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Getting ready to hit the road...

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A/N: I’m really sorry it took me so long to update but I have excuses. University was beating the shit out of me so… Anyway, I’m on a break for sometime so I guess I’ll be able to update frequently. If you still remember what the story was about, go ahead and read. Oh well, maybe you even skipped the author’s note. Naw, I don’t think I’m that a good writer… Reviews are always appreciated :D

6. Bath-Girl

The dark-haired singer huffed and puffed, wandering around in her little apartment, trying to figure out what to do first. She was panicked, yet again. They were supposed to hit the road in a week and she had no idea whether she should go shopping for necessary stuff or start packing first – since she had never been a quick packer, she actually hated the process.

She ended up pulling her dark hair in a messy bun on top of her head and threw her tired body on the couch. She had managed to exhaust herself mentally and physically by mere thoughts of things that needed doing. Now she was even less motivated to do them, if possible. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She needed help.

She considered calling one of the guys – most probably Zack. Asking him to help her shop and pack sounded ridiculous. Hell, she was a grown woman, she should be able to do these things on her own!

It was times like this she missed having a best friend who happened to be a girl. No, actually, she just missed one certain best friend who happened to be a girl: Seren.

She had met her the first day of high-school and the two of them had been inseparable from then on. They had survived together, just the two of them. If they hadn’t had each other, they might have been lonely all that time because noone really paid attention to people like them. Not that they asked for any attention… They weren’t alone and that was what counted.

They had even managed to attend university together. Hell, they had bought their first guitars together! It seemed like they had done everything together.

But she had had to leave her behind when she ran away. The one person who knew her better than anyone else. The one person who knew nearly all of her dreams – she was in most of them. Her and Defne had dreamt and dreamt of going to study in the US. They were gonna share an apartment and go to school together – as they had grown accustomed to in all those years.

In the end, it didn’t work out that way. Defne ended up on a plane seat, uncomfortable and unhappy, on her own, leaving her life hundreds of feet below. Seren ended up staying at school as a research assistant, crushing under the weight of work and feeling lonely.

They were still pretty close – as close as two people could be with thousands of miles between them. They talked to each other on MSN and saw each other whenever Defne went home. Seren had even come to see her once, they had had so much fun then. But again, they had had to part.

Defne stood up, sighing again. She gripped her hair firmly and let go after a moment, making it stick out even more in every direction. She walked to the tiny kitchen table and sat down. The table itself wasn’t actually visible, every square inch of it was covered with paper – wrinkled, torn or smooth, failed attempts at writing lyrics. She searched for her laptop for a moment, making some of the papers fall on the floor.

Finding the machine, she opened it and logged in to check her mail. Now that she had thought of her friend, she wanted to see if she had responded to her mail, yet.
When she had gotten over the initial shock, Defne had immediately wanted to let Seren know about everything. She had poured all her excitement along with her worries to the mail. It had turned out to be quite long. But it had been over a week and she had gotten no response. All that time, she hadn’t been able to talk to Seren on MSN, either. Her best friend had suddenly seemed to have disappeared.

The singer’s heart leapt in joy, seeing the mail with the subject “WHAAAAATTT?” in her inbox. She had no doubt who it was from. Clicking on it, she began to read.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WOMAN? Why didn’t you mention anything in the “subject”? If you had, maybe I’d have read this sooner and certainly wouldn’t have felt like a complete idiot.

I’ve been so busy lately. I’m having trouble with my PhD applications, writing resumes and shit. And everything’s worse than ever at school and I spend my nights at campus these days… End of excuses for not reading and responding your e-mail sooner.

And I hope you’re not kidding Defne, cause if you are I’m gonna fly all the way up there to kick your ass. Oh my God, are you really going on tour with My Chemical Romance? That’s huge!!! I knew someone would finally see the potential in you guys but THIS? Even I couldn’t dream of this!

Did you get to meet them, yet? Cause if you did, I really am gonna jump of the balcony! You go around meeting MCR and I get to read midterm papers… What kind of a shitty life do I have?

Just kidding really, but you’ve gotta tell me about every tiny detail if you’ve met them yet. I demand information, you hear me? ASAP. And don’t forget to take your laptop with you when you hit the road or I might die from curiosity. I want daily reports!!!

Whatever… God, this is HUGE!!! I guess it’s worth all those years of studying and struggling and giving it all up for a band. I have to tell you, I had thought you had made a really really big mistake, but it turns out I was the mistaken one. And I’m not sorry, really. Cause you get to tour with those guys!!!!! Maybe you’ll record some kickass album this time(the first one was shitty we both know that :P) and make it big real soon, who knows?

