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'Cause I'm In Too Deep

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'Cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep
- I don't know this band!!!!!

I woke up later that night, to find everyone else gone from the common room. I got up and went into Ryan’s room; mainly because I didn’t remember which one was mine. He was still up and reading a book.

“Are you okay?” he asked, with a concerned look on his face. He put his bookmark back in the book, and threw it on the floor.

“I’m fine. That was the first time since it happened that I have been able to sleep properly. Maybe it was because I told someone what happened.” I climbed into bed beside Ryan, and curled up in his arms. He kissed the top of my hair, and I fell back asleep. My sleep wasn’t restless, but neither dream-filled.

First thing in the morning, we needed to go and do our breakfast radio interview at the local station, Mix109.7. We had to be up and at the station by 8am, but I made sure we were all there earlier, so we could meet the presenters and get to know them a little before they started to interrogate us. But it turned out we were just selecting songs for play, and explaining our choices, with about two questions focussed at our touring. I was the one to choose most of the music, mainly because, in Jon’s words, it “kept me busy”. I employed Ryan’ help, as I only listen to Emo and Punk music, and not everyone, especially my band mates, like my choices of songs. The boys are completely fed up of listening to My Chemical Romance and other emo bands, except Ryan, who is starting to take to liking to My Chemical Romance once again. This is mainly because I met Gerard and Mikey, and told them that only myself from Panic enjoyed their music. I think it may have cheesed them of a little, but they dealt with it. At 8:55, just before we were supposed to sign off so the next show could start, we got a call in over the radio, from none other than Pete Wentz. Everyone who worked at Mix was shocked, and so were we.

“Hey guys. Thought I’d check in with you. I love the music selection today. I’m guessing you didn’t pick out the music then Em?” he let out a small chuckle.

“Actually, I did choose the music Petey, but I had help. I know you hate my taste but there is no need to be sarcastic on radio.”

“I’m sorry Em. I didn’t mean for it to sound that way. I was mainly calling the station to ask the band a question.”

“Shoot.” Spencer seemed to be the one to answer interview questions these days.

“How did you and Em cope with yesterday? You know, mainly with the fact that it was the anniversary of her father’s death, and you had stuff scheduled, which you never normally do?”

“Can…can we please not talk about that Pete. I’m sorry, but I’d rather no let the whole of the New York local district know the fine intricacies of my fathers death. It was hard enough for me to do a press release about it, but I don’t want to share unneeded information.” My voice was getting louder and louder as I said this, and I was shaking, because I was truly mad at Pete for bringing it up.

“Whoa girl. I didn’t mean for you to get this angry at me. I just wanted to know. By the way, I caught you guys on SNL yesterday, and it was great. My last comment about you Em – I do like the way you are finally taking initiative on your crush on Ryan. I’m glad you made a move on him, but in front of a few million viewers? You go girl.” He hung up and left us to be. We had to leave the radio station so we could have a quick rest before our rehearsal for tonight’s show.
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