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Benji and Joel

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Ch. 12
Benji and Joel

Hilary ran up to Mrs. Nickel’s house and knocked. She waited a smile across her face, the smile grew smaller and she grabbed the doorknob and walked into the house, “Hello?” She yelled though the house when she swung open the door. She walked in and shut the door behind her, “Mandy? Mrs. Nickels?” She walked into the living room


Something moved upstairs

Hilary looked, “Mandy?” She started towards the steps and grabbed the railing, “Mandy you up there.” She started walking up slowly, she looked behind her stopping feeling really uneasy. She looked back towards the top of the steps, “Mandy! It’s mommy! You up here…?” She said and got head level with the floor

Something moved by her

She looked over through the railing, her heart pounded, “M…M…Mandy?” She grabbed the part of the floor the goes down forming the wall. She started walking again and grabbed the top railing and slides her hand along it. She stepped up on the top step and looked next to her at the bathroom door to her left, “Mandy?” She opened the door and looked around the bathroom, she whispered, “Mandy…” backing back up into the hallway.

The floor creaked

She looked back not letting the bathroom door go.

She turned around and started across the hall to another door, she grabbed the doorknob and opened it and looked in.

The room was a game room, Mrs. Nickels must have been a mother or a grandmother, Hilary thought and looked around the room, she backed up and looked over at another room right down the hall. She started walking slowly towards it and reached for the door


She looked over at the door next to it, she blinked, “Mandy?” She whispered and started towards that one instead, she gripped the doorknob in her hand slowly opening it she looked in, “Mandy…” She looked around the room and walked in, pressing her body against the door she shut it

Mandy was nowhere

Hilary walked forward away from the door and looked at the closet, she swallowed and started towards it, “Megan, she didn’t get you right… Mandy…” She gripped the door

No one… nothing…

“She will not be in there…”

Hilary spun around, “Benji! Joel!” She backed into the closet door

The twins looked normal, alive.

Hilary swallowed, “Where’s my daughter!” She screamed

Benji and Joel at the same time looked over their shoulders at the bed

She walked forward quickly looking back at the closet, she glanced towards the bed

Mandy’s diary

Hilary looked at Benji and Joel who were still watching the diary as if expecting it to do something, she walked forward and stopped watching them, she started forward again and grabbed the diary, she looked at Benji and Joel

They watched the diary not taking their eyes away

She looked at the book and turned it open

Just words

She turned towards them holding it out, “Her words… she wrote in this… so?”

Benji looked up at her coldly, “The back…” he said watching her

Hilary backed away and looked down and started flipping through it. She skipped a page then stopped, she blinked, “A hole?” She asked and looked up at them

Joel looked at her, “Look…”

Hilary looked down at the book and looked at them, she looked back down at the book and started to put it up

Benji grabbed the book

She jumped


“Not that hole…” Joel finished

Hilary blinked, “W… W…What hole?” she asked

Benji pointed at the hole, “What does that resemble?”

Joel walked forward, “A key hole..”

“To a door…” Benji finished

Hilary looked down at it and then looked at the closet

Joel grabbed the book from her hands, “This book…”

“That door…” Benji said right after Joel

“Will tell you…” Joel said

“What you need to do…” Both twins said at the same time

Hilary looked up at them confused by their mocking ones mind. She looked at the closet and pointed at it looking back at the twins

They both nodded, “This book…” Joel mocked himself

“That door…” Benji also repeated not a change in voice

Hilary shaken started towards the closet door. She looked back at them

They stood there watching her

She sighed and bent down in front of the keyhole, she leaned in and looked through the keyhole


She blinked but waited

“You have to watch the middle…” Joel said

“To see what you need…” Benji said

“To do…” Joel finished

“Simple…” Benji said adding what he didn’t need to

She focused on the middle of the dark

Flames erupted in her eyesight

She screamed and fell backward, she sat up quickly looking back at Benji and Joel, “Fire…” she said

They nodded, “Finish what…” Joel started

“Billy couldn’t…” Benji ended

She stood up, “Ok… Where’s Mandy…”

The twins glanced at each other, “Mandy…” They both said

Benji looked at her, “She is with Megan…” he said

“To be killed,” this time Joel finished

Hilary blinked, “No!” She screamed and turned around and ran down the hall and soon out of the house, she slowed down to a stop and looked back at the house

Benji and Joel stood at the window watching her

She turned and ran quickly down the street after whispering and quick, “Thank you…”

Benji and Joel looked at each other and backed away from the window smiling before disappearing

Hilary ran with all her strength she had in her legs. She started thinking, “But… Benji and Joel killed… why did they help…” She closed her eyes then looked forward, “Did they get out of Megan’s control as Billy stayed away… or did she let them go as she has Billy? All she needs to do is kill Mandy and I and Billy is up for grabs.” She shook her head, “But I will not let her win! I need to burn that house down once and for all and make sure it goes down.” She stopped, “I need fuel!” She looked around and took off running

A man was standing by his car washing it

Hilary ran up, “Sir, do you have any gas? Please hurry!” She said

He looked at her with a disapproved looked then blinked and asked, “What’s the trouble?”

Hilary calmed down and looked at him, “We need gas for my sister’s car… please?” She asked again

He nodded and grabbed a jug and handed it to her, “You need at lift?” He asked

“No… thank you…” She grabbed the jug and nodded thanks again and started running with it

He watched her thinking she didn’t come from the way she was going, “I wonder…”

She kept running glaring at the road ahead, “I’m coming Mandy and Billy…”
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