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Date Night

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Preview: What happens when the titans go on a date? Only choas will ensue! Read as JamieRoy, RobStar, BBRae, CyBee. . .what if they all ran into each other.

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Jamie sat in her room picking out a dress to wear.

“The black one,” she pondered, “or the blue one,” the black dress was a halter that ended above her knees and the blue one was a strapless dress. “Or,” she thought as she grabbed a jean skirt and a royal blue turtleneck, then she saw it the perfect outfit. She threw off her robe and changed into a long sleeved blue dress with a white strapless halter underneath the dipping neckline. Jamie put on her J necklace and the necklace that Roy got her, along with her charm bracelet and a pair of diamond stud earrings. Her hair was in loose curls with a red ribbon in it; she carefully applied red lipstick, light blue eye shadow, a bit of black eye liner, mascara, and blush. She slipped on a pair of black ballerina flats and sprayed a bit of Princess Perfume. She sat in front of her mirror making sure she wasn’t missing anything.



Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin were playing video games in the ops room.

“Robin have you seen Jamie?” Starfire asked as she entered the room with Raven.

“Getting ready for date,” he answered with out taking his eyes off the T.V

“A date,” she repeated trying to remember the last time she and robin went on a date, “Robin when was the last time we went on a date.” The controller dropped from his hands at the question. He panicked and began to sweat a little as the two other boys began to giggle.

“Um, Star you know we have been busy,” he tried to reason but he looked up and saw sadness in her eyes, he sighed and knew what he had to do, “Star would you like to go one a date tonight?”

“Robin this is so unexpected,” she said, “I would love to go on a date tonight” she floated to her room to get ready. Beast boy noticed how happy Star was when Robin asked her out on a date.

“Um, Raven do you want to go out tonight,” he asked nervously, “you know like a date.”

“Sure,” she said with a small smile, her and Beast Boy had been going out for a few months and she couldn’t be happier, and went to her room to get ready.



She glanced at her watch only 5 minutes until Roy came. She checked her reflection in the mirror, “Perfect,” she thought. She got up, walked over to her closet, and grabbed a black jacket and small black purse. She threw her cell phone and money in the purse. She looked at her holo-rings and was gladded that she did not have to use them today but then remembered to grab a pair of sunglasses. She made her way downstairs to wait for Roy.


---Starfire’s room---

She hummed as she floated around her room looking for the perfect outfit to wear. Finally, she found it, she put on a purple dress and a pair black heels. She applied a little lipstick and blush. Star put on a star necklace, a gift from Robin, and a pair of green jade earrings. She was excited; she could not remember the last time that her and Robin spent the night alone without any talk of crime. “Nothing is going to ruin this night,” she thought as she grabbed a blue purse and put her communicator in it. Star floated downstairs to meet Robin.


---Raven’s Room---

“What to wear,” he thought nervously as she searched through her closet looking for something to wear that Beast Boy might like, she was always scared Beast Boy would realize she was too creepy for him and dump her.

“Hmm this is it,” she grabbed a dress, something flirty, but of course it was black and slipped on a pair of white flats. She looked over at the make-up sitting on her dresser, it was a gift from Starfire, but she never used it. She slowly reached for the lipstick and applied a dark red color to her lips and black eyeliner to her eyes.

“I hope I don’t look silly,” she thought as she went downstairs.



Jamie stood outside the secret entrance to the Tower waiting for Roy, the titans didn’t know he was Roy but he knew they would figure out if they saw him. She looked up and down the road for his motorcycle but saw nothing. Her phone started ringing as she began to look for it; she found it and flipped it open.


“Hey sexy”

“Roy where are you?”

“Look to your right,” he told her, she slowly turned to her right to see a red convertible speeding down the road, it stopped next to her as she shut her phone.

“Are you going to stare or come in?” he asked as he swung the passenger door open.

“Roy, its December why on earth do you have a convertible?” she asked as she got in the car and took off her sunglasses, glad she go show someone her true eyes.

“Because it’s cool,” he answer in as a matter of fact tone, “don’t worry baby I can keep you warm.” he pressed a button and the top came down as she smiled.

“So where are you taking me?” she mused with her blue eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“You’ll see, when we get there,” he said, he loved to surprise her.

She sighed with a smile and looked out the window.



Star went to the ops room to see Robin dressed in a pair of dark jeans with a red t-shirt and black jacket. He didn’t wear a mask but had a pair of sunglasses on instead.

“You look great Star,” he told her as he offered her his hand.

