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The mystery of Sparrow

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Jamie:She doesn't own anything, well in this story, except Me! wow that sounds wrong


“Welcome back,” Starfire shouted as she ran to hug Richard.

“I missed you too,” he stuttered, “but I need air.” She blushed as she released him from her bone-crushing hug. The color began to return to his face as Jamie hopped off the motorcycle.

“Hey Star,” Jamie waved as she walked towards the entrance door. Starfire waved back and watched as she entered the tower.

“Robin,” she said seductively inching closer to him, “Glad your back.”

“Me too,” he said with a smile as leaned in for a kiss. The pair was so caught up in each other they didn’t notice what was going on around them.

“GET A ROOM,” Beast Boy shouted with a snicker causing them to part and glare at Beast Boy who was helping Jamie grab the rest of her bags.

“Beast Boy,” Robin growled, trying his hardest not to kill him for ruining the moment. Jamie giggled as she grabbed her bag and headed back into the tower. Starfire and Robin sighed knowing the moment was lost and headed back into the tower with Beast Boy.

The teens had gathered in the ops room and were eating cookies with the exception of Star and Robin. “Probably making out on the roof,” Raven concluded watching an event unfold in front of her.
“Man this are the best,” Cyborg said as he shoved another two cookies in his mouth.

“Mhagreemmhmh mhmthismmh arem great!” Beast Boy said through his mouthful of cookies.

“I um make sure to tell Alfred you like them,” Jamie said trying to look away from the sight. “This is so disgusting,” she thought, “but I can’t look away.” Just as the boys were about to grab more cookies, the alarm went off.

“Titans, trouble” Robin shouted as he ran down from the roof with Star following behind him, “Let’s go.” The titans quickly left the tower leaving Jamie alone in the tower.

“Finally,” she sighed as she walked to her room



“This is the greatest steal ever!” Gizmo shouted as he stuffed more tech stuff into his bag.

“Yeah,” Mammoth agreed as he shoved more food into his mouth. The Hive 5, it now really had five members since Jinx left, was raiding the mall without the Titans ruining their fun.

“You know you might want to pay for that,” the boys turned to see whom sexy voice belonged to. Their mouths dropped as the saw Sparrow take off her helmet and shake her hair that was no longer in a ponytail but was now wavy

“Aw, Crud,” Gizmo whined as he went to run but Mammoth stopped him, “You aren’t suppose to be here!”

“Really, well since I am here. I should have some fun, don’t you think?” she asked as she took out her bo staff. The boys began to look for places to escape except Mammoth; he began to laugh.

“A little girl like you can beat me,” he managed to say between laughs, “Hive 5 get her.” The boys though their were afraid of Sparrow, were absolutely terrified of Mammoth so they got ready to battle her. Gizmo attacked first, throwing tiny electric disks at Sparrow. She did Arabian cartwheels avoiding each disk before throwing one of her own disk. The disk spun in the air before hitting Gizmo’s backpack and shutting him down.

“One down four to go,” she smiled as she got ready for another attack.

“It’s our turn Billys,” Billy said before multiplying. Sparrow swung her staff around trying to keep up with the ever-multiplying Billy.

“Aw man,” Beast Boy grumbled as the Titans arrived to the mall, “How does she get here so fast?” Everyone stood and watched as Sparrow continued to fight Billy.

“How abot you stop complaining and help?” she snapped as she got hit in the shoulder by a Billy. The whole team could hear the pop. Sparrow turned around and growled as she punched the original Billy in the stomach with her good arm and popped her shoulder back into place. The Titans snapped back into reality and got ready to fight the rest of the Hive. Beast Boy turned into a bear and grabbed Kid Wykkyd.

“Azerath, Mintros, Zinthos,” Raven shouted as she wrapped Kid Wykkyd in a black rope.

Starfire and Cyborg teamed up to fight Seemore. Starfire powered up a starbolt and threw one at him as he tried to fly up. The starbolt hit him and he began to fall towards the ground as Cyborg shot a net from his cannon.

“I got Mammoth,” Robin said getting into fighting stance. Mammoth made the first move trying to pound Robin. He flipped away hitting Mammoth in the mouth with his foot. Mammoth growled in anger and grabbed Robin by the foot before he could land and swung him into a wall.

