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As soon as we left the hospital, we headed for Marysville, CA for the next show. We weren’t performing until tomorrow, but we all (well, those who didn’t have a broken foot) took shifts driving, and we pulled a limited stop drive. We only pulled over for bathroom breaks and a food stop every two and a half hours. The journey took us about 14 hours in all, so we ended up arriving at the venue around five am. MCR and LI, except for me and Mikey, went to the bus to sleep in the bunks, whilst we both slept in the van, to tired to move.

We were woken at 4:30 by Jon, saying I had to have a quick shower and get dressed to go on stage. With Lydia’s help, I got squeaky clean, and dressed in my usual stage gear – a tartan mini over fishnet tights; black converse (normally I wore heels but since one foot was broken); a black sports bra and black opaque long sleeve shirt, and my fingerless left hand glove. With everyone’s help, I made it to the stage, and I sat on a special stool the team bought for me upon hearing of my disabilities. We ran through our sound check, and then the audience began filing in, so everyone went backstage. Five minutes later, I was hobbling back on.

“Good afternoon Marysville! How are we all?” I asked. A collective scream returned to me.

“Okay, well, as you can see, I’m a little worse for wear, but nonetheless, we are Loveless Intricacies, formerly known as My Suicidal Romance, and this is “The Girl in the Black Broken Mirror”! I hope you enjoy,” I said, before we launched into the song, Ray sneaking onstage for his part.

“Help me thank Torosaurus,” I asked the crowd once we were done, and we all yelled out thank you at the same time. We continued on to play a normal set, also playing “life”, and then I had to introduce the finale.

“Right, so you’re all wondering, how much of a klutz was Ava this time? Well, I’ll put it this way, someone did this to me. A bad man who wanted something from me without my permission, and he forced it from me, beating me as he went. I was sexually assaulted at the last venue, and I don’t know who it was. As a consequence, I’ve broken my left ankle, same with my right arm in three places. And since we’re coming clean, I will no longer be cryptic about my love of performing “Cancer”, and about how it relates to my life. I have a form of leukaemia, and that is why I tend to sing it a lot. So for all those out there who know someone with cancer or leukaemia, someone who has died from it, or whether you have it yourself, I want to see cell phones and lighters and digital cameras in the air. This, my friends, is “Cancer”.” We performed the song, and it amazed me just how many people had been struck by cancer or leukaemia in one way or the other. I brought tears to my eyes.

Once our set was over, we hobbled backstage, and I was hit with applause and hugs from every band there – they had decided to go on late for me! Alicia and Lyn-Z were complimenting my performance abilities, and I felt right at home within Pro Rev, until I felt a hand on my wrist. A familiar hand that held me down not two nights before…

Now please do guess who this raper was. I’ll give you a hint, it does lie within these next few names. Please do guess though, because it adds just that little air of mystery to Ava’s tale. Was it Nathan or Chester, Jimmy or Frank, Ben or Alex, Stefan or Phoenix? Please, do guess, and I shall reveal…
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