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Family fun

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It was the day before Christmas Eve and every titan was running around the tower. Jamie was busy packing; she and Richard were going to spend Christmas day at Wayne Manor. She put in Alfred and Bruce’s gifts and packed her clothes on top of them. She then walked out of the room smiling while humming The 12 Days of Christmas.

Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire were getting ready to decorate the tree like they did every year.

“Hey you started without us,” the two said as they entered the ops room. Jamie sat down by Cyborg while Robin sat by Star. Sure, they expected Jamie to help but Robin always locked himself in his room during this time.

“He must be doing this for Jamie,” they concluded before beginning to decorate. In an hour, the teens were laughing around a fully decorated tree that was only missing the star.

“Can I put it on?” Jamie asked with a smile. Everyone nodded as Jamie picked up the star. She looked around for something to step on when she felt herself being hoisted up. She turned around to see Robin and Cyborg smiling as they lifted her up, and she turned back around as she neared the top of the tree and gingerly placing the star on top. They gathered around the tree smiling at their work.

“Picture time!” Beast Boy announced as he set up the camera, “10 seconds!” They quickly gathered around the tree. Cyborg stood in the back, Beast Boy grabbed Raven’s hand, Starfire threw her arms around Robin’s waist while he place his arm around her shoulder, and Jamie stood beside her brother. The camera flashed capturing the moment forever. They quickly gathered around the picture, as Cyborg put it in a frame after writing Jamie’s first Christmas with Titans on the back. The team smiled at the picture, Jamie and Robin seemed to be glowing in it.

“I have never seen him so happy,” the four thought at the same time.

“Why should I be sad,” Robin pondered, “I finally have my sister and together we are going to have Christmas like we use to.”

Jamie looked at her watch as she stood up and picked up a gift that was under the tree.

“I got to go,” she explained, “I promised X we would hang out before I leave” She slid on her rings, coat, and hat. Jamie hesitated as she went to grab her keys as if she knew something would happen.

“I’ll take you,” he volunteered, he had become very protective since the accidents. She smiled, “I knew it,” she thought and nodded following him out the door.

He waited for her looking up and down the street until he saw a red motorcycle pull up and Jamie hop off it.
“Man, she looks beautiful,” he thought as he greeted her with a hug.

“Merry Christmas,” she giggled after he released her.

“So,” he asked as he eyed the box wrapped in red and black wrapping paper, “is that my gift?”

“Yes,” she answered while looking at the box wrapped in light blue paper with a red bow on top, “is that mine?” He nodded as the two exchanged gifts. X quickly ripped open his gift as Jamie watched nervously.

“Thanks,” he replied with a smile as he lifted up the t-shirt.

“There’s more,” she pointed to a red envelope still in the box. He opened the envelope to see a ticket to Red Wall, his favorite band.

“I have to go alone,” he playfully pouted.

“No, we are going together,” she smiled revealing the other ticket, “I mean if you want to go with me.” He gave her one of his famous lopsided grin though she did not know that she was the only girl he gave it to now. Jamie knew that the grin meant yes and began opening her gift.

“It’s beautiful,” she gasped at the topaz (A/N for those of you who don’t know topaz is a really light blue) pendant ring.

“It reminded me of the little blue in your eyes,” he explained while blushing as he slipped it on to her finger before engulfing him in a giant hug.

“I love it,” she grinned as she released him, “So what do you want to do now?”

“Sledding at the park?” he suggested, she nodded in agreement, as they headed towards his car.

The two arrived at the park, and parked near the biggest hill. X hurried to the passenger door to help Jamie out of the car before grabbing a sled from the trunk of his car. The pair made their way to the top of the hill. He placed down the sled and sat near the back while gesturing Jamie to get on. She sat down on the front between his legs.
“Ready,” she said before X pushed the sled a little. In no time, they were sliding down the hill at a rapid speed. X steered left then right careful to avoid others. They finally came to a stop. Jamie got off the slide laughing while she helped X up.

“I’ll race you,” she shouted as she ran up the hill with X following. They went down the hill for another ten minutes before the two became bored. Jamie hopped off the sled for the last time looking for something to do while X carried it back to his car. An idea hit Jamie as she watched a group of kids play in the snow. He slammed his trunk closed and walked to where he left Jamie but she was nowhere to be found.

