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Christmas Break

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No school yay?

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“Just a reminder come out and support JCHS, in the winter parade this Friday. Xavier Redd and Jamie Logan will be representing us as JCHS snow queen and king. Thank you and have a great winter break.” The announcements ended as teachers tried to get their students refocused there was still five minutes left in class.

“Oh,” Mrs. Pum, Jamie and X’s ceramic’s teacher, as she threw up her hands up in the air. “Just talk quietly for five minutes.”

“Excited?” X asked as he turned to Jamie.

“About winter break yes,” she said with a smile, “about waking up early tomorrow and standing in the cold waving to people while a smile becomes frozen on my face, it will be the highlight of my life.” Her voice was filled with sarcasm causing X to chuckle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you stay warm,” Jamie move her head slightly to the right confused at what Xavier meant.

Xavier sensed that and smiled, “I was planning on bring hot chocolate for tomorrow.” Jamie smiled at her friend. “I wish I could wrap my arms around you,” he thought as he faked a smile but was frowning on the inside. The bell rang and students quickly ran out of the room. Jamie and X walked to his car and drove off. The car stopped at the park and the two got out.

“So, I’ll pick you up here in the morning for the parade,” he checked, hoping Jamie would say no and let him pick her up at her house.

“Yup,” she said as she looked up to the sky and smiled as the snow flakes fell on her face. X laughed as his brushed the snow off her face with his hand. He felt a spark and quickly withdrew his hand wondering if she felt the same thing but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Well, I’ll umm see you t. . .t. . tomorrow,” he managed to stutter out before getting in his car to leave.

She began to walk home; she placed her hand on her face, where X’s hand had previously been, and smiled.



Jamie flipped in the air dodging Robin’s kick; she landed and quickly turned spinning her bo staff in hand.

“Come on,” she taunted, “try a little harder.” He turned around and charged at her with his bo-staff. She leapt in the air using his bo staff as a step and did a cartwheel in the air over him. His staff broke after she landed. She turned quickly and roundhouse kicked

him; hitting him in the stomach. He took a couple steps back before punching her in the jaw. She stumbled back but stood up quickly. She threw her staff down and charged at him darting from side to side. His eyes could not follow her; she surprised him as she hit him in the jaw and then the stomach. He fell down to the ground; she smiled and walked away. Jamie walked towards the bench when Robin grabbed her arm from behind and flipped her. She landed on her back with a thud.

“Never assume you win,” he said as helped her back on her feet, “but you are improving.” He smiled at her as she tossed him a towel.

“You’re just mad I beat you.”

“Almost,” he emphasized as he wrapped his arm around her head and ruffled her hair. The alarm went off and Robin let go of her.

“Trouble,” he said as he ran off towards the door, “got to go.” He darted out of the room leaving Jamie alone.

“This always happens,” she sighed, “I bet I could beat the bad guys faster then he can but he would never let me try.”


Next Day

Jamie stood on the float with X trying to stay warm. They still had 10 minutes before the parade even started. Jamie was wearing a long brown jacket with a blue hat and a midnight pair of jeans. Her hair, which peaked out from the hat, was wavy. She sported all of her usual jewelry. X was wearing a black jacket with a red hat and a pair of jeans. He handed Jamie a steaming cup.

“Here this will warm you up,” he said noticing how cold Jamie was.

“Thank you,” she said as she took the cup.

“So is your family coming?” he asked looking around the crowds. Just then, Richard walked up to the float wearing a black hat with a red jacket and of course his sunglasses. “Here,” he said as handed Jamie a tiara, “they want you to wear this.” She sighed as she took off her hat and placed the tiara on her head.

“Richard this is X,” she said as she pointed to X.

“Nice to meet you,” Richard said with a small wave, “well have fun. See you at home Jamie.” He walked away before X could even talk to him.

“I think he likes you,” she giggled as she looked at the confused X.

“Does he know your only suppose to wear sunglasses during the summer,” he asked.

“He thinks they look cool” she rolled her eyes as their floated started to move.

“Finally,” they said at the same time causing them to laugh. The parade started without a hitch. Jamie and X waved and smiled at everyone. Many people in the crowd thought they were just the cutest couple.

“Only a couple more minutes,” Jamie thought as she felt her face freeze. Everything in the parade was going perfect it was the first year ever.

Jamie turned around and saw the float behind her explode. All the floats came to a sudden stop. Jamie and X stumbled a couple steps forward from the sudden stop. She noticed that her tiara was flashing red.

