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Author's note

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casting call!

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Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I've had wicked writer's block. But, the new chapter is about half done, I hope to have it up by Thursday or Friday.

But for now, I have a couple new characters coming up in the next couple chapters, and I wanted to enlist some of my faithful readers as a thank you for sticking with me this long.

I have a merch girl and Tim's assistant (he's moving up in the world). So from you, I need a:
*description (height, hair color, personality-quiet, energetic, moody, perky etc., body shape-only if you want)
*favorite band, movie and food
*fashion style (be more specific than 'emo'-that's the one thing that pisses me off. For example, Ryan Ross and Gabe Saporta are both called emo, but they sure as hell don't dress alike.)
*anything unique or interesting to you, the quirkier the better.

thanks, I'll take first couple I get.

Update: I have decided to go with pyrotechnicist and kitkatpwl, since they were the first two and they have reviewed pretty much every chapter (thanks guys!) I will try to think of something to do with bindie611 and starlesnight28. It may not be a big a part though.
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