“Thank you,” she said as she followed him to the garage. Once in the garage he helped her on the R-cycle and the two were off.

“Where are we going,” she asked.

“You’ll see when you get there,” he answered with a chuckle; he loved to surprise Star she always seemed so happy after wards.

She pouted but leaned in closer to him as they continued to the location.



She ran into Beast Boy in front of his room. He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a short-sleeved green shirt and a pair of jeans; he had his holo-rings so his skin was no longer green.

“Wow,” he said as his mouth dropped, “you look amazing”

“Thank you,” she whispered, “you look good too.”

He snapped back to reality and offered her his hand, which she accepted. They walked to the secret entrance of the tower where a taxi was waiting for them. He helped her in the taxi before entering himself.

“So, where are we going tonight?” she asked quietly.

“It’s a surprise,” he answered nervously hoping she would like it.

“How sweet,” she thought as she smiled at him.



The car pulled up to Amor, a small and cozy romantic restaurant that was hard to get in. Roy tossed the keys to the valet as he offered his arm to Jamie.

“How did you get reservations Roy?” she asked as she put her sunglasses on before accepting his arm. The two walked into the restaurant.

“Well when your name is Roy Harper things open quickly.” She laughed at his cockiness.

“Harper for two,” he told the host

“Of course, follow me this way,” he said as he guided them to their table, near the fireplace and window that faced the ocean.

“Oh Roy this is beautiful,” she said as he pulled out a seat for her.

“Only the best for you Jamie,” he answered as he sat down himself.

“Where are the menus?” she asked, the host already left, and there were no menus in site.

“Don’t worry I have a special menu planned, no need to order,” he said as he gazed into her eyes.

“How sweet,” she thought as she gazed back slipping her sunglasses off, knowing that the restaurant was paparazzi free.



The R-cycle pulled up to a small restaurant. Robin helped Star get off the motorcycle before tossing the keys to the valet as he guided Star to the front door.

“Welcome to Amor,” the host said, “What are the reservations under?”

“Grayson for two,” Robin replied.

“Right this way, Mr. Grayson,” the host guided them to their table near the window which gave them a beautiful view of the city.

“Oh Robin this is beautiful,” Star said as Richard pulled out a chair for her.

“Code names, Kori,” he whispered looking around the room making sure no one heard.

“Oh sorry, Richard but how did you get reservations here?” she asked looking around the restaurant in awe.

“Easy,” he replied not wanting Star to know his celebrity status.

The two began looking at the menu waiting for their waiter to come.



The cab pulled up to a small restaurant. Beast Boy opened the door up for Raven and helped her out. They continued to walk to the front door and Beast Boy even open the door for her.

“Welcome,” the host said, “How my I help you?”

“Logan for two,” he responded.

“Come this way,” the host led them to a table near the fireplace, “I hope you enjoy your evening at Black Rose.” (A/N haha you thought their were at Amor) The restaurant had a gothic but romantic style to it. Red and black was splashed on the walls, with white curtains and blood red roses on every table.

“Do you like it?” Gar asked hoping she would, he had search everywhere for a restaurant like this.

“I love it, Gar,” she responded with a smile before looking down at them menu while a blushing Gar did the same.



“In the tower alone, with no where to go, who should Cyborg call?” he sang as he danced over to his communicator and flipped it open.

“Hello?” a sassy female voice answered.

“Hey Bee,” he said, “are you busy tonight?”

“Oh, hey Sparky, no I am free tonight. Why,” she asked.

“I was wondering if you want to do something tonight?” he asked calmly.

“Sure pick me up in 10?”

“Yeah, see ya” he said as he flipped the communicator shut and grabbed his holo-rings as he walked to the garage.

“Cyborg called Bee, and now they are going to party,” He sang as he enter the T-car.



The first course was minestrone soup with a small side salad and Italian dressing, two of Jamie’s favorite things. The waiter had brought the second course, which was shrimp fettuccini.

“Roy this is great,” she said, as she looked at the rest of the course.

Roy, who had already finished the course, smiled he enjoyed making Jamie happy when she smiled his heart seemed to skip a beat.

“I don’t deserve you,” she told him with a smile.

“No,” he thought, “I don’t deserve you.”

“So what do you think is for dessert?” he asked as he watched her push her plate away.

“Hmm,” she mused aloud, “I have an idea” she leaned in and kissed him.



