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Roy Meet Xavier

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Boyfriend plus bestfriend equals trouble

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Short but I promise the next one will be longer

Disclamier: oh you know the drill by now. . . . .

“So me and X were voted snow queen and kings,” she finished telling Roy her story over the communicator.
“Oh sounds fun,” he commented trying not to sound jealous but the idea of Jamie with any guy other than him made his blood boil.

“We have to be in a parade to represent the school. You don’t mind do you?” she asked, even though she knew she would still do the parade if he said no.

“No of course not,” he managed to choke out, he couldn’t let her know he didn’t trust her or she would break up with him.

“Oh, Roy you are the best!” She said with a squeak, “You know, I think you and X should meet.”

“Sure,” at first Roy hated the idea but then realized he could scare X away from Jamie, “I would love to meet your best friend.”

“Great, meet us by the park tonight,” her voice filled with excitement, though part of her knew that X and Roy together may be a dangerous combo, she pushed the bad thoughts aside, “Love you, oh don’t forget to wear a disguise.”

“Ok see you at the park, love you.” he said as she flipped the communicator shut.

“X is going to think twice before trying to steal my girl,” he thought.

“Hey X, it’s Jamie,” she said sweetly over the phone.

“Hey what’s going on?” he asked.

“Well, I just had the greatest idea,” she started, “I think I would be great if Roy and you met.”

“Yeah great idea,” he answered. “I can finally see my competition,” he thought.

“Are you free tonight?”


“I’ll see you at the park by the usual spot.”


“Bye,” she said as she hung up the phone. “I hope the like each other,” she thought as she got ready to train with Robin.



Robin managed to catch Jamie off guard, yet again, as he hit her in the stomach causing her to fall back.

“What’s with you today,” he asked as he offered her a hand up, “You seem really distracted.”

“Well, today I called X and Roy and told them they should meet each,” she told him as he grabbed his hand and got back on her feet, “They agreed and I thought it was great, you know, those two mean a lot to me, but the more I got to thinking about it the more I get worried. WhatifRoyhatesX,whatifXhatesRoyandRoypunchesXorXpunchesRoyandthentheygetintoagaintfightandtheyarelikeJamiepickasidebut Ican'tandthenIamputinthemiddleandliketornbetweenthemandthenIhaveanervousbreakdownandyouhavetolikeslapmetostopbutheyarestillfighting”

“Jamie calm down, I am sure it will be fine.” he assured her as he tossed a bo-staff to her, “Now let’s get back to work.”

“Thanks Richard,” she said as she got into a fighting stance more focused then ever.



Jamie walked to the bench where she always met X. She was wearing a brown jacket with a brown and blue stripped hat. Jamie sat on the bench playing with her holo-rings, then her charm bracelet. Basically, she was nervous by the time X had finally arrived her had moved on to twiddling with her necklaces.

“Hey Jamie” he said with a wave as he made his way towards the bench.

“Hi,” she said her voice laced with excitement and nervousness, she got of the bench and engulfed him in a hug, “I was worried you weren’t going to make it.”

“So is Troy here?” he asked looking around to see if the boy, who had the girl of his dreams, was here yet.

“His name is Roy,” she corrected him while X rolled his eyes, “And no he isn’t here yet.”

As if on cue, a red convertible with its hood pulled up appeared. The two turned to look at the car. A boy stepped out, he had short blonde hair with jade eyes, and he was handsome.

“Hey Jamie,” he shouted as he walked towards her. He picked her up into a hug and kissed her. Xavier cleared his throat causing the two to part. He gently put down Jamie, who was now blushing, back on the ground.

“Oh, this is Roy,” she said as she pointed to the boy, “And this is X-”

“Xavier,” he finished as he stuck his hand, which Roy accepted, “Nice to meet you Jamie has told me so much about you.”

“Same here,” Roy said as the two shook hands. The two stared at each other for a while longer stilling holding onto the other hand, squeezing seeing who would let go first.

“Why don’t we go out for some pizza?” Jamie suggested hoping to end the staring contest but both did not budge. Jamie wrapped her petite hands around Roy’s arm and tugged, “Let’s get going, it is getting cold out,” both boys let go of each other’s hand. They did not want to upset Jamie. They started walking towards the pizza parlor. Roy and Jamie held hands with their fingers laced together while X walked on the other side of Jamie. They were a block away when they came to a street sign. The sign flashed to don’t walk. The trio waited for the sign to change. Jamie shivered a bit from the cold. Roy pulled her closer to him; she looked up and smiled at him. X was fuming on the other sided wishing the sign would change soon; Jamie did not noticed but Roy did and smiled at X. Finally, the sign changed and the trio walked across the street and entered the pizza parlor.

“Why don’t you two find a booth for us, while I place the order” she suggested as she walked up towards the counter. Both boys nodded and went in search of a booth. They found one and sat down.
“So,” X said trying to start up a conversation, hoping to find out more Roy, “tell me about yourself.”

