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He’s Mine…

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Ch. 10
He’s Mine…

Hilary sat on her bed legs crossed looking at the newspaper. She sighed looking up thinking, “It’s been five months now… I haven’t gotten out of here yet. I need to be patient.” She closed her eyes and then looked back down at the paper. She turned to the news section, article on latest murders. She started reading, her eyes grew wide reading, “Twenty-nine year old Josh Madden from California found in Norman Cornwell’s house after he was sent to check out the condition of the house. Half faced he was found in the living room and naked. Seems to have been raped then killed in a harsh and unthinkable way.” Hilary set the paper on her lap tears flowing to her eyes, “Why Josh?” She looked around the room, “What did he do!” She screamed around the room, “Huh!” Tears dripped down her cheeks. She looked down and looked at the picture of them carrying a body out of the house. She looked away, “Poor Maddens… All dead…” She closed her eyes, “Please, Billy, keep our daughter safe…”

Two years later

Mandy walked into the house and set down her bag, “I’m home!” She yelled through the house not caring for an answer. Mandy is now eleven and Trista, her so-called mom, hasn’t let her go see her mother nor her grandma in them two years. She looked around and started walking

“You know you’re late? You were supposed to be home like ten minutes ago after school!” Trista said walking up, “So what’s your excuse this time?” She asked grabbing her arm and dragging her

Mandy glared at her and pulled her arm away, “Don’t touch me!” she screamed, “I hate you and I wish you were never my other mother! You are mean and not even daddy likes you!”

She glared at Mandy, “Well sorry to break your heart sweetheart but you fagot father is probably rotten in his coffin! He never cared for your mother enough to kill himself! So ha!” She pulled her up to the steps, “Get to your room!” She pushed her up

Mandy caught herself and glared back at her and started walking up the steps, “Sorry to bug you again.” She mumbled

Trista glared, “Get going little girl!” she yelled and pointed

Mandy started running up the steps

“Don’t forget your bag!” Trista yelled and tossed the bag up the steps

Mandy stopped and looked back and grabbed it and started running back up the steps and up to the attic entrance. She jumped on the ladder and crawled up shoving the door open she crawled through. She tossed her bag on her bed, which was more of a mattress on the floor, and ran up to the hole and looked down at it. She was breathing heavy, she bent down and grabbed the bored and shut the hole. She sighed and hugged her knees, “Why am I so scared of her? I need to be strong. That’s what dad said… daddy said to be strong mommy would be out soon and she would get me out of here…” She closed her eyes hugging her knees.

An hour later, Mandy sat on her bed writing in her diary. She wrote,

Dear Diary,

Another day when I get chewed out by Trista for nothing. Daddy is sitting by me now watching what I write. He says my handwriting is a lot better. I can’t say its good but it has had its exercise from me writing a lot. Daddy helps me spell things. But you know, Trista treats me bad and everything but she CAN be a little bit ok. Not a lot. But a little, but daddy still doesn’t like her. He says he watches her and just wishes to hurt her sometimes. But he said that would be a bad thing so he doesn’t. Also daddy says mommy will come back to me and get me from this place soon. He don’t know when but he says really soon. She has been good in the place she is in and will be let go. Hopefully. Well I need to go cause I want to talk to daddy a little bit. So bye bye!


Mandy Martin

She shut the diary and locked it. She looked at the spot by her, “You know. Now that I think about it, it’s really cool to have a father like you. You being dead and you can say anything you want and you can go almost anywhere with me. It’s nice.” She smiled

Trista called up the steps, “Time to eat!”

Mandy stood up, “Be back. You will be here when I get done right?”

She waited

She smiled and nodded, “Ok be back real quick!” She ran up to the hole and crawled out

Mandy and Trista sat at the table eating, Trista looked at Mandy, “So? You and your imaginary friend have fun?”

Mandy looked at her, “He’s my daddy and he’s real!” She said getting irritated

Trista glared at her, “I told you! He is dead!” She screamed

Mandy looked away, “Whatever…” She stood up and walked out

Trista stood up, “Young lady!” She walked out and grabbed her arm and spun her around

Mandy looked at her, “What!” She screamed

Trista glared, “Don’t you ever walk out on me like that! You hear!”

Mandy looked behind Trista to not look at her in the eyes, her eyes widened, she looked at her, “You better watch it…”

Trista crossed her arms, “What for?” she glared at her

“She will get you…”

She blinked, “Whatever you little cunt.”

Mandy looked at the door, “She’s here for me…” She backed away

Trista shook her head, “You better watch it.” She said

Mandy looked around, “Run…” She said


“Daddy said run Trista!” Mandy looked at the door

Trista flipped her hair back, “So who’s after you?”

Mandy looked at her, “She’s mad.. She will kill anyone to get me! Daddy says run!” She screamed

“Oh will you…” Trista collapsed to the floor

“Trista!” Mandy screamed, she looked behind her

Megan stood there looking at Trista

Trista looking up at Megan not blinking and breathing heavy.

Megan hissed

Trista sat up screaming and she fell back limp

Mandy backed up, “Daddy!” She screamed

Megan looked up at Mandy and started stumbling forward

Mandy screamed and backed against the door

Megan collapsed to her knees and hissed up at her, blood seeped from her mouth

Mandy turned and grabbed the door and swung it open and ran out

Her pant leg got grabbed

She looked back at Megan as she tugged on Mandy’s pants, “Let go! Let me go now!” She screamed pulling on her leg

Megan hissed again and then something grabbed her shoulder

Mandy looked back, “Daddy!” She screamed

Billy pulled on her shoulders trying to pull her away

Megan grabbed Billy’s arm, she let go of Mandy’s pant leg

Mandy fell down the steps and fell unconscious.

Awhile later the neighbor ran up, “Oh god! Dear are you ok?” She bent down and dropped her bags of food, “Wake up.” She shook her

Mandy opened her eyes a little, “My head hurts…” She said and looked up at her, “Mrs. Nickels?” She asked

She nodded, “Yes dear. Where is your mother.” She picked her up

Mandy’s eyes went wide, “Daddy!” She screamed and looked at the door, “Daddy saved me from her, what happened to him!” She started bawling

Mrs. Nickels blinked and held her close, “It will be fine dear…” She looked at the house and walked over to the door

Mandy tried to back away from the door against Mrs. Nickels.

She opened the door and pushed it open. She looked around, “Excuse me?” She started walking

Mandy looked at the spot where Trista was, “She’s gone…” She mumbled

Mrs. Nickels set Mandy down, “Stay honey.” She started up the steps

Mandy looked up hearing something getting dragged across the floor, “Don’t go!” She screamed

Mrs. Nickels looked at her, “Don’t worry dear…” She got to the top of the steps, She looked around and looked at the ladder. She looked up at the attic door and started towards it

Mandy ran up there, “Mrs. Nickels! Don’t!” She screamed

Mrs. Nickels crawled up on the ladder

Mandy ran up to her, “She is up there! Daddy didn’t stop her! Please!”

She pushed open the door ignoring the girl’s pleading, She crawled up there

Mandy jumped on the ladder and jerked herself up and crawled through the hole and grabbed Mrs. Nickels skirt, “Get out of here!”

Mrs. Nickels stood there not moving, She let out a horrid scream

Mandy looked, “Oh my god!” She screamed

Trista was lying on Mandy’s bed, the bed was torn up and so was Trista, Mandy’s diary was sitting on Trista’s chest open.

Mandy whipped the tears and walked forward, she grabbed her diary and looked at the page that it was turned to, written in blood it said

He’s mine…
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