PLOP, she laughed as his eyes widened when she hit him with a snowball.

“I am so going to get you” he wiped the snow of his face and took off after Jamie. She quickly hid behind a tree hoping she was safe but as she turned, X hit her with a snowball. She shook off the shock and chased after him with a big snowball in her hand. He dodged and hid behind a hill. Jamie easily found him and threw another snowball at him before running away. He chased after her dodging the kids who appeared in front of him.

She turned as she continued to run, seeing no X she smiled as she slowed down. X jumped from out of nowhere and grabbed her waist picking Jamie up and throwing her in a pile of snow. She let out a squeal as she hit the snow and X laughed. After a few moments X offered his hand to her, she accepted and pulled him in with her.

“Gotcha,” she said between laughs, the two were laughing as they sat in the snow before getting up.

“Let’s go warm up,” he said as they walked towards the hot chocolate stand. He paid for two hot chocolates and handed her one. She smiled in appreciation and sipped the warm beverage. They walked towards a bench and sat down chatting while they finished their drinks.

“Well, I have to leave,” she said as they stood up from the bench,” but I had a great time.”

“Me too,” he replied wishing the day got go on forever.

“Have a happy holiday,” she gave him a good-bye hug before starting to walk away.

“ You too,” he whispered as he waved to her, secretly hoping one day they would be more then friends, before getting into his car.


Christmas Eve

“Perfect,” she thought as she looked in the mirror. Roy was coming to spend Christmas Eve with the titans. She stood up and smoothed her long sleeved red dress, which had a heart shaped neckline and stopped just above her knees. Jamie walked towards the ops room just as the front door swung open.

“Hey man what’s up” Cyborg greeted Roy who was wearing a red jacket over a black t-shirt with a pair of dark jeans.

“Hey Cy,” Roy shook his hand, “where should I put these,” he gestured towards the small bag to his right.

“Under the tree in the ops room,” he answered as Roy made his way to the ops room. She watched him as he placed the six presents under the tree.

“Hey there,” she smiled as he turned around and picked her up into a hug.

“Hey,” he kissed her before they were interrupted by a cough. The entire team had gathered in the ops room just to see the couple kissing. Roy gently put Jamie, who was now blushing, down.

“Hi Speedy,” Starfire said hoping to stop the tension in the room; she looked over to Robin who was clenching his fist.

“umm, hey everyone” he greeted scratching the back of his head.

“Why don’t we start opening gifts,” Jamie suggested hoping that Robin would not break her boyfriend. Everyone nodded and sat around the tree. Cyborg, who sat closest to the tree, began to pass out the gifts one at a time.

“Ok everyone open their gifts and say who got what,” he explained to Jamie and Roy who weren’t here last year, “Raven you first.”

“From Starfire,” she read before opening the gift. She held up a long sleeved shirt that had pink and black strips. One some clothes the clothes may have clashed by on this shirt they complimented each other perfectly. Raven opened the rest of her gifts to reveal a black corset top from Jamie, a poetry book from Starfire, a Gothic/Punk CD from Cy, a mediation book from Robin, and Go Ask Alice from Roy. “Thanks everyone. Star, why don’t you go next?”

“From Beast Boy,” she ripped the paper off the gift and picked up a fluffy stuffed kitten.

She also received a pink bunny purse from Jamie, a dairy from Raven, a Best of Pop CD for Cyborg, and a fuzzy pink blanket from Roy.

Beast Boy received a joke book from Robin, a lava lamp from Jamie, a SNL DVD from Cyborg, a prank book from Star, and a video game from Roy.

Cyborg had gotten a video game from Jamie, a programming book from Raven, a Dance CD from Starfire, and seat cover for the T-car from Roy, and gift certificate to meat world from Robin.

Roy received a yellow and red striped hat from Star, a workout CD from Cy, Night at the Roxbury from Beast Boy, History of Archery from Raven, and a new set of arrows from Robin.

Robin got a red hat with matching scarf from Raven, a martial arts movie from Cy, Tommy Boy from Beast Boy, hair gel from Roy. He opened Jamie’s gift and smiled, it was a scarp book-containing picture from when they were little to the present.

“Do you like it?” she ask nervously, she had worked really hard on it.