The two had just finished their dinners, Star had a Caesar salad and Robin had a steak. Starfire looked around the room when something caught her attention; a couple leaning over the table kissing, the girl had beautiful black hair while the boy had red hair, while the waiter was trying to figure out a way to put desert down. “Just like Robin and me,” she thought “I wonder,” she leaned over the table and pushed his menu down.

“Do you know what I want for dessert, Richard?” she asked.

“No, what,” he said oblivious to what she was doing. She giggled as she leaned in and embraced him in a kiss. He relaxed as he returned the kiss.



Raven looked at Beast Boy as he finished the soy chocolate cake he ordered for dessert. He looked with his face covered in chocolate, she sighed as she helped him clean up.

“How did I ever fall for him,” she asked herself but then he leaned over and kissed her. She was surprised at first but relaxed and returned the kiss.

“Oh, now I remember” she thought.

“Come on lets get out of here,” he left money on the table and guided her to the door.

“It’s nice, let’s walk,” he suggested as he looked up at the clear sky.

“Sure” the two set off walking in the night.



The T-car pulled in front of Titans East headquarters. Bee, who was standing outside, made her way to the car. Her hair was in two buns. She was wearing a yellow shirt and black skirt with a pair of thigh high black boots. Cyborg leaned across the seat and opened the passenger door for her.

“Hey Sparky,” she said as she got in the car.

“Hey Bee,” he began to drive off, “are you ready for a night of fun?” he asked.

“You bet, where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he turned up the radio as they drove to the destination.



“Come on Jamie, let’s go” Roy said as he paid the check and helped Jamie out of her chair.

“Where are we going now?” she asked as he guided her towards the door; she quickly slipped on her sunglasses.

“Another surprise,” he said with a chuckle and turned to see her smile, he smiled back but accidentally bumped into another table.

“Roy watch where you are going,” she warned him as they looked at the couple kissing at the table. The couple parted and looked at them; Jamie gasped and hid behind Roy hoping they did not see her.



Robin and her were enjoying a kiss when somebody bumped into their table.

“Roy watch where you are going,” the girl warned the boy, Star and Robin parted to see who had bumped into them. They heard the girl gasp and hid behind the red headed boy.

“Oh sorry man,” the boy said. They saw the girl whisper something in his ear and he suddenly became nervous.

“No problem” Richard said as he extended his hand to shake the boy accepted, “I’m Richard and this is my girlfriend Kori.”



She knew the couple it was her brother and Star.

“Man if they catch me with him. Robin will flip,” she thought as she stayed hidden behind Roy.

“Oh sorry man,” Roy said.

“Roy we have to go, it’s Robin and Starfire,” she whispered.

Roy became nervous, “Robin will kill me if he sees me with his baby sister,” he thought.

“No problem,” Richard said as he extended his hand to shake, Roy accepted, “I am Richard and this is my girlfriend Kori.”

“I’m. . .” he had to think of a cover fast “ um. . . I’m Ray and this is my girlfriend Jane,” he noticed Richard and Kori staring at him funny when he realized that Jamie was hiding behind him, “She is shy, well we have to go bye.” Roy walked away making sure Jamie stayed hidden at all times.



“That was weird,” Richard said as he watched the couple scurry out of the restaurant.

“Yes it was,” Kori responded, “So what should we do now?”

Richard threw money on the table and offered his arm to her as they walked to the door.

“How about we just take a moonlight ride?” he suggested as he helped her on to the motorcycle.

“I’d like that”



“Welcome to video lounge,” Cyborg said as he opened the door, revealing a restaurant with TVs at every table.

“Wow, Sparky only you could find a place like this” she smiled as he led her to a table.

The waiter came and the two placed an order for a Meat Lover’s pizza.

“I am so going to own you at these video games,” Cyborg bragged as he tossed a controller to Bee.

“The only way we are going to win is if I let you,” she said as they started.

“Oh it’s so on,” the two started playing while they smiled.



The two were enjoying their walk together even though neither was talking the silence said everything. It began to snow lightly.

“I love the snow,” Beast Boy said as he looked up to the sky letting snowflakes fall on his face.

“Me too,” she answered the snow reminded her of innocence and a purity that she never experienced growing up.

Beast Boy looked down and smiled as he saw Raven looking up at the sky, and leaned in to kiss her again. The two kissed as the snow fell on them. They parted and smiled at each other when Beast Boy noticed a. . .



“An ice rink,” Jamie smiled as she grabbed Roy and went to get skates.

“I knew you’d like this,” he said as he helped Jamie lace up a pair of skates.

“How come no one else is here?” she asked as she waited for him to put on his skates.

