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Hilary’s Release

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Ch. 11
Hilary’s Release

Mandy walked down the hall with Mrs. Nickels and a guard. They got up to a door, the guard slide the slid over and look through, “Two people to see you Hilary.” He said and shut it and unlocked it and looked at them, “You know the rules.”

They nodded

He opened the door and moved

Mandy shoved through them and walked up to a door, “Mommy…” She held the diary close to her chest

Hilary looked at her and smiled, “Hello hun.” She said

“Trista… my other so called mother… she’s dead.” Tears flowed to her eyes

Hilary blinked, “Megan?”

Mandy nodded, “Yes… and she left this…” She put the book on the floor and shoved it to where it slid across the floor to Hilary.

Hilary grabbed it and looked at Mandy

“The page with the book mark…” She said tears rolling down her cheeks

Hilary looked at the book. She grabbed the top of the book and slid her fingers in the little spot between the bookmark and pages. She opened the book and looked at the page, “Wha…” She dropped the book

The book hit the floor staying on the page

Hilary looked down at it, “What does this mean Mandy…”

Mandy looked at the diary, “When we got attacked and she killed Trista, she came for me and got my leg. But daddy came and she grabbed him… that’s all I remember before I was knocked out.” She looked up at her

Hilary looked at the window, “Billy… We have to destroy the house Mandy! We have to!” She closed her eyes, “I have to…”

Mandy blinked, “Mommy! Let me help please!” She closed her eyes tears coming down, “Daddy…”

“Daddy needs to be save honey. I started this when I didn’t burn the house down myself. I just need to get out of here first.” She looked down, “Before Megan gets Billy.”

Mrs. Nickels looked at Hilary, “Ms. I don’t quite understand…”

Hilary looked at her and sighed saying, “Don’t worry. Thank you for saving my daughter.” She looked at Mandy, “You are going home with Mrs…” She looked at her

“Nickels.” Mrs. Nickels smiled

Hilary nodded, “Anyways. Mandy you stay there now.” She looked at her

Mandy crossed her arms, “I’ve been doing a great job mommy!” She said and leaned forward, “I want to help!”

Hilary shook her head, “I’m in here. Maybe when I get out.” She looked at the door, which opened, “Go now Mandy and stay out of trouble.”

Mandy whipped tears from her eyes and walked out

Hilary watched her. She waited for the door to close then she stood up. She blinked and looked down at the diary, grabbing it she glared, “Megan… I will not let you get Billy! Never!” She closed her eyes and walked up to the window, “I will help you Billy… Just stay strong.”

Mandy sighed sitting on her new bed in Mrs. Nickel’s extra room. She looked off to the side, “I want daddy here.” She looked down and stood up and walked over to the closet and opened it pulling out her coat, “I need to go for a walk. I better ask Mrs. Nickels if she wants to come.” She walked downstairs and looked around, “Mrs. Nickels?” She walked into the kitchen and walked over to her and tugged on her shirt, “You want to go for a walk with me?” She asked slipping her coat on

Mrs. Nickels smiled at her, “Of course deary!” She walked out with Mandy and grabbed her coat, “Come.” She stated walking to the door

Mandy smiled and walked up to the door. She heard something and looked back

Mrs. Nickels opened the door, “Come now.”

Mandy looked at her, “I forgot something upstairs, Go ahead and wait for me outside.” She turned and walked up the steps

She got to the top and looked down the hall, “Nothing…” She blinked and shook her head, “No.. Mommy said no…” She ran down the steps and outside

A month later

Hilary looked as the door opened, “Today’s the day!” She stood up as the man walked in

“You are able to leave now Hilary. You’ve improved well.” He smiled and grabbed her shoulder and walked her out and down the hall

Soon Hilary was outside, she looked around pleased, “Outside and free!” She took off running down the street.

Mandy walked into the house and looked around and walked into the kitchen, “Mrs. Nickels?” She walked up to the fridge and took of a note from it reading out loud, “Be back in an hour or less. Mrs. Nickels” She sighed and tossed it and started up the steps

She got to her room and is on the computer, “Stupid e-mails!” She smiled, though I don’t get much. But still.” She heard something smash into the closet, she jumped out of the door, “What the!”

She walked over to the door, “Please say that’s you daddy…” She opened the door

Megan lunged out

“Ah!” Mandy’s scream filled the house echoing down the street
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