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Happy Family - JAN 14

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Liv dreams of life as a happy family with Gerard and Elle.

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“Night Kell” Gerard said as he reached out to flip off her light.
“Yeah?” He walked a few feet back into her room.
“I’m glad you’re home.”
“I’m glad to be home.” He smiled, “So I didn’t ask at dinner but I was wondering when I’m gonna get to meet Luke.”
Kelly smiled, “I was thinking maybe I could invite him over for dinner on Wednesday.”
“Your birthday.” Gerard said with a smile. “I was going to ask you about that. Would you like to go out for your birthday or have something here?”
“I would just like to have a nice dinner here.” She added softly, “Just the family and Luke.”
“That sounds good. I’m sure your mom will like the idea.”
Kelly frowned, “I’m not so sure. She’s kinda undecided about Luke.”
He sat down on the side of the bed. “I pretty sure she’s just wants you to be careful.”
“She’s afraid because of how things turned out with Mike. I understand that but I just want her to give Luke a chance.”
Gerard looked at her a moment before speaking. “You like him a lot, don’t you?”
Kelly nodded, “It just feels like I’ve known him forever. He understands me.”
“Just don’t rush into anything, okay?”
“I’ve never felt like this before. You’re really gonna like him. You dad told me that Luke reminds him a lot of you. He’s so artistic.”
Gerard laughed, “Uh, at your age I pretty uncool. Hell, I still am.”
Kelly sat up and leaned against the headboard. “Luke’s not popular of anything like that.”
“Does that bother you?”
“Not at all. I wouldn’t change anything about him. At first he thought that I would care about stuff like that. He told me we were too different.”
“What do your friends think?”
Kelly frowned, “Actually they really don’t know yet. Sarah knows I like Luke but she’s the only one. See, the thing is, I don’t care. I figure if they really are my friends then they will give Luke a chance. They will get to know him before they judge him,”
Gerard frowned, “Kell, maybe you’re putting too much faith in your friends. People sometimes judge first. What if that’s what they do?”
“Then they really aren’t very good friends. If they can’t see how happy Luke makes me then I don’t care.”
He worried she was heading for problems she wasn’t ready for but decided to keep his thoughts to himself for the moment. “So what would you like for your birthday dinner?”
Kelly thought about it for a moment. “Something on the grill? Maybe steaks?”
Gerard stood. “Sounds good to me.” He leaned over and brushed her cheek with his lips. “Night Kell. See you in the morning.”
Kelly snuggled back down under the covers. “Night Dad.” She smiled to herself as he flipped off the light. Tomorrow she would invite Luke over for her birthday. It was going to be her best birthday ever.

Gerard slowly walked into the bedroom. He saw the Monica was already in bed. She had been quiet ever since they had left his moms. He knew she was upset and he knew it had something to do with Liv. He just wasn’t sure what to say. He undressed, put on his pajama pants and tee then climbed into bed. Monica was on her side facing away from him. He rolled over and took her into his arms. She lay completely still. “Monica”
“Yes” Her voice, sounded tired.
“What’s wrong?”
Monica sighed, “Nothing Gee. I’m just tired.”
“You’re upset.”
“Good night, Gee.” She moved slightly away from him.
“Look if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t fix it.”
“Who asked you to fix anything?” Now he heard the anger in her voice.
“This is about Liv, isn’t it?”
Monica moved completely out of his arms. “When isn’t it about Liv?”
“Look, are you mad cause I drove her and Elle to the bus station?”
Monica was trying hard not to lose her temper but it was a losing battle. “Why the hell would I be mad about that? I’ve tried to be nice to Liv for months. I’ve offered to drive her places. I’ve offered to pick up Elle. Shit, I’ve done everything I can to be nice to her but no. She would never accept help from me. Well, other than let me baby sit. I’m okay for that.”
Gerard was trying to take in everything she was saying but she was speaking so fast it was hard. “I thought you liked to watch Elle.”
Monica sat up in bed. “You know damn good and well I love to watch Elle. Damn it, I love Elle. Did you miss the whole point of what I just said?”
Her anger was making her voice shake. He tried to say the right thing to calm her. “Honey, I know you love Elle. I’m sorry if I made it sound like you don’t. I’m just trying to figure out why you’re so mad at me.”
Monica laid back down still far from his reach. “Just forget about it.”
“No, damn it I won’t just forget about it. Is it because of what Mom said about telling Elle I’m her father?”
“No not because of what your mom said. Because of what you said. It’s up to you and Liv to decide.”
Gerard closed his eyes. Damn he had said that but he hadn’t realized how that would sound to Monica. “Honey, when I said that I meant it was for us and Liv to decide.”
“That’s not what you said.”
“But it’s what I meant. Monica you’re my wife.”
She cut him off. “No, Gee I’m not your wife. I have no real say in anything involving Elle. That is between you and her mother. Not me.” She voice wavered.
Gerard took her into his arms fully prepared for her to move again. She didn’t. He could feel her slightly shake and he knew she was crying. “Monica, I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. Look as soon as we’re married things will be different. You know I already think of you as my wife. Damn it, you are my wife. No stupid fucking piece of paper is gonna make you anymore my wife than you are now.”
She didn’t answer.
“Please, talk to me.”
“Gee, I’m just so tired. I can’t think anymore right now. Can we just go to sleep? I know you thought we were going to make love tonight but I just can’t.”
He rolled her over on her back. Gently he brushed the tears from her cheeks. “It’s okay Baby. We’ll talk in the morning. We’ll get this all straightened out.” He kissed her lips. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” She said in a whisper. In her mind she added, ‘I just hope it’s enough’.

Liv crawled into bed next to her sleeping daughter. She let her mind drift back to her meeting with Gee. God, she had been shocked to see him. Her first thought had been to turn and run. When he had spoken her name she had wanted to cry. Every memory of him she held close had come rushing back. In the darkness she smiled. He had been glad to see her. He had wanted to talk to her. She had been afraid the ride to the bus station would be strained but it wasn’t. They had talked easily. Elle had happily added to their conversation making Gee laugh. God, she had missed his laugh. Anyone who had seen them would have thought they were a happy family. If only it could be that way. Liv fell asleep with the smile still on her face.
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