“A tracking device,” she thought as she quickly threw the tiara down and smashed it with her foot. X and Jamie looked around as people scattered everywhere running from robots with orange and black masks on. X quickly jumped off the float and turned to help Jamie. She let out a scream as X was hit over the head by a robot. She looked around for an escape but noticed that the float was surrounded. She got in a fighting stance ready for them to attack. The robots began to climb on the float. Jamie started kicking most of the robots away but there were too many. She turned to see a robot behind her. She kicked it in the head and turned to punch another behind her. Another one lunged at her; she flipped over it kicking it in its back before she landed. She was winning the fight until a gas bomb was thrown on the float.

She inhaled some of the gas before passing out. A robot came, picked her up, and got ready to head off.

“Not so fast,” Robin shouted as the rest of the team got into their fighting stance, “Make sure Jamie doesn’t go anywhere! Titans go!”

The team charged into battle. Starfire hit them with her starbolts breaking them immediately. Beast Boy changed into a rhino and charged a pack of robots breaking every single one of them.

“Azerath Mintros Zinthos,” Raven chanted as the robots where engulfed in black energy before exploding. Cyborg hit the rest of the robots with his sonic cannon. Robin charged after the robot carrying Jamie. He caught up to it and smashed it in half with his bo-staff, catching Jamie before she fell to the ground.

“Jamie wake up,” he said as he watched her flutter her eyes.

“Ro-ro-robin?” she asked before everything went dark.

Jamie struggled to open up her eyes but finally managed to open them. It took her a couple minutes to adjust to the light. She looked around trying to figure out where she was; she looked down to see Robin who had fallen asleep by her bed.
“Where am I?” she asked aloud, causing Robin to wake up.

“Medical ward,” he said as he yawned, “you passed out while fighting.”

“Whose robots,” she asked as the memories of the fight came flooding back to her.

“Slade,” he explained, “a very dangerous criminal but don’t worry Jamie. I will find him. I am sorry I should have checked out that tiara, it was a trap and I fell for it,” Jamie knew that Robin was going to beat himself up for this even if it wasn’t his fault.

She smiled at her brother glad he was concerned about her, “Robin, it’s not your fault.

I would have been fine if they didn’t throw that gas bomb. I am stronger then I look,”

“I know just relax. The team will take care of everything.”

“But I can help. You know that I am good enough to be on the team,” she said as she tried to get up.

“I won’t let you put yourself in danger,” he explained as she pushed her back down, she sighed, “just get some rest ok?” he asked her.

“Fine,” she said before she began to drift back to sleep. He sighed as he looked at his sleeping sister and pushed her hair back.

“I won’t let you get hurt,” he whispered before leaving the room.

“Do you need me to bring you anything?” Xavier asked for the millionth time on the phone.
“For the last time no,” she said with a giggle, “why don’t you just enjoy your Saturday without worry about me.” He sighed over the phone. “I am just going to hang out at home,” she explained before saying good-bye. She hung up the phone and turned her attention back to the T.V. The whole team had been watching before X had called.

“This is a great night,” she thought as she looked at the relaxing team. The alarm sounded ruining the moment.

“Bye,” the team shouted as they ran out the door leaving Jamie alone.

“Perfect,” she said as she walked to her room and opened her closet.

“Stop,” Robin shouted as the team chased after the robber. It had been just a normal burglary, no crazy villains just a criminal who really would not give up. The team had tried everything but the guy just kept getting up and trying. Finally, the team caught up to him the first thing Robin did was rip off his mask to reveal Johnny Rancid. The team looked surprise robbing a house usually was not Johnny’s thing.
“What’s the matter bird boy?” Johnny growled, “Can’t even beat me?”

“Titans go!” The team charged after Johnny but he had a few surprises up his sleeve. As Starfire came at him with her eyes and hands dangerously glowing green, he threw a small disk at her. She went to blow it up as the starbolt encountered the disk a black band came out and trapped her against the wall. Raven growled as she started to throw a garbage container at him. Johnny pulled out a gun off some sort and the container was redirected towards her trapping her too. Beast Boy changed into a bear and managed to catch Johnny off guard hitting him in the stomach but Johnny bounced back and produced a small cage from his pocket. He threw it at Beast Boy as it neared him the cage grew larger and engulfed him.

“Three titans down, two to go,” he laughed as he prepared for the other two to attack.

