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Wake Up – I’m so sick of waiting for us to make a move.

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The first morning...

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A/N: Here you go with the next chapter. I’d really like it if you reviewed cause I’d like to know if I’m rambling too much and making you people fed up with the story. I’m sorry if you’re bored and if this is moving too slowly for your tastes. Anyway, the title along with the lyrics in this chapter is from Wake Up by Lost Prophets. It’s a great song, you should listen to it if you don’t know it.

7. Wake Up – I’m so sick of waiting for us to make a move.

The sky slowly enlightened as dawn came. The city began to awaken with the first few touches of sunlight. Roads became more crowded, drunken passed-out people got dragged to their feet, men and women in business suits armed with briefcases took to the streets...

Certain five people were still sound asleep. The members of Soul Purpose had decided to spend their last night off tour at Chris’s house – simply because it was the only house big enough to accommodate all of them and they had to be together in the morning for Abigail to pick them all up.

Sunlight shone on the faces of three figures huddled in their sleeping bags on the floor. A boy with messy long blonde hair grunted and turned away from the irritation, sighing soundly and not giving any sign of awakening soon.

Another boy – this time with curly light brown hair and an innocent face – frowned in his sleep. His eyes blinked under their eyelids, his mind swimming between consciousness and sleep.

Right next to him someone was softly cooing in his sleep.

The figure sprawled out on one of the couches wasn’t even the least bit aware of the sun or its rays or anything actually. It was a girl, her small frame was half buried in the couch cushions, her face away from the light and her mind blissfully empty.

In contrast, the boy on the other couch was about to fall to the floor. The couch seemed to have given up trying to accommodate his big body. There might have been some drool on the corner of his lips.

A sudden high-pitched sound broke their peaceful slumber.

Somewhere an alarm clock was ringing loudly, letting everyone know that it was time to wake up.

The blonde boy stirred and moved to sink deeper into his sleeping bag, trying to block out the annoying sound.

A loud thud and half-awake cursing followed. “Fuck… Goddamn couch too fucking small for…” The drummer rubbed his forehead where he hit when he fell.

The alarm didn’t stop until the curly haired boy shuffled to his feet, searched for the source of the ringing sound, found it on the coffee-table and turned it off.

“Hey guys! Come on, wake up already…” he yelled in a hoarse voice. He padded off to the kitchen for a glass of water.

When he returned, Matt was shaking Devon awake – just to make him stop cooing, calling him a five-year-old girl and asking him if he wanted his stuffed pig to cuddle with. Zack was rubbing his eyes, untangling himself from his warm sleeping bag grumpily.

Noone had attempted to peel the still sleeping vocalist from the couch cushions. Chris thought of shaking her awake but decided against it – he really wasn’t in the mood for handling bodily harm so early in the morning.

Meanwhile, the bassist was fully awake now and fairly angry at his friend for calling him girly names. They started bickering loudly and even that didn’t seem to bother the slumbering girl.

Finally, Zack went to her side and poked her nose bravely.

“Come on, sleeping beauty ! It’s time to wake up.” he said softly.

Her eyelashes fluttered but she didn’t do anything aside from letting out an unintelligible murmur that sounded suspiciously like “fuck off”.

Zack waited patiently for a few moments and started pulling her hair. “Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup…” he chanted.

Defne tried to bat his hands away this time, pressing her face deeper into the cushions so that she knew she would carry the pattern of the couch on her face for some time. Zack only pulled harder at her hair, but also moved a little away from her, barely at arm’s reach now.

“Fuck off Zack!” she yelled finally, throwing her pillow at him without even turning to look at her target. The guitarist moved away from the pillow’s path of motion and started singing loudly, glad that his mission was accomplished.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up,
Yeah I'm so tired of
waiting, waiting for ourselves to
Wake up, wake up, wake up,
Yeah I'm so sick of waiting
for us to make a move”

Defne got up gingerly, all the while muttering to herself about insensitive pricks, uncomfortable couches and barely having caught three hours of sleep.

She went upstairs to the bathroom – dragging her suitcase along for clothes – to take a quick shower, not caring about the rule they had all agreed upon during last year’s tour that she shower last – cause her showers lasted longer than average and tended to drain the hot water supply.

After getting cleaned up, she dressed in comfortable black jeans and a purple tank top with the picture of a silhouette of a witch on a broomstick flying before the moon. On top of the drawing it read “WICKED WITCH”. She felt just like that. She was fastening her matching purple belt when someone banged on the bathroom door.