“I rent the place for just you and me,” he said as he helped her on to the rink.

“Your too good for me,” she said as she smiled seductively, “I know how I can repay you” She kissed him passionately. When they parted Roy’s breath was taken away, he was so flustered he slipped on the ice. She giggled as she skated away.

“Come on Roy keep up” she said as she looked back with a smile.

He blushed a little as he picked himself up and skated towards her.

“I am going to get you,” he said as he skated to catch up to her.



“Please, can we go?” he begged as he pulled her towards the rink.

She sighed, “Fine but don’t laugh.”

“Two skates please,” he told the man as he slid the money over the rental counter.

“Sorry kid, place is rented out,” the man said as he looked up to see Beast Boy’s sad eyes. He sighed, “Let me see what I can do.”



Jamie, who was skating away from Roy, turned to see where Roy had gone. He was nowhere in sight.

“Roy, where are you,” she shouted as she looked around the rink. Out of nowhere, Roy garbed her from behind.

“I got you,” he said.

“Now what are you going to do,” she asked with a smirk. He turned her around and kissed her.

“Um, excuse me, Mr. Harper,” the man said the two parted from the kiss, Jamie hung on to his chest as they both smiled.


“Would you mind if another couple skated,” the man said gesturing to the two waiting by the rental counter. Both Jamie and Roy recognized them.

“No,” he answered, “actually we were just leaving tell them the rink is theirs for the night.” Roy and Jamie skated away making sure that the couple didn’t see them.



“Boo-yah!” he shouted as he won the game. Bee sighed, even though she let him win.

“Come on Sparky, it’s late,” she said with a yawn.

“Ok,” he helped her up and guided her to the car after paying the bill.

The two laughed and talked the whole ride back. Cyborg parked in front of Titan East’s headquarters.

“Thanks for the great night, Sparky,” she said with a smile, “I had a really great time.”

“No problem,” he smiled back, “I had a good time too. Maybe we can do it again sometime?” he asked nervously.

“I would like that a lot,” she leaned in and kissed him.

“See ya, Sparky,” she walked out of the car while waving to him, “Next time I won’t let you wink,” she wink and walked into the car.

Cyborg laughed and began to drive back to the tower.



“That was fun,” Beast Boy said as the two continued home.

“Yeah it was,” she admitted, Beast Boy held on to her the whole time making sure she didn’t fall, “It was really nice of them to let us skate there”

“Yeah it was,” he answered. The two reached the tower.

“You know if we didn’t live together I would give you a good night kiss now,” he said as the two stood in the secret entrance of the tower.

Raven giggled and leaned in to kiss him.



The R-cycle stopped as it entered the secret entrance and the two took of their helmets.

“Did you have fun?” he asked her with a smile.

“I had the best time,” she said with a giggle, “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

“Me too,” he agreed as he kissed her.



The car slowed down at the entrance of the secret entrance to the tower.

“Jamie, I’m sorry.” he said as he looked down, “I wanted tonight to be perfect but we keep running into people and-” She place her finger on his lips to stop him.

“Roy I had a wonderful time,” she smiled and looked at the snow outside, “you know I’ve always wanted to get kissed while it’s snowing.”

“I can arrange that,” he helped her out of the car and the two began kissing while leaning against the car.


---Starfire and Raven---

Robin parted from the kiss. Starfire looked confused.

“I heard something,” he explained. Raven and Beast Boy appeared.

“Sorry guys, but sensor picked up something outside the entrance,” they explained. Robin turned to the entrance and punched in the security code and the entrance swung open.




Jamie and Roy both heard the noise but didn’t part

“Jamie what are you doing?” a voice shouted. The two parted and turned to see the 4 titans staring at them.

“Richard,” she croaked out, afraid of what he might do to Roy.

“Jamie house now,” he ordered Jamie sighed and walked inside.

“Now you,” Richard said before Starfire and Beast Boy grabbed his arm to pull him back.

“I’m going to go now,” Roy said as he ran to his car and drove away.

“Robin you shouldn’t scared him away like that,” Starfire said as they walked back inside.

“No one is touching Jamie like that,” he growled, “until she is 40!”

Jamie, sighed as she heard Robin ranting downstairs; she entered her room and saw a red rose sitting on her desk. She walked over and looked at the note sitting by the vase.

“Love you baby, Roy,” the not read. She smiled as she picked up the flower only to see another card attached to the rose, “PS please don’t let your brother and friends kill me,” she laughed and held the rose close to her.
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