Cyborg charged at him getting his sonic gun ready to shoot, as soon as it was all charged up Johnny threw a small disk at Cyborg. It shut him down after immediately coming into contact with him. Robin was the last one left; he looked around at his fallen team members, as he got ready to fight Johnny. The two stared at each other when they both heard the sounds of a motorcycle nearing. Both turned to see they saw a midnight blue motorcycle pull up. Robin who was distracted was hit in the stomach by Johnny and was sent flying into a wall. Johnny watched in amusement as the rider took of their helmet. He was surprised to see the rider was a girl; she had her midnight black hair in a ponytail and sported a Robin like mask concealing her eyes. She had a dark blue t-shirt that fit her body and ended just above her stomach. The rider wore a black mini skirt with a pair of dark red spandex underneath and a black cape similar to Robin’s. Johnny’s jaw dropped as she walked towards him in her knee high steel toe boots. He quickly regrouped hoping to impress her and maybe get a new partner.

“Hey baby,” he said as she neared him, “you and me together can steal this city blind.” She smiled before pulling out a black bo staff and seductively touched his face. He began to melt.

“I have an idea,” she said as he pulled away, “I beat you then you go to jail.” Johnny was surprised but began to laugh.

“You think you can beat me,” he said as he motioned to the titans, “I beat them.” He charged at her and tried to kick her but she deflected the kick with her bo staff and sent him back. He stood up angry now and charged her. He tried to punch her but she just flipped over him and kicked him in the back before landing. The team had gotten free and watched in amazement as the new girl fought Johnny with ease. She kicked him in the stomach after punching him the face. He still would not give up; she smiled as she ran towards him performing an Arabian cartwheel and kicked him in the face. Johnny stood up for a second before falling to the ground. The girl blew her bangs out of her face and finished tying him up. She started to walk back towards her motorcycle before Starfire stopped her.

“Good job,” she gushed, “who are you?”

“Names Sparrow,” she began to put her helmet back on.

“Wait, do you wish to join the titans?” Starfire asked, “you would be a great addition.

“I work alone,” she jumped back on her motorcycle and rode away leaving the rest of the team surprised except Robin who was suspicious.



Beast Boy ran to the couch excited to tell Jamie about the new hero that they met.

“Jamie guess what,” he said as he rounded the couch, “we were getting out butts kicked and Johnny was like hahaha, I am better than you, and then this hero came and she was like pow bam, and Star was like join the team and she was like I work alone and then I was-“he stopped something didn’t feel right. He moved towards the blanket pile that was on the couch. He pulled the blankets off the couch.

“Oh my god,” he gasped as the titans ran towards him.

“I knew it,” Robin shouted as he ran towards the couch, “Jamie what were you thinking out there? You could have been hurt; I can’t believe that you would go against my word.” He finally reached the couch pushing Cyborg and Beast Boy out of the way, to see a pale Jamie sleeping on the couch. He slowly placed his hand on her forehand.

“She’s burning up,” he whispered. “Get the med ward ready,” he said as he picked Jamie up bridal style and started towards the med ward while the other titans ran ahead. When Robin reached the ward and gently place Jamie on the bed that was prepared for her, something caught his eye. It was her charm bracelet still on her wrist. Starfire put her hand on Robin’s shoulder as he watched Cyborg looked over her. Within a few minutes, Cyborg had the report.

“She has a fever of 103 and looks like her lungs are filled with some water,” he said reading over the report, “looks like a case of Pneumonia.” He looked at the girl with some concern and then looked over at Robin who was shaking his head trying to stop the tears from falling.

“Did the reading from the bracelet come in yet,” he asked.

“Yeah it says she was at the tower all day and my sensors confirm it too,” he said as he looked at Robin, “man don’t beat yourself up. It was just a mistake. Don’t worry all she needs is some rest. She should be fine in a couple days.” Cyborg sighed as he walked out of the room leaving Robin and Star alone in the room.

“Robin please you must not worry,” Starfire said trying to comfort her boyfriend, whose pain she could feel, “you did not make her sick.”

“I know,” he sighed, “but I screamed at her” his voice began to trail off as he held on to the sleeping girl’s hand.

“Robin, Jamie is strong,” Starfire, said wrapping her fingers around his free hand, “she knows that you love her and care. Jamie will always love you.” The two stood in silence for a few moments, Robin looked down and Jamie while Starfire looked at Robin.

“I think I am just going to stay here with her a bit,” he said while looking up at Starfire, “you know in case she wakes up.” Starfire nodded before kissing him on the cheek, and leaving him alone.

“Jamie, I am sorry,” he whispered as he gently squeezed her hand, “just please be ok.”

