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The Girl in the Broken Black Mirror

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Ava asks Ray for help.

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MSR and I hung around and watched Linkin Park’s set from the stage sidelines, and once they were off, I oddly engulfed Chester in a hug. I don’t know why I did it, but I noticed AJ smiling at me from the corner of my eye. What is that girl on?
When I pulled out of the hug, Gerard appeared out of nowhere and addressed all of Linkin Park and My Suicidal Romance.

“I’m going to head over to watch MSI now; I promised Lyn-Z I would. Who’d like to come with me?” Gerard was like big brother to all of us in MSR – we were all either Frank’s age or younger – Jon was the oldest at 26, then Lydia at 24, Ben was almost 24, and I was 21, the baby of the band, and boy, my band doesn’t let me forget it.

“I think I’m gonna hang with Ray until you guys are on,” I said, whilst the rest of my band and all of Linkin Park, except Chester, and AJ went off to the Revolution stage to watch Mindless Self Indulgence. Chester headed back to his bus, while I went onto ours, scoping out Afro. I found him in the recording studio part of the bus, testing out some new riffs he had come up with.

“Hey Rory,” Ray said, looking up from the computer screen. Rory was the nickname Bob and Ray had given me when I told them that “Gilmore Girls” was my favourite show.

“Hey Raybear, could I ask you a favour?” I said, sitting down in the chair normally reserved for Gerard.

“Sure,” he replied, getting up and walking over to where I was sat.

“Basically I’ve written a new song, and I want for you to come up with the rhythm and be the one to record it and play it for us while we’re on Pro Rev.”

“Okay, can I hear?” he replied, picking up his Les Paul guitar.

“It’s still a bit of a work in progress, so if you think I should change any of the lyrics, just tell,” I said.

Little by little, I fade into the darkness
Because of you and what you did to me
Broke down, crying, good for nothing
Worthless to your heart
You called me an angel
Well this angel’s gonna take flight

Lies people throw at me
Are nothing more than words to cut my skin
To break my soul, to shatter my sanity

Nothing brought me as much pain
As you refusing one last kiss
One last touch, one last breath
Nothing in this world could measure up to it

Maybe I should throw all my emotions away
While I create the gate for me to enter hell
Although it seems you’ve already done that for me
My second god send

Cut my skin
Break my soul
Cut my bones
Break my soul
Cut everything out of this life
While you shatter my sanity

An angel – all I ever was
And all I ever could be
A black angel you see before you
A black angel, that is me

“I think the lyrics are pretty much perfect, but you should get another singer or lyricist to check over for you…maybe Chester since you’re getting on well with AJ. So you have a title for this?” Ray said, astounded by my new song.

“Yeah, it’s called “The Girl in the Black Broken Mirror”. Do you think you’d be able to put in some guitars?”

“That’s an awesome name, and yeah, putting in some rhythm will be easy. Do you have bass or beat yet?”

“Nah, we normally do lyrics, then rhythm, bass and beat last.”

“Okay, Jon and Lydia doing the beat and bass?”

“Yeah, and Ben doesn’t really know how to put rhythm to this one, so it’s okay for you to perform for Pro Rev.”

“Okay, well here’s what I thought,” Ray continued, playing a few riffs and chords.

“That sounds like it will fit nicely,” I mentioned.

“Do you want to sing and I’ll play – see what it’s like combined?” I nodded and we tried it a few times, correcting a few mistakes and making it perfect. Once we had stopped, I heard a knock at the bus door, so I went up front and opened it, revealing Chester.

“Chester…hi. I actually wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Cool…I really only came because the guys ditched me for MSI,” he said as we headed back to the studio area.

“Okay, can you listen to what Ray and I have, and tell us if anything needs to be modified?” I said, letting him sit on the seat I was previously occupying. We played the song, and he was beaming by the end.

“I think it’s perfect how it is. You gonna perform it at the next show?”

“Only if we can get bass and beats down by then, and have it well rehearsed,” I replied, hearing the bus door open and the familiar laughter of Lydia, Jon and Ben.

“Did you see his face when she came out?” Lydia asked.

“I bet it was that schoolgirl uniform,” Jon added.

“Did you notice how he kept licking his lips?”

“Who’s this?” I asked from the doorway between the bunks and the studio.

“We think Gerard has a thing for Lyn-Z,” Lydia said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey guys, come in here for a minute.” I motioned them into the studio, and quick hellos were exchanged with Chester before I got to the point.

“Now you know the lyrics for TGITBBM? Well Ray’s got rhythm fixed for us, and I was wondering if we could get beats and bass down so we can perform this at the next venue.”

“Okay, but how much longer till Ray needs to leave?” Ben asked.

“I got about an hour,” Ray replied. So we got the beat and bass down, and we recorded everything down on music sheets for future reference, and Ray left to perform, Chester following behind.

“So I asked Ray if he could play for this tour, if that’s okay Ben,” I asked. Ben nodded, and we went through the song another couple of times to make sure it was burned into our memories. I then said quick goodbyes, grabbed my cell and headed off for the main stage to catch the second half of MCR’s performance. Too bad that I never made it.

Bum, bum, bum!!! What’s going to happen to Ava?
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