

“Don’t worry if you don’t get it,” Robin said trying not to get her hopes up, “remember that I didn’t perform it until I was 7.”

“Yeah but I was close when I was 5 and if I kept training I know I would have gotten” she began to climb the ladder reaching the top of the platform.

“Let’s do some partner work first,” Robin, ordered as he climbed to the top of the other platform. Robin swung first and swung his body around so that he was now hanging from his feet, “Ok, go now,” he yelled.

Jamie nodded and jumped on to the other swing, she flipped of the swing somersaulting twice before grabbing on to Robin’s hand. Robin released her as they reached the platform. She flipped and landed perfectly on the platform. After 10 minutes of partner work, Robin sat down and watched as Jamie performed solo work on the trapeze. This was the tenth time she tried the quadruple somersault and the tenth time she fell but she refused to give up.

“Remember, how mom and dad did it,” she thought as she took a deep breath and tried again. Robin watched as Jamie grabbed the swing and tried to get enough momentum to do the trick. She left herself go somersaulting once, twice. Robin held his breath as she entered the third somersault. Jamie prayed as she completed the third somersault and entered the fourth somersault; flashbacks of her mother, father, and brother entered her mind as she finished the fourth somersault and grabbed the swing. She shouted with joy as she let go of the swing falling into the safety net. She ran off the net and towards Robin who was smiling. Jamie hugged him and the two were laughing.

“I did it,” she squealed.

“I know,” he said, he could not have been prouder, “Why don’t we celebrate with a smoothie?” he suggest, he knew Jamie had a sweet tooth but a smoothie was sweet and healthy.

“Let’s go,” she said as the two walked out of the gym.

I think I should get Jamie a trophey!

Hope you enjoyed!
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