“I think you need my help,” Sparrow said as she hit Mammoth in the head with her bo staff. The staff broke in half as Mammoth dropped Robin and turned to Sparrow. She smirked and he grunted and began to charge her. She flipped in the air just before he was about to grab her and kicked him in the back sending him flying into a wall before she landed. She walked over to Robin and offered him her hand. He accepted as she helped him up.

“Thanks,” he said before pushing he aside, “watch out!” He threw a small disk at Mammoth who was charging at the two. The disk only stunned him and Mammoth cracked his neck. Robin and Sparrow got into a fighting stance side by side and smiled at each other.

“Ready,” Robin said as she turned to her.

“Yeah,” she said getting ready to fight. The two looked at each other and nodded. They both performed a back spring and hit Mammoth in the stomach. Mammoth stumbled back a little before grabbing both their legs and tossing them in the air; everyone including Mammoth was surprised as both performed a summersault in the air.

“One, two, three, four” Beast Boy counted the number of summersaults they did before landing. Sparrow and Robin turned to each other before throwing two disks at the stunned Mammoth. Both disks hit him electrocuting him enough to make him pass out.

“Thanks,” Sparrow said as she headed towards her motorcycle.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Beast Boy asked with his arms flaying in the air from excitement.

“Learn what,” she said with a wink before putting her helmet on and ridding off.

“Dude that was awesome!” Beast Boy shouted to the team. Everyone agreed except Robin.

“Man what are you thinking?” Cyborg asked

“Huh,” Robin muttered as he was interrupted from his thoughts.

“You had that look on your face,” Cyborg explained, “You know the one when you become obsessive.”

“I am not obsessive,” he retorted, “it’s just only four people in the world can complete the quadruple summersault and two of those people are dead.”

“Who are the other two?” Starfire asked curious to what was going through Robin’s mind.

“Me and Jamie,” he told the team before hopping on his motorcycle and driving towards the Tower.



“Jamie,” Robin bellowed as he entered the tower but no one answered. He sprinted towards her room hoping to catch her changing out of her costume. He opened the door to see Jamie sitting by her desk.

“Jamie,” he growled but she did not turn.

“A dummy,” he thought as he neared the desk and tapped Jamie’s shoulder. He jumped back a little as she turned around and took off her headphones.

“Hey what do you need?” she asked not aware that she startled him.

“Where have you been?” he questioned trying to keep his cool.

“Uh my room,” she answered confused at her brother’s strange behavior.

“Are you sure?” he asked looking into her eyes trying to find any hint of her lie.

“Yes, why shouldn’t I be sure?” she said staring back at him wondering why her brother was being very weird.

“I know that you are Sparrow,” he growled tried of playing games with her.

“What?” she gasped in disbelief.

“Deny it now but I will prove it,” he explained as he walked out of his room.

“He is so needs to de-stress,” she thought as she popped her headphones back in.



“Man the tower sensors say no left or entered the building after us,” Cyborg explained for the umpteenth time to Robin, “even the reading from the bracelet says she was here the whole time.” Robin pounded the table with his fist in frustration.

“Then who is she?” he pondered out loud

“Look Robin, you need to chill,” Cy told him hoping their leader would not go into his room obsessing over Sparrow and never come out again, “she isn’t a bad guy. I am sure if we just give her time she’ll trust us.”

Robin took a deep breath and relaxed a little, “You are right I just can’t let what happen to Terra happen again” Cyborg left the room, leaving Starfire and Robin alone.

“It won’t happen again,” Starfire comforted him as she snuggled into his chest (A/N I do not know if I have said this but Robin is taller than Star and Beast Boy is taller than Raven) He sighed as he wrapped his arms around Star.



Sparrow hoped off her motorcycle and threw off her helmet. She pressed a button on her motorcycle and it turned into a regular blue and purple cycle.

“Finally,” she said as she stretched a little, “Oww!” She rubbed her left shoulder, which was dislocated in the battle even though she popped it back into place it still hurt.

“This is going to hurt in the morning,” she thought as she gingerly massaged it. She threw off her costume and changed into a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt. She walked to her room after grabbing a bag of ice for her shoulder. She placed the bag on her shoulder before drifting off to sleep.


Next Day

“Rise and shine Jamie!” she heard Robin’s voice through the intercom. Training started up again. She groaned pulling the covers over her eyes.

“Jamie down here now or no Roy or Xavier for a month,” he threatened.

