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Chapter 13

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Haley's back on tour

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Sorry it's been so long, and that it's so short. A bit of advise, don't put research projects off until the last minute. Especially when you have 3 of them due in the same week!

None of my special guest stars are in this chapter, but they're coming up in the next one. I wanted to post SOMETHING, and this was all I had written so far. Enjoy. The new chapter should be in the next couple days. (I know that's what I said the last time.)

“We missed you!” Spencer shouted as the Panic guys all tackled Haley the moment she stepped on the bus.
“I just saw you guys like…12 hours ago.” She laughed, glancing at the clock.
“But we didn’t think you’d come back.” Jon pouted.
“Of course I came back, the tour’s only half over. And I have your laundry, what would I have done with eight pairs of purple pants?” she held up a stack of dry cleaner bags.
“We would have to play naked!” Bendon gasped.
“Or wear your regular clothes.” She stepped past them into the bus and carefully hung the items up in the closet in the back.
“So guess what!” Ryan grinned as they all followed her like little ducklings.
“You know how you’ve been getting so much press being on tour with us, and everyone likes our new wardrobe so much? And your line comes out in stores next week…” Ryan began as the others nodded along.
“I’m aware.”
“Well, we were talking to Pete, who talked to your assistant, who talked to whoever he had to at the company.” Spencer continued.
“What’s your point?” she looked at them blankly.
“We’re going to sell some of your tee shirts in our merch booth.” Jon smiled.
“Really? That’s awesome!” she hugged them all. “Now, about this pig sty. Who’s going to clean this mess up?” She placed her hands on her hips, scanning over the empty candy wrappers and soda cans littering the bus. They each pointed at someone else. “Wrong answer. You’re all going to clean it up.” They grumbled in disappointment as she handed Spencer a garbage bag.

They were all crowded into the back lounge a couple nights later. They were on their way from Phoenix to Dallas, and so would be driving all night and most of the morning. Haley was on her computer, furiously IMing Tim trying to finalize which shirts would be shipped to the venue three days later to meet the tour and be put in the merch booth. Brendon and Spencer were battling to the death on Guitar Hero, Ryan was reading a magazine and Jon was talking on the phone with someone. It sounded like his girlfriend. “Is the merch girl going to be in charge of this?” Haley asked, tapping away at her keys.
“Have you met her yet?” Spencer nodded, not taking his eyes off the game.
“I was going to go find her tomorrow, just to introduce myself and stuff.”
“Do you ever do anything besides work?” Ryan tossed his magazine on the floor.
“I do plenty besides work. And I know that’s not where that belongs.” She shook her head and he picked the magazine up and placed it on a shelf behind the couch.
“I think we should teach her to play Guitar Hero.” Brendon said to no one in particular, putting his plastic guitar down as the song ended.
“But I’ve played it, and I sucked.” Haley scrunched her nose up.
“You played it once, on one of the hardest songs. You have to start on easy and work your way up. I wasn’t any good the first time I played.” Spencer held his guitar out to her.
“You aren’t any good now.” Ryan laughed.
“Come on, do it. Give in to peer pressure.” Brendon tugged on her arm.
“Ok, fine. But only if you guys will do something for me later.” Haley scooted down the couch closer to the TV.
“As long as it’s nothing dirty. I don’t want Pete to go all kung-fu on our asses.” Brendon grinned as she sat down between him and Spencer.
“I gotta go, I think something’s happening. I’ll call you back later.” Jon mumbled, noticing the action and shut his phone.
“Ok, now these are the buttons, and you flick this thing. That’s the strum bar.” Spencer pointed at the different parts.
“Let’s play some Cheap Trick.” Brendon scrolled down and selected the song. “You ready?” Haley nodded as the song began.