He pulled a chair up next to her bed and watched her sleep praying she would wake up.

“Man, I am hungry,” she thought as she opened her eyes, “not this room again.” She groaned a little looking around the room. Robin looked up when he saw her open her eyes.
“Jamie, how are you feeling,” he asked looking at the monitor, “your fever has gone down. Do you need anything?” She began to sit up in her bed and push the covers off her bed.

“No I’m-” she stopped feeling a sharp pain in her chest.

“Try not to talk your chest will hurt a little,” he said pulling the covers back on her, “you have Pneumonia.” She smiled but stopped when her stomach began to growl loudly. Robin looked at her while she began to giggle. The giggle put a smile on Robin’s face; he loved to see her happy, but the giggle stopped abruptly as she grabbed her chest in pain.

“I’ll go get you some soup,” he smiled as he left the room.

Jamie smiled, “he is such a good big brother,” she thought trying to stay awake long enough to get some soup. A few minutes later Robin came in carrying a tray of soup.

“Here you go” he placed the tray on Jamie’s lap. She began to pick up a spoonful of soup and started to eat some when she started to fall a sleep dropping the soup and spilling it. Robin laughed as Jamie woke up at the sound of the spoon falling.

“Hmm, your fever is still a bit high and your body wants you to sleep but I know you are hungry,” he said coming up with an idea, “I know, I’ll help you so you don’t spill anymore soup.” She smiled as he picked up the spoon and brought it to her mouth. She opened and accepted the soup. The two finished in a few minutes, Jamie had only fallen asleep twice and was awoken by a laughing Robin. Robin picked up the tray and started to clean up.

“Why don’t you just get some sleep,” he said as he tucked her in and shut off the light. He smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

“Jamie, Jamie where are you?” Robin shouted looking around the tower. She was supposed to be staying in the med ward for the week. She had only been there for three days and she was begging him to go out, “When I find you, you are so grounded?” finally an idea struck him. He made his way towards the gym. He opened the door and looked up to see Jamie flipping from the trapeze swing.
“Down now!” he bellowed as she jumped down from the swing.

“But, I am fine,” she smiled but began to cough. He looked at her, giving her that look that said sure.

“Bed now,” he said pointing towards the med ward. She sighed as she walked towards the door with Robin following her. She flopped in the bed with a humph.

“Jamie you will be out of here in a couple days,” Robin said pulling the covers over her, “when you are 100 better.” Suddenly the alarm went off. “You stay here and I’ll be right back.” He ran out of the room to join the rest of the team while she stayed in bed. She stayed quiet for a few minutes before moving out of her bed.

“Finally,” she said as she walked towards the gym again.

The team was fighting Mad Mod and was having a hard time because Mod got a couple new toys, if by new toys you mean giant robots that shot lasers.
“Titans, grab his cane,” Robin shouted as he tried to destroy one of the robots. Things weren’t looking good for the titans until a dark blue motorcycle rode up again.

“My, my duckies a new teen to educate,” he said with a chuckle as Sparrow took off her helmet and smiled.

“You know I really like British fashion,” she charged at him hitting his cane with her bo staff and kicking him in the stomach, “But you are 20 years behind.” Mod got up again only to be punched by Sparrow. She walked over to Mod and picked up a remote out of his pocket and crushed it, the robots shut down as Sparrow finished tying up Mod. She picked him up and tossed him to the titans.

“Here is a gift,” she said before getting on her motorcycle and riding away.

“Man, she is hot,” Beast Boy, said before Starfire and Raven smacked him in the head. “Ow come on guys don’t you agree” he looked over to Robin and Cyborg looking for support but the two were looking up in the sky whistling, they both didn’t want to get hit in the head. “Fine,” he sighed as the team headed back home.

Robin walked towards the med ward, hoping to talk to Jamie. There he found Jamie sleeping or what appeared to be sleeping. He walked over to her and placed his hand on her forehand.
“Hm, looks like her fever is coming back,” he said looking at her flushed face, “guess she’ll have to spend another week in bed.”

Jamie’s eyes shot open, “There is no way I am spending another week in bed,” she said before realizing her mistake, “opps!”

“What were you doing?” he asked while rolling his eyes.

“Trapeze,” she said avoiding her gaze, “I was just so bored.”

“I know, tell you what,” he said lifting her chin up, “if your fever stays down today, then tomorrow you can get out and move around.”

“Can I go shopping?” she asked with a smile.

“Maybe,” Robin said with a chuckle.