By the way, I’ve really missed you. I was looking forward to summer so that you could come back home but now I know that you’ll be rocking out whole summer so… I’m sad :’( … But maybe I’ll come out there to see you, who knows, huh?

Take care!


P.S. Don’t fall for the hot singer, mwahhahhaaahh xD

Defne was grinning like an idiot when she finished reading. This girl knew her too well. The P.S alone said that much.

She quickly started typing up her response. She rambled on and on about how cool and friendly the guys were and tried to include details as much as possible. When she clicked the send button, her day had already gotten brighter.

She got up, decided to go shopping, since starting to pack seemed pointless if she was going to have to pack the things she bought, too, anyway – it was surprising how long it took her to figure out that simple logic!

Walking in her bedroom, she shimmied out of her teddy bear pajama pants and pulled on dark blue jeans. She let her hair be and threw on a black T-shirt that read “I used to be schizophrenic but we’re okay now.” Putting on her camouflage hoodie, she grabbed some money and stuffed her pockets with it.

Soon, the lead singer was out of the apartment.


Another lead singer was climbing up the steps to their new tour bus. He was speechless. The thing looked so gigantic from the outside, he couldn’t believe it was allowed to be driven on the highway. He certainly didn’t think the bus could be overtaken on a two lane.

Someone nudged his ribs from behind, hinting him to move out of the way. It was Mikey. He moved farther into the main lounge area so that his impatient brother could come in, too. The bassist stepped in, followed by Ray and Bob, and immediately flopped on the couch.

“Comfy!” he sighed in contentment.

Gerard chuckled. He thought Mikey was acting like he had been sitting on a really hard rock for the last 13 years. He shook his head and moved towards the galley. He could hear Bob flopping on the other couch, turning on the TV and saying “Cool!”

The singer took in the microwave and the coffeemaker – the only two things he needed in a kitchen. He checked the bathroom and approved. Ray walked past him, moving towards the rear of the bus – probably searching for the studio which had been promised to him.

He continued his journey and found the bunks. He drew back the curtains of one and smiled immediately. They were bigger, indeed. Now it was his turn to flop on the comfy surface and sigh in contentment.

But curiosity got the best of him and he stood up again – only to be knocked down by a completely unintentional yet effective body slam.

“Ouch! Fuck, Gerard, how did you manage to suddenly materialize in front of me?” Frank asked, rubbing his forehead where it had hit his friend’s shoulder blade.

“I was lying in the bunk, you idiot!” Gerard growled. “Get off of me! Why the hell were you running anyway?”

When Frank made no move to get his weight off of him or answer his question, Gerard grunted and tried to elbow him but failed miserably. He huffed, the side of his head hurting.

“Frank, get off of me. My head fucking hurts…”

The guitarist smiled angelically and leaned in to look at Gerard’s face. “Awww, Gee baby, where does it hurt? You want me to kiss it better?” he asked in a tiny voice, extending his lips forward.

Gerard rolled his eyes muttering “God… You’re fucking 5 years old, I swear…”

Frank only giggled at that and planted a sloppy kiss against Gerard’s forehead, all the while ignoring the latter’s weak attempts at throwing him off of his back.

He finally rolled to one side and started laughing hysterically. “I told you this was gonna be so much fun!”

Gerard just shook his head and stood up. Behind the two of them, Ray was shaking his head and laughing to himself. It seemed like this was gonna be one hell of a tour.


Defne couldn’t make it back to her apartment until after dark. She fumbled at the lock for a minute but finally managed to let herself in. She threw the numerous shopping bags as far away from herself as possible and collapsed on the couch.

Who knew shopping for toiletries, DVDs, books, snacks, some new clothes and potential stage costumes could be so exhausting? But that sounded like quite a list so it actually made sense that it had been so draining.

She laid there like that for a long time, waiting for the ache in the soles of her feet to disappear but it only seemed to get worse. She slowly forced herself into a sitting position and then stood up slowly. She rubbed her eyes, smearing the eyeliner a bit and started for the bathroom, shedding her clothes on the way.

She almost moaned as she sunk deep into the warm water. Her body relaxed and she instantly felt sleepy. How she loved long, warm baths.

Sighing she realized she wasn’t gonna be able to be bath-girl for a long time. She made a mental note to take as many baths as possible before they left for the tour and sank in deeper to the warm and fuzzy feeling that surrounded her.

But she just had a feeling that…what was ahead… what was ahead was worth to be devoid of this feeling.

A/N: Sorry if you’re disappointed that nothing really happens in this chapter. But I felt like I needed this one because I didn’t want to just jump into tour-life, it seemed to me some kind of preparation was needed. And of course since Defne and Seren are both Turkish they wouldn’t actually e-mail in English but for obvious reasons I wouldn’t write in Turkish. Anyway, let me know what you think of this…
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