“Hey! In case you didn’t notice, princess , there are four other guys waiting to take a shower, too.” yelled Devon.

She yanked open the door and studied him with a dark look. “Don’t call me that again.” she said simply.

The bassist smirked. “You prefer drama queen ?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes, removed the towel around her shoulders that was keeping her from getting soaked by her wet hair, twisted the towel in her hands and started hitting him on the face with it. He let out a cry of pain.

“I barely had three hours of sleep, I have the right to be bitchy!” she yelled, punctuating every word with a hit to the head, chasing Devon down the hall.

Devon took the stairs three at a time, using his longer legs for his advantage. “You’re lunatic, I swear!” he cried once he reached the kitchen and quickly hid behind a dumbfounded Zack.

“What’s going on?” the guitarist asked, shocked.

Wicked Witch of the West is using her new torture device on me!” the bassist cried, pointing to the wet towel that was now dangling innocently from Defne’s firm grip.

The vocalist made a face at him and started approaching him slowly. Then she stopped dead on her tracks and inhaled deeply.

Zack laughed at the sudden expression change on his friend’s face. She had gone from murderous to content in a flash.

“What happened to her now?” whispered Devon to his ear.

“Wonders of quality coffee…” muttered Zack, grinning. He had started to make coffee as soon as Defne had disappeared up the stairs. He knew her too well to know what she needed wasn’t a shower.

He pulled out an enormous mug and filled it with delicious coffee, he added a generous amount of cream and enough sugar to make it yummy.

Defne moved towards the mug as if she was a puppet being moved by strings. She looked at the light brown liquid, inhaled deeply once more and caught the guitarist’s eyes, giving him a grateful smile.

“Go on, drink. It’ll make you less sleepy and consequently less bitchy.” he said.

She smiled happily, carefully placed the towel back around her shoulders and gripped her mug with both of her hands. She slowly made her way to the couch she had been sleeping on, sipping her coffee and grabbing the remote on the way.

She sat Indian fashion and turned on the TV, watching cartoons and drinking sweet warm coffee. It made her happy.


The boys got ready fairly quickly, they were all clean and dressed up by the time Defne had finished her coffee, munched on some dry chocolaty cereal and blow dried her hair.

They were sitting at the kitchen table, eating whatever there was to eat and drinking coffee, waiting for Abigail to come pick them up.

“Wow” Chris muttered “Big day, huh?”

They all nodded in agreement. Devon nudged his friend in the stomach with his elbow. “Nervous?” he asked grinning.

“A little.” the boy admitted. “I mean… this could be our… I don’t know. Thing, I guess. You know, the big thing?”

“Maybe not the big thing, but this will probably trigger the big thing…” Matt said thoughtfully.

“Guys, I think we’ve finally managed to crawl out of the dark basement.” Zack said. “We’re on the first floor, dammit!” he added excitedly.

Defne smiled at the pure childish joy on her friend’s face. That was what kept her up last night, thoughts of making it big, performing for mad crowds and everything else.... Just thinking about it made her adrenal cortex pump her body with adrenaline.

But those thoughts weren’t the only ones that kept her from sleeping that night. There were other ones… about this certain person… smiling up at her, his eyes shining. She was dreaming like a fan girl – professionalism cast aside so readily, she knew it but it seemed like she had completely zero control over those thoughts. Or dreams. She knew she was up to no good. There wasn’t any possible way she could survive nearly a year with Gerard, feeling this way about him and trying desperately not to let him know. She felt like there was gonna come a point where she would break. She just hoped to be strong enough to postpone that moment to as far a date as forever .

“We’ll just have to take the steps to the second floor carefully from now on.” she muttered to herself than the others. But they all heard her, nonetheless. She wasn’t good at talking in a small voice.

“We will.” said Zack, studying her warily.

“Hell yeah!” cried Devon. “We’ll be careful and by the end of the year we’ll have reached the first floor. Though I might push Matt down the stairs so he might not be amongst us.” he laughed out loud and Matt punched his shoulder. Then he smeared some jelly on the bassist’s forehead.

They all fell in a fit of laughter. That’s how Abigail found them. She made them pile up in the little car, not even letting them say goodbye to Chris’s pet fish and drove them to their new lives.

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