“Fine, but can I at least go hang out in the main room with everyone else?” she asked giving him the puppy dogface.

“Ok,” she shot up from her bed and sprinted to the main room. Leaving Robin laughing in the med ward.

“So then she was like you are 20 years out of style and BAM, Mod was down and out,” Beast Boy was describing the fight to Jamie who was laughing, “She was like here is a gift and rode off on her motorcycle. Man she is so cool.” Beast Boy sighed before Jamie whispered something in his ear.
“Really?” he asked her as his ears perked up. She nodded as Beast Boy walked over to Raven and pecked her on the cheek, “But no one is better than you.” Raven blushed and smiled as she went back to reading her book.

“Thanks Jamie,” he said as he sat down next to her grabbing a video game controller and started to play against her and Cyborg.

“I guess Jamie isn’t Sparrow,” Robin said as he looked at the GPS location of her bracelet, “besides Jamie was sick for most of the week and Sparrow has been showing up all week. They can’t be each other.” She smiled as he picked up another controller and sat down next to her and started to play with her.

“You are going down,” he said with a smirk.

Jamie woke up the next morning excited; today she was going Christmas shopping. It was her favorite holiday and she loved to shop for people. She got up from her bed in the med ward. To her right a tray of toast was waiting for her with a note. She opened the note and read it.
“James, team is meeting with all the Titans and training today. You can go shopping but wear sunglasses. The holo rings were broken in the fight. Have fun today but be home by 5.

Love you,


She smiled as she took a piece of toast and ran out of the room to get ready. She wore a pair of dark jeans with a blue t-shirt and her favorite red jacket. Jamie threw on her bracelet and necklaces before grabbing a pair of sunglasses and heading out the door. She put her hair into pigtails and wore a blue hat before hoping on her motorcycle and riding towards the mall.

Christmas music played over the speakers in the mall. She smiled at the little kids getting in line for Santa. Remembering the time when her and Richard got their picture taken with Santa. She walked to the first store Hot Topic.

“This is the perfect store for Raven,” she thought as she walked in.

“Cool shades,” the sales person said in a monotone voice.

“Um thanks,” she said as she began to look around.

“So, I hear there is a new girl on your turf,” Jinx said as she sat down at the table with the rest of the titans. It was Robin’s idea to have a monthly meeting after some of the villains they froze, became unfrozen.
“Yeah, I heard she is hot,” Kid Flash said before Jinx tripped him while he was running around the table.

“Yes there is a new hero,” Robin said as he passed folders out to everyone, “her name is Sparrow and no one seems to know who she is or where she came from.” The titans looked at the picture of Sparrow in the folder, most of the boys were drooling, and read the information Robin had managed to gather from the fights.

“Have you asked her to join the team,” Argent asked, ignoring the male part of the titans.

“Yes and she declined,” Starfire said sadly because she missed the opportunity to make a new friend.

“So what should we do?” Aqualad asked.

Jamie had finished shopping for most of the titans. She bought Raven a black corset top from Hot topic, Beast Boy a lava lamp from Spencer’s, Cyborg a video game from Game Stop, and Starfire a pink bunny purse from Macy’s. She only had to buy gifts for Richard, Roy, and X.
“Hmm,” she thought, “this could be hard.”

She walked into Hot Rags and found the perfect Beatles shirt for X; it was one of his favorite bands. She then found the perfect store for Roy. She walked out with a bag containing Roy’s gift and Richard’s.

“I should be able to finish Richard’s gift by Christmas,” she thought as she put on her helmet and head home.

“So did you have a good time shopping?” Robin asked as Jamie walked out of her room.
“Yup, finished all my Christmas shopping,” she said with a smile while walking towards the kitchen, “What did you do?”

“Figure out what to do with the new hero, Sparrow,” he said recalling the headache he had gotten during the meeting, there were too many people talking loudly.

“So what are you going to do?” she asked curiously.

“See what side she is on and then go from there,” he sighed it was not the best idea but it was the only thing they could come up with at the time being.

“Sounds like she maybe a problem,” she said while tossing him an apple.

“Yeah,” he said as he began to think about Sparrow.

“I am going to find out who she is,” he thought about what happen to Terra, “before Slade can get to her.”


Slade’s hideout

“So a new little bird has come into the scene,” he said watching the screen, which was playing a video of the fight with Sparrow, “even looks better then Robin and soon she will be mine. This bird will destroy the titans, and break Robin once and for all,” he smirked as he watched the fight again.
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