She quickly changed into a pair of blue sport pants and a red tank top before walking to the training room.

“Ok what are we doing?” she asked with a yawn.

“Acrobat work and then I thought we could spend the day together at the mall,” he causally said as he stretched.

“Um why?” she asked stretching on a nearby mat, suspicious of her brother’s kindness.

“I feel bad about accusing you yesterday,” he explained, “so you ready?”

“Yeah,” she answered as she walked over to the mat Robin was standing by, “What are we doing first?”

“Let’s start out easy with a back spring with an aerial twist.” He told her as she nodded. She took a breath before taking a running start when she was satisfied with her speed she began her back spring.

“Oww,” she shouted in pain as she lifted her left hand finishing the back spring with one hand.

“What’s wrong,” Robin ran towards her.

“Nothing I just hurt my shoulder,” she explained as she rubbed her shoulder.

“How,” he asked suspiciously remember Sparrow hurt her left shoulder yesterday in the fight.

“Well,” she started, “remember how I spent the day with Xavier,” he nodded as she continued, “We were playing and he threw me in a snow pile and then I pulled him down. He landed on my shoulder and it didn’t hurt but then when we were visiting Bruce I hit it again when I was training with him.”

“Oh ok,” he would have to call Bruce later, “just do an Arabian cartwheel. We’ll just have to do some work on your kicks.” She sighed, as she got ready to do the cartwheel.



“This is fun,” Richard said as Jamie and he walked around the mall. He was wearing a red t-shirt under a black sports jacket with a pair of jeans and his sunglasses. She smiled she was wearing a blue track jacket over a red cami that stopped just above her belly and a pair of dark jeans. In addition, she had her charm bracelet, rings and necklaces.

“Yeah,” she agreed today was going well after training she went to the med wing and Cyborg told her to relax for a few days, that meant no training and gave her a sling, and now she was hanging out with her brother everything was perfect.

“Come on let’s go,” shouted Billy to the other Billys as they ran out of the store.

“Of course,” Jamie thought as she rolled her eyes.

“Jamie I got to,” he started as he grabbed his communicator.

“Go,” she interrupted him, “I’ll wait here.”

“Titans, there is trouble at the mall I got it covered but be ready in case I need back up” he said before quickly changing into his uniform and started to ran back to the Billys when he heard a voice.

“You shouldn’t rob the same place,” Sparrow said as she rolled her eyes before kicking a Billy that was trying to sneak up behind her, in the face.

“This is proof,” Robin, thought, “this has to be Jamie.” He noted that her left shoulder looked a bit swollen but when he looked to the spot where he left Jamie, she was still there watching in amazement as Sparrow fought the Billys.

“Come on Billys get it together,” Billy shouted to the copies they all nodded as attacked Sparrow at once. She smiled before flipping in the air causing the Billys to run in to each other. She landed next to Robin.

“Hey,” she said as she punched a Bill in the face, “want to help.” He punched a Billy over her shoulder. “Guess that’s a yes.” She did a back spring away and started to look for the original Billy. Robin began fighting the Billys as he followed her getting his anger out.

“I was so sure,” he thought as he kicked another Billy in the face and watch Sparrow hit three with her bo staff, “Maybe it’s a hologram,” he pondered remembering the time he used one when he became Red X but than he watch as Jamie kicked a Billy in the head that was about to hit Sparrow.

“Thanks,” Sparrow huffed as she hit another Billy in the face.

“No problem,” she replied punching another Billy with her good arm. Robin kicked a Billy in the stomach and the clones disappeared.

“Must have been the real Billy,” he said to Sparrow but when he looked up she was gone and Jamie was just there. He tied Billy up and handed him to the police before finding a place to change back into his civilian clothes.

“That was fun,” Jamie commented when he returned.

“Yeah great,” his voice filled with sarcasm, “Maybe we should get home so you can ice your shoulder.” She nodded in agreement as the headed towards his motorcycle



Robin had locked himself in his room determined to figure out who Sparrow was.

“She did hurt her shoulder when training with you. No that’s all I need thanks Bruce,” he said as he hung up the phone.

“I can’t believe I thought it was Jamie,” he said aloud to himself as he pounded the table sending articles about Sparrow flying everywhere, “I won’t let Slade get to you first,” he promised before looking at some more papers.
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