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What happened to Ava? And what is the relevance of Seattle?

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It was a ten minute walk from the buses to the main stage – our bus just had to be the furthest away from the main stage – but once I had passed the final bus, a mere hundred metres or so away from the start of the backstage area, someone grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind the nearest bus, which happened to belong to MSI. Now, this bus was completely void of all people, because MSI were busy reciprocating MCR and watching their show. I didn’t have any time to scream at whoever grabbed me, because a gag was shoved in my mouth, and I couldn’t see my assaulter because it was so dark where we were. Instantly I felt his hands on me – I could tell it was a guy because a) he was taller than me, and b) because he smelt of the deodorant both Bob and Mikey used. His hands made their way up and under the miniskirt I wore onstage, and was fiddling with the hem of my fishnet tights, pulling them down to rest around my ankles. He ripped off my chequered vans, and pulled the tights off completely, then proceeded to pull down my underwear. I willed up all the power I could, considering I was scared to death, and slapped whomever it was hard across the face. I should never had done that, because he got angry and started punching me, until I was left crying, bleeding and broken on the floor. He resumed his earlier work, pulling down my underwear and dropping his own pants and boxers. He lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, and thrust hard into me, resting my back against the cool metal of the bus. He continued to move within me, until I felt him climax, and the he just pulled out and let me fall to the floor with a thump, probably breaking another bone. The last thing I remembered before I blacked out from the pain was grabbing my cell and dialling Jon’s number, and croaking out a feeble “MSI bus.”

When I woke up, I found myself in a stark white room, my left ankle in a cast, my right wrist and arm up to about two inches above the elbow in a cast; and I could feel the roughness of starched bandages around my chest and stomach. Io my left arm were two I.V’s – one for blood and one pumping nutrients into my system, my right arm housing a single I.V running the chemo into my veins. They must have gotten my records off of Dr Webber. I looked around the room for ten minutes or so until a nurse came in.

“Ah, Miss Way, glad to see you’re awake. I’m Nurse Clarkson, but you can call me Lea,” she said, checking my vitals and swapping my now empty I.V with a fresh one.

“Please, Lea, call me Ava. How long have I been out for?”

“About 16 hours Ava. You’re boyfriend has been worried sick.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend. What does he look like?”

“He was really tall, sandy brown hair, green eyes, very muscular,” she said, removing the blanket covering me and lifting up the hospital gown.

“Oh, that’s Jon, the drummer in my band. Can I ask, what’s my damage?” Lea went to the foot of the bed and picked up my chart.

“Hairline fracture to left ankle, right wrist shattered and arm broken both just above and just below the elbow, two broken ribs and a gash above the belly button. We had to remove your piercing, and your brother’s got a hold of that, and we’re also giving you your next dose of chemotherapy.” She returned up to me, and began to unravel and change my abdominal bandages. Once she was done, she gave me a cup with two tiny white pills in and a glass of water.

“Take these aspirin, and I’ll send in the first two visitors for you. Anyone particular you want first?”

“Who’s out there?”

“Gosh, about 9 guys and 4 girls.”

“Okay, can you send in Jon, the one you described earlier, and the brother whom you gave my tummy jewel to?”

“Sure thing Ava,” Lea said before heading out. I sat myself up in the bed, and not even two minutes later, Gee and Jon came barging in.

“Oh my god Ava, are you okay?” Gee asked.

“I’m fine, for now, thanks to Jon,” I said, leaning over and pecking Jon on the cheek.

“What happened?” Jon asked. I took a deep breath and began.

“Well, after I left you, I started the hike from our bus to the stage to catch the rest of the guy’s show, and someone grabbed me and took me behind MSI’s bus. He shoved a gag in my mouth and tried…he started removing my clothing, and I slapped him. Because of that, he started bashing me and when I was on the floor, broken and bleeding, he…he…forced his way in,” I said, completely broken and crying my heart out. I could feel nausea rising in my throat, and managed to signal Jon to pass me the bucket that was by the bed. I choked out all of the vomit, still heaving slightly, before accepting the cloth Jon held to me.

“That fucking chemo does nothing for me,” I said, wiping my eyes then mouth.

“Do you know who did it?” Gee asked, taking my hand in his, whilst Jon removed the bucket and wash cloth.

“No. all I know is that he wore that deodorant Mikey loves. Not much to go on, is it?”

“Not really. Well, we’ve seen you’re okay, so we’ll send the next four in,” Jon said, standing up and giving me a quick kiss on the forehead. I nodded and Gerard kissed my hand and forehead, before leaving with Jon. Five minutes later, in came Mikey, AJ, Lydia and Alicia.

“Alicia, what are you doing here?” I asked upon seeing her. She ran over to my bed and swept me into a bone crushing hug.

“I had to see you girl. Mikey called last night at like, midnight and I had to come see what had gotten him so upset! You’re lucky I was only up in Seattle, but left right away and made it here at about 9am, so five hours ago. It’s so good to see you’re safe,” she finished, pecking me on the cheek. AJ ran over and gave me a hug, before saying she just wanted to make sure I was awake and left to get someone else in. Lydia did practically the same, and Mikey hugged me for about five minutes, in which time Chester and Nathan came in.

“Ava, I’m so glad you’re safe! I was worried when you didn’t come out for our song, but then Chester told me you had been taken to the hospital,” Nathan said all in one breath. He came over and hugged me, and then said he was going to get the others in.

“Who else is here?”

“The rest of MCR, Ben and then Lyn-Z,” Chester replied.

“Can you get MCR and Ben in here; I’d rather not be around people I don’t know too well,” I said, and Chester gave me a hug before exiting. Soon, I was swamped by MCR and Ben, and we talked for ages. I made Gerard tell everyone what happened because I couldn’t bear to tell it again, and then Lea came back in.

“Ah, Ava, glad to see your friends so happy again.”

“They’re not my friends, they’re family,” I said, not disguising the smile on my face.

“Well than, your family will be happy to know that you can go. You just need to change the chest bandages once daily, and make sure the casts don’t get wet. Now we’ve put all the notes in a folder for you to take, and it’s off the foot for six weeks, and the arm at least ten,” she said, wheeling over a wheelchair and handing me some clean clothes, which Alicia must have brought for me, because they were emblazoned with Skeleton Crew and MCR logos. I got changed in the bathroom with help of Alicia, and was settled in the wheelchair. We went out through reception, picking up my folder and saying one final goodbye to Lea.

“Just one thing before I go Lea. Will I be able to perform? Because I don’t want to let our fans down,” I asked.

“As long as you keep off your foot and use your right arm as little as possible between now and getting the cast off, I don’t see why not,” she replied. I smiled and thanked her, and I was pushed out to the minivan by Ben.

“One last thing Miss Way. What is the name of your band?” Lea asked, taking the wheelchair away and handing me the crutches I would need one we reached the minivan.

“We were My Suicidal Romance, but due to sounding much like my brother’s band, and because of a change in the band itself, we are now known as Loveless Intricacies.” I replied, before being piled into the van. Once everyone was in, Ben turned to me.

“So you’ve finally decided to change the name to Loveless. We’ve only been waiting a year for you to do so.”

“A change was needed. A change for the better, a fresh start,” I replied, staring out the front windscreen.
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