Ryan was woken up in the middle of the night by his phone ringing. He groggily searched his bunk until he found it and flipped it open. “This had better be good.” He mumbled.
“Hey, is Haley with you?” an anxious voice came over the line.
“Pete?” he yawned.
“Yeah, sorry it’s so late. I’ve been trying to call her and she isn’t answering, I was starting to get worried.”
“Yeah, hold on.” He rolled out of bed and pulled the curtain back on Haley’s bunk only to find it empty. He looked down, and Brendon’s bunk underneath was empty as well. He heard giggling and followed the sound to the back lounge. He opened the door to find Haley and Brendon furiously playing Guitar Hero surrounded by empty Red Bull cans.
“Hey Ry, you want to play me? I think I’m actually winning!” Haley grinned as the song ended.
“You’re cheating.” Brendon scowled at the screen.
“Um, Pete’s on the phone. He said you weren’t answering yours.”
“Oh.” Haley pulled her phone out of her pocket. “It’s still on silent from the show. Oops.” She shrugged. “Tell him to hang up and I’ll call him right back on mine.”
“You hear that?” Ryan said into the phone, nodding and hung up.
“We’ll finish this in the morning. I’m gonna cream you.” She stood up, pointing at Brendon and at the screen. She headed out the door and climbed into her bunk.
“Dude, it’s four in the morning. Go to sleep.” Ryan yawned sitting down next to Brendon as he started flipping through the channels.
“I can’t, I drank like a gallon of Red Bull.” Brendon kicked one of the empty cans with his foot.
“We have that radio interview in like three hours. Don’t be complaining when you look like crap.” He got up, heading back to his bunk.
“It’s on the radio, what does it matter how I look?” he smiled.
“You have a point.” Ryan called back. He could hear Haley whispering from behind her curtain as he fell back asleep.

Haley climbed into her bunk, shutting the curtain tightly as she pressed the speed dial button on her phone.
“Hey, Baby.”
“Hey.” She smiled as she heard Pete’s voice. “My phone was on silent. I didn’t see that you called.”
“That’s alright. I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to you.”
“I miss you.” She sighed.
“I miss you too. I’m sorry it’s so late, we were at the studio really late and this was the first chance I had to call you. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”
“Oh, no. Me and Brendon were playing Guitar Hero. I drank four Red Bulls.”
“I thought you didn’t play that.” Pete laughed.
“I thought so too.” She giggled. “So what did you want to talk about so badly that you called…six times?” she smiled, glancing at her missed call counter.
“Nothing. I was just lying here, alone, in my big, huge, cold, empty bed and I wanted to hear your voice.” He sighed into the phone.
“Oh…so THAT’S what this is about.” She whispered as she heard Ryan shuffle back into the room and slide the curtain of his bunk closed.
“No! Unless you want it to be…” his voice dropped an octave.
“You are a dirty, dirty boy Mr. Wentz!”
“You were the one who brought it up, soon-to-be Mrs. Wentz.”
“Mm, I like the way that sounds.” She giggled, crawling under the blankets.
“You have the cutest laugh.” He smiled into the phone, making her giggle even more “So, my mom’s pissed off.”
“Why? I thought your mom liked me.”
“She does. In fact, I think she may like you more than she likes me. But I forgot to call her, and she had to find out about us from someone at work who saw it on the Internet.” He laughed.
“Well, whose fault is that?”
“I take full responsibility. So anyway…” he trailed off.
“What are you wearing?”
“Um, a Clandestine shirt and jeans. I think they’re my brothers, I found some chicks number in the pocket.”
“Which Clan shirt?”
“The Marilyn Monroe one.”
“Cool, but that’s not the right answer.”
“Then what is?” she bit her lip.
“I think you know, Baby.” His said with a husky voice.
“Well in that case, I’m not wearing anything at all…and I’m extremely hot.” She smiled as he moaned and she could hear the sheets rustling on the other end of the line.

When the guys woke all got up in the morning for their radio thing, Haley was passed out, her arm dangling limply off the side of her bunk. They all snuck around getting ready, trying not to wake her up. When they were about ready to leave, they all rock-paper-scissored to see who had to wake her up. Jon lost and crept towards her bunk as the others looked on with amusement. He leaned down and tugged lightly on her wrist as he pulled back the curtain. “Hey, sleepyhead.” He smiled at her groan as the light hit her face. “Do you want to come with us?”
“Sleepy.” She mumbled, burying her head under the blankets.
“When did you finally go to sleep?”
“What time is it?” she peeked one eye out.
He looked at the time on his phone. “7:15.”
“15 minutes ago. Leave me alone.” He stood and turned around.
“That would be a no.” the guys all shrugged and left.
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