“I love it,” he gave her a hug, “why don’t you open your gifts.”

Jamie opened her gifts, she got Emily Dickenson book from Raven, a Work out Mix from Cy, a small pink clutch from Star, and Mystery Men from Beast Boy. She opened Robin’s gift next. Her eyes widened in surprise. She gently lifted the bracelet from the box, it’s blue, red, and yellow colored diamonds sparkling.

“Is this mom’s?” she asked looking at the diamonds shimmer in the light.

“Yeah,” he said smiling at her. She threw her arms around him giving him a giant hug.

The only gifts remaining were the ones the couples bought each other.

“Come on Star,” Robin said as they picked up each other’s gift and headed towards the roof. Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other before getting up and heading towards Raven’s room. Roy and Jamie looked at each other thinking of places they could go; Cyborg sensed this and left the room to go play with his gifts.


Roy and Jamie

“So we are finally alone,” he whispered to her seductively, he leaned in to kiss her but she stopped him.

“Let’s open gifts first,” she suggested heading him his gift. He smiled as he opened his gift.

“Jamie, I love it,” he looked at the silver arrow pendant on the leather chain; he put it on his neck when he noticed something else in the box. He pushed the wrapping paper aside to see a wooden picture frame; inside the frame was a picture of the two skating. He looked up and grinned at her before leaning in and romantically kissing her. They were enjoying the kiss when Roy remembered something and ended the kiss.

“Open your gift,” he said presenting a small box wrapped in royal blue paper. She ripped off the paper and opened the box.

“Roy it’s amazing,” she lifted the arrow, which had a small diamond on the head, charm out of the box; he smiled and helped her attach it on her bracelet. The two looked at each other lovingly before leaning in and embracing in a kissing.


Beast Boy and Raven

Beast Boy and Raven walked into her room, she flipped on the lights and the two made their way to her bed. The two smiled at each other before exchanging their gifts. Beast Boy ripped open his gift before Raven could even open hers. She nervously watched him lift out the present and brake out into a giant grin.

“I love it,” he said as he put on the green striped hat and scarf while looking at the picture from their first date, “Go on and open yours now.” Raven slowly and carefully ripped the wrapping paper off the box before gently lifting the top off the black velvet box. She stared in awe at the black choker with a raven in the middle of it.

“D-d-do you like it,” he managed to stutter out, nervously awaiting the answer.

“I don’t deserve it,” she replied looking at the necklace’s beauty.

“Of course you do Raven,” he sincerely answered, “I think you deserve the best and if I could I would give you the whole world.” He smiled as their foreheads touched, while green met violet, before the two kissed.


Star and Robin

The two sat down on the roof of the tower. Star shivered a bit before Robin wrapped his arms around her.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed the gift to her. She smiled gleefully and opened it open. She squealed when she saw the emerald necklace in the box. He beamed at her while helping her put the necklace on. She gave him a small peck on the cheek before presenting him with his gift. He opened the box to find a picture of the two of them together and a small silver star.

“So you won’t ever forget me,” she said as she watched him look at the star.

“I could never forget you,” he chuckled at little before the two began kissing under the stars.

“This is so perfect,” Robin thought as he continued to make out with Star, “I bet all the couples are doing the same thing.” The thought of Raven and Beast boy together made him happy. He had never seen Raven, whom he loved like his sister, so happy before but suddenly a thought entered his mind that made him boil with anger. He abruptly stopped kissing Star as his hand turned into a fist.

“Jamie and and that boy,” he growled before trying to head towards the door. Starfire jumped in his path.

“Oh, please let them enjoy themselves,” she pleased with him, “it is the holidays.”

“Ok,” he sighed and went back to snuggling with Star. He tried to relax, really, he did but every time he and Star moved closer, he thought about Speedy moving closer to Jamie, his baby sister, who should not be even thinking about doing anything with boys and was now probably kissing the playboy Titan! Finally, he could not take it anymore; he quickly got up and sprinted towards the door before Starfire could stop him. He made his way down the stairs with Starfire close behind him until he reached the ops room. There he could see the backs of Speedy and Jamie while they were so making out.

“Hey guys,” he shouted causing the pair to part and blush fiercely, “oh sorry was I interrupting something,” he added with a smirk.