Roy smiled as he answered the question, “Well my name is Roy Queen,” Jamie had told him the name she told X. “My dad is head of a company. I live in Steel and really like archery.”

“So when did you meet Jamie?” X asked curious to know the story.

“We met about a year ago in Gotham, went out on and off but didn’t become official until right before she moved,” he smirked “tell me about you”

“Well my name is Xavier Redd. My dad is head of Red industry” Roy tensed at the name Red was a major competitor of both Wayne and Queen, “I’ve lived in Jump my whole life and like motorcycles,” he smiled at the way Roy tensed.

“When did you and Jamie met?” Roy asked curious to know when Jamie met this. . .this self headed thing.

“First day she came to school,” he answered with a smirk, “She ran into me and we had lunch. We hung out after school and have been friends ever since.”

The two began their staring contest once again each hoping the other would crack. Jamie had just sat down causing the two to stop the contest.

“So have you two been getting along?” she asked looking back from Roy to X, hoping the answer was yes.

“Yes,” the two lied with a smile, neither wanted to upset Jamie. The pizza came and the three ate and talked more, with Jamie starting most of the conversations.

“These two are really getting along,” she thought with a smile as they got up from the booth.

“Xavier has no chance with my girl,” Roy thought as he held Jamie’s hand, “I’ll make sure of it.”

“Roy is no competition at all,” he thought as she started at their fingers laced together, “One day she will be mine.” The three walked out the door back towards the park.



The three got to the park and started to walk towards the bench they first met at.

“Well this has been fun,” X said as he looked at his watch, “but I got to go. Promised my dad I’d be home early.”

Jamie let go of Roy’s hand and hugged X good-bye. Roy glared as she watched the hug, while X smiled proudly back at him. Jamie released him from the hug and Roy stepped forward and extended his hand. Xavier accepted his hand the two shook and Roy pulled Xavier close to him.

“Just remember,” he hissed, “she is my girlfriend”

The two parted, smiled at each other and released their hands.

“Bye Jamie,” he shouted as he walked towards his car, “Bye Troy.” He got in his car and sped away leaving behind a mad Roy.

“So now, it’s just you and me,” Jamie said seductively as she moved closer to him.

“Yeah just you and me,” he said as he picked her up and kissed her.

“GET A ROOM!” a man shouted as he passed the kissing couple.

The two parted laughing as Roy gently put down Jamie.

“Let’s go back to the tower,” she suggested as they walked towards his car.



Jamie and Roy were sitting on the couch in the ops room, making out. They were lucky it seems everyone else was out and they had the tower all to themselves. Suddenly, they heard a noise. Jamie stopped what she was doing and looked around the room.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked hoping to get back to the fun.

“I heard the door,” she whispered, “somebody is home.” She listened a little more and heard footsteps; she knew these footsteps.

“It’s Robin,” she hissed, “hide.” Roy jumped off the couch and ran into a near by closet. Just as Roy entered the closet, Robin entered the room.

“Hey James, have a good day?” he asked as he jumped on the couch next to her.

“Yeah, how about you?” she asked calmly hiding the fact she was nervous.

“Ok, just had to fight Dr. Light,” he said with a sigh, “that guy really needs to just stop trying.” The rest of the team entered the room; all gathering on the couch around Jamie.

“MOVIE NIGHT,” Beast Boy shouted as he popped in a DVD. Jamie groaned, this could not be happening.

“What’s the matter James?” Robin asked, after Jamie groaned, looking at her to see she was quite pale.

“I don’t feel well,” she answered with a small cough, “I am going to head to bed early.”

“Ok, get some rest,” he said as she got up from the couch and he turned his attention back to the movie. Jamie quietly walked towards the closet and pulled Roy out. The two tip toed their way out of the room.

“Bye Speedy,” Robin shouted without even turning around causing both Jamie and Roy to stop dead in their tracks.

“BUSTED,” shouted Beast Boy and Cyborg. Both Jamie and Speedy sighed.

“I am going to show him out,” Jamie said hoping to get away from her brother.

“Speedy home, Jamie bed” he ordered as Jamie walked towards her room and Roy to the door.

“Man you are good,” Cyborg said amazed at Robin’s brothering skills.

“Thanks,” he said, “Jamie stop kissing Speedy,” the titans turned around except Robin, amazed to see Speedy and Jamie parting from a kiss. “Speedy home,” he ordered. This time the titans watched as he ran to the door. “Jamie bed” Jamie sighed and stomped towards her room.

“Can’t have any fun, hate that spiky haired over protective brother,” she muttered quietly so no one could hear her.

“You can have fun with out a boyfriend and I love you too!” Robin shouted from the couch, all the other titans looked confused,

“You are really good,” Cyborg commented.
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