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Das Parfum

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Life on the tour bus has started!

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A/N: Okay, thanks for the reviews! Really, thank you soooo much, you brightened my day and made me spend hours in front of the computer trying to finish this chapter. Hehe, I’m not really complaining, noo. I like it when people like what I write, and when people decide to let me know what they think. So again, please, review? And the title is the original title of Patrick Süskind’s incredible novel. It’s a classic, really. Everyone should read it!

8. Das Parfum

The instruments and suitcases were all loaded on the bus along with any other personal belongings by 8.00. Nevertheless, the band members had hardly been able to make it to the bus by 8.30 – they had had to listen to their respective managers telling them to behave, wishing them good luck and a great time.

As the bus was moving away from the parking lot and onto the highway, chaos took over. Everyone made a mad dash towards the bunk area – hoping to claim the best bunk. The fact that there were still going to be two extra bunks left after everyone was settled, didn’t seem to change a thing. Half an hour and lots of fooling around later, the bunks had been matched with their respective owners.

Frank climbed up on his bunk in the most triumphant manner possible and started spreading his Batman sheets and comforter on it. He was glad that he had managed to snatch the upper bunk this time. Down on the floor, Gerard was pouting at him – angry at himself for giving up the top bunk when Frank wouldn’t let go of his hair. But he was merciless, dammit, it hurt too much!

“Come on now, Gerard. It was a fair fight!” Frank said.

“No, it wasn’t!” he answered, scowling up at him. “It wasn’t the least bit fair! I didn’t yank your hair…”

Frank seemed to consider this for a moment. He then smiled down at his friend, raising his brows.

“The bed’s pretty big, you know, we could share it if you want…”

Gerard couldn’t help but grin. Frank was sure as hell in a good mood. But he shook his head anyway.

“Oh, please Frank, you lost your chance at snuggling with my brother when you discovered this 12-bunk monster. You should have picked a tiny one…” said Mikey while tacking a pretty picture of his fiancée Alicia at the top of his bunk.

Frank just stuck his tongue at him, jumped down to the floor and made his way to the bathroom.

Defne was propping her large extra pillow against the wall of her bunk. She hated waking up in the middle of the night in pain and discovering that she had head-butted the wall. Besides, even she needed something to cuddle with sometimes.

As the guitarist was making his way past her she smirked and addressed him. “Hey Frank, you know, you don’t need to be shy just cause we’re here. I wouldn’t mind the least if you cuddled with Gerard…”

He chuckled. “And I wouldn’t mind the least if you cuddled with the actual Gerard instead of cuddling with your pillow there and pretending it’s him.” he responded.

Her eyes widened at that, her cheeks reddening, she took the previously arranged pillow and hit him with it. He ran into the bathroom, his chuckle turning into a giggle.

The singer touched her cheeks, they were warm. She hated the fact that she blushed so easily. She huffed and moved to the main living area of the bus.

Zack was sprawled out on one couch, Devon was occupying the other. They were watching an old episode of Tru Calling on SCI FI. She flopped down next to Devon and stole the Count Chocula box he was holding from him.

“Hey!” he cried in protest.

“Oh, shut up.” she said, grabbing a handful of cereal and shoving the box back at her friend.

“What’s happening?” she asked after a moment of trying to figure out what was going on.

“That dude, Jack, he shares the same powers with Tru so she tried to ally herself with him but he turned out to be a bad guy…” Zack responded.

“Oh...” she nodded and kept on watching and stuffing her face with cereal, occasionally stealing handfuls from Devon’s box.

Gerard came in a few moments later. He stared at the television and grinned. “Oooh, Eliza Dushku…”

He walked over to the couch where Defne and Devon were sitting – because Zack was all over the other one ( surely, that was his only motive…) – and nudged the vocalist on her shoulder. “Scoot over” he said, smiling “I wanna watch, too.”

She tore her eyes from the screen to look up at him, smiled, and pushed the bassist sitting next to her away, scooting over to make room for Gerard and patting the empty space beside her. He sat down next to her warm body, close enough that their legs brushed. She didn’t seem to mind. She just gave him another warm smile. She had a pretty smile – a sincere big smile that exposed her full, slightly pink cheeks to admiring eyes. Maybe a little childish, too.

She was leaning back in her seat, the hem of her shirt stretched slightly over her lap – Count Chocula stacked on it. She was good enough to share the chocolaty goodness with him – well, she hadn’t slapped his hand away, yet.