“No,” the two murmured just as Starfire entered the room.

“Good, I was thinking we should sing Christmas songs,” he suggested clapping his hands together.

“Why,” Jamie asked with a sigh, wishing her brother would be stuffed in a closet so she and Roy could be alone.

“Because we should do holiday things,” he explained fighting the urge to wrap Speedy in a rope and throw him somewhere Jamie could never find him. Speedy and Jamie rolled their eyes while Starfire squealed in happiness, never before had Robin wanted to do such holiday things. Robin quickly walked over to the stereo and popped in a Christmas CD that was near by. Jamie was ready to grab Roy and run away when an idea struck her.

“Robin you are right,” she replied with a smirk while Roy looked confused and Robin grinned, “but why should we have all the fun alone? You should call the rest of the team.” Robin’s face fell there was no why he wanted to sing in front of the whole team; he tried to think of an excuse but nothing came to mind and Jamie was becoming impatient.

“I’ll call them for you,” she grinned and took a deep breath, “CYBORG, BEAST BOY, RAVEN!!!!”

The three teens quickly ran to the ops room, ready to fight any villain that maybe endangering the city.

“What’s the trouble,” Beast Boy asked, ready to punch whatever had interrupted him and Raven.

“No trouble,” she innocently answered, “Robin just thought it would be a good idea for the team to have some holiday fun.” Their mouths dropped open from shock as she continued, “He thought it would be fun to sing songs.” She smiled as the shocked teens turned slowly to a now red-faced Robin. There was an awkward silence in the room before it was broken.

“Let’s do this thing,” Beast boy shouted excitedly, ready to see their fearless leader sing. He walked over and hit the play button on the stereo. Jingle Bells was the first song, everyone smiled as they began to sing, well everyone minus Robin.

“I can’t hear you Robin,” Jamie said as the chorus neared. He gulped before starting to sing.

“Jingle Bells, Jingles Bells jingle all the way” the teens were once again shocked into silence. He had an amazing voice.

“Was I that bad?” he asked wondering why everyone stopped. They shook their heads before all starting up again. They continued singing all actually having a good time then Beast Boy decided to improvise.

“Jingle Bells Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. Bat-mobile lost a wheel and Joker got away,” he belted out before everyone turned and glared at him before laughing hysterically.

“Well I got to get going,” Roy said as he grabbed his gifts. It was late into the night and now it was going to be harder to sneak into the tower without Mas and Menos hearing him.

“I’ll show you out,” Jamie volunteered getting up and leading the way to the door, “Thanks for coming,” she told him once they reached the door.

“I had fun, thanks for inviting me,” he smiled at her while she looked up.

“Mistletoe,” she explained pointing to the plant that hung from the doorframe. The two smiled at each other before kissing by the door.

“Hey,” Robin shouted before being pulled back into the ops room by Star. They parted as they laughed before Roy kissed her cheek and left. Jamie seemed to be glowing as she entered the ops room again.


Christmas Day

Robin was driving the R cycle; the sidecar was attached; it was now holding a sleeping Jamie and the suitcases, trying to reach Gotham before Bruce woke up. He smiled looking at Jamie; he had such a hard time waking her up. Once she was up and dressed, she had decided to wait on the couch while he threw the luggage in the sidecar when he returned she was sleeping once again on the couch. He basically picked her up off the couch and just put her in cycle himself. Robin finally reached the manor just as the snow began to fall.

“Jamie wake up,” he said as he carefully shook. She woke up, realized where she was and got up from the sidecar while stretching. He placed his finger on his mouth signaling her to be quiet. She nodded as she picked up the bag of gifts leaving Richard to carry the rest. He sighed as he lifted the four suitcases, and only one of them was his. They quietly entered the manor; Richard dropped the suitcases by the front door, and continued towards the tree. Jamie smiled; she loved living with the titans but missed the manor. She put the gifts under the tree. Richard handed Jamie her stocking. He searched through his stocking until he found what he was looking for. Richard pulled out a big orange and smiled before beginning to peel it. Jamie looked confused when she felt something.

“I remember,” she whispered pointing to the orange, “mom and dad used to put them in our stockings because we would wake up early before mom and dad. We would get hungry so we could eat them while we waited.” He nodded as she pulled an orange from her stocking and began to peel it also.

Bruce woke up rather early today, well early for Batman anyways. Though he would never tell anybody, he was excited that Jamie and Richard were coming home. He actually missed having someone else beside Alfred in the house. He rose out of bed and grabbed his robe before heading to the door. As he walked towards the front room the smell of citrus greeted him, he smiled knowing that the two were home.

“Good morning sir,” Alfred greeted him in the front room with a cup of coffee.

“Good morning everyone,” Richard and Jamie both nodded as they finished their oranges. Jamie stood up and hugged him.

“I missed you dad,” she whispered so only he could hear her; they both knew that Richard would freak out if he heard.

“Me too,” he said as they parted. Richard stood up and shook his hand, “Good to see you again,” he said before sitting down again.

“Can we start opening?” Jamie asked eying the gifts. The two men chuckled as Bruce nodded. She looked at the gifts before walking to the tree and picking one. She grinned as she gave Bruce the gift.

“This is for you,” she said handing him a gift. He opened the gift as Jamie smiled knowing that he would love it. He carefully picked up the picture frame as a smile spread across his face. Inside the frame was not a picture but a small card.

“This entitles you to one family portrait that includes Jamie, Richard and Bruce”

“I thought you’d like it,” she said looking at the smile on Bruce’s face.

“I do,” he replied. Richard walked up to Bruce and handed him another gift. Bruce, who was curious as to what Richard got him, open the gift quickly. Inside the gift was a small yellow piece of cloth with a black B in the middle of it. Bruce was taken back for a moment; he knew that this was part of the Flying Grayson’s costumes. He looked up to see Richard and Jamie smiling at him.

“Now you are really part of the family,” Richard told him as Bruce continued to look at the gift.

“Thank you,” he said, even though he did not show it he was touched. “Why don’t you guys start opening gifts?” The two nodded, understanding he needed a moment, before beginning to open gifts. Bruce watched as his family opened their gifts. This was the first Christmas Bruce’s pain seemed to go away for a little while.

Finally, all the gifts were opened and the three were sitting relaxing as Alfred entered the room.

“Why don’t you go in the kitchen and enjoy some hot cocoa I have prepared for you while I clean the mess,” Alfred suggested getting ready to clean the mess.

“Wait Alfred,” Jamie told him as she guided him to a chair. “There is still one more gift.” She ran to the tree and grabbed the last gift from under the tree.

“It’s for you,” she gave him the gift before sitting down near him. He neatly opened the gift and began to tear up as he looked at the gift. There in the box was a frame with four spots for pictures. One spot was filled with a picture of Alfred and Jamie, another spot was Richard and Alfred, and the third spot was Bruce and Alfred.

“The last spot is for a group photo,” she explained.

“I love it Miss,” he started to cry a little.

“Oh Alfred,” she muttered before giving him a hug. Soon Richard and Bruce even joined in on the hug (A/N KODAK FAMILY MOMENT). The family parted before all helping Alfred clean up.

“Can we have the cocoa now?” Jamie asked, she always loved Alfred’s famous cocoa. Bruce and Richard chuckled as Alfred led the way.

The family gathered around the fireplace as Alfred set up the camera. Richard tugged at the red turtleneck, Bruce pulled down Richard’s hand as he chuckled at the boy; he was wearing a matching turtleneck, it was Jamie’s idea. She wore a three-quarter sleeve dark green dress.
“She looks pretty and I look like a dork,” he muttered under his breath. Bruce even agreed she looked stunning with her wavy ebony hair and piercing blue eyes but Richard did not look like a dork. In fact, he looked handsome; he promised Jamie he would not wear his sunglasses. His hair was spiked perfectly and his eyes were just as stunning as Jamie’s was. Bruce stood behind the two with his arms around them.

“The camera will go off in twenty seconds sir,” Alfred said as he started to walk away.

“Wait Alfred,” Jamie shouted, “come back. You have to be in the picture too.” The other too nodded in agreement. Alfred smiled as he stood by Jamie.

“Ready smile,” Jamie said just before the flash went off. The photo captured a Christmas that the pain of death did not haunt but instead there were four people whose eyes and hearts were filled with joy. The picture glowed as Bruce placed it on the mantle.
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