Sitting there with her, like that, Gerard felt a pang of affection for the pretty girl beside him. She was so easy-going, so warm and friendly and she felt so good pressed so close against him. Pressed so close against him? Wow, when had he practically plastered himself to her side? Probably while trying to grab some cereal. Yeah, definitely… He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts, to make them travel in different directions than her. That only made everything worse. Her scent filled his nostrils and it was intoxicating and it went straight to his head – resembling good coke in a bizarre sort of way. He tried to distinguish the different smells, tried to label them. Leaning forwards slightly, he took in the scent of her hair – sour apples. Her hair smelt like those big watery green sour apples. He loved those… Apparently, she did, too. And she also smelt faintly of vanilla, too. But not too much, not nearly enough to mask the scent of apples. She was sweet but the sweetness couldn’t mask the sourness completely. She was… bittersweet.

He was basking in the glory of the moment, he knew it. He could only hope she hadn’t noticed his strange behavior, yet.

He eyed her cautiously, trying to see any sign of discomfort. There seemed to be none. She looked really interested in the plot of the show they were watching – she had even forgotten to munch on the cereal in her mouth, she was just keeping it closed. He sighed in disappointment. She didn’t even pay enough attention to him to be bothered by his constant sniffing of her scent or his body being so close to hers.

Defne didn’t dare move. All of this felt too good to be real and she was afraid she would ruin the moment if she so much as lifted a finger. Gerard was practically glued to her side, eating cereal from her hands – her hands! He was warm, so warm… And he smelt so good, fresh like cool water being spilled over hot skin or mint candy and just the right amount of spicy – enough to make her breathe in his scent deeply and make that breath catch in her throat. The faint scent of cigarettes was there, too. And she hated cigarettes. Hated them, hated their smoke and hated what they did to people. But she couldn’t hate the weak aroma of it on Gerard’s skin. He leaned close to her for a moment and she caught the fading scent of coffee in his breath. That made her smile. Although caffeine was supposed to be a stimulator, it had a surprisingly calming effect on her nerves. She was also able to catch the scent of his painfully beautiful hair – the faint trace of lemons along with ordinary hair-conditioner smell. Now, she had never thought of him as a lemony-smelling guy. But it completed the puzzle that was Gerard perfectly. He was fresh and spicy and… he was… fruity.

Gerard needed to do something. He needed to do more than nod and smile at Zack’s or Devon’s comments about what was happening on TV. But he also needed to… he remembered playing The Sims 2. He thought of making the guy cuddle with the girl on the couch, he thought of the little motions of the animated figures. What if he pretended to yawn and stretch like that and then his arm ended up around Defne’s shoulders? That would go totally unnoticed. It wasn’t like she was paying any attention to him anyway. He could bask. Oh God, he was pathetic…

She pretended to be deeply interested in the episode – cause there was no way she could answer her friends’ questions even if she wanted to. She had no fucking idea about what was going on in the show. She tried to concentrate on the running girl on the screen. Gahhh, she couldn’t. Not with that traitorous mind of hers that kept showing her Gerard’s pretty face every time she tried to think – his smiling image just kept floating to the surface of her thoughts like a piece of wood making its way to the surface of the water no matter how hard you pushed it to the bottom.

The episode ended and Zack started zapping. And the moment – though it was pretty long – ended. Well, it was good while it lasted. Gerard slowly detached himself from the warm body beside him – bending over wordlessly to use the lame excuse of tying the laces of his All Stars.

Defne stared down at the back of his head. She felt so disappointed. She felt so empty at the sudden loss of touch. She pouted slightly.

At that moment, the bassist cried out happily when he saw SpongeBob on the screen and Zack had to let him have his fun. Besides, he didn’t have any problem with pants-wearing bath-sponges or greedy crabs.

Everyone’s attention was back on the screen – though some of them had been reluctant to give their full attention to the cartoon. The sea horse SpongeBob found was making a mess of the Krusty Krab and Frank chose that moment to enter the room. He took in the scene before him and shook his head in dismay.

“Come on, guys! It’s the first day of tour and you’re already slumped down on the couches. Not to mention watching some retarded bath-sponge and his equally, if not more, retarded starfish friend catch jelly fish with butterfly nets!” he cried.

Gerard looked at him momentarily and said “It’s not that bad…”

“Yes, it is!”

“No, it’s not.” Defne chimed in. “Of course SpongeBob and Patrick are retarded, that’s why we like them so much. They’re funny!”

Devon nodded in agreement. “And besides, they’re not trying to catch jelly fish, they’re trying to stop the sea-horse from wreaking hav – ”

“Okay, okay. I get it.” Frank cut in. “But come on, we have to do something that’s actually fun! And something neither of us have done in quite a while. Something fucking different!”

They just looked at him open-mouthed.

He had a mischievous glint in his eyes and a devilish smirk on his lips.

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