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Secrets revealed

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The other side of the cliffhanger - is it what you thought?

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But when I turned around to stare him in the face, no one was holding onto me. Apparently my confusion was showing on my face, as Jon asked me what was wrong.

“He…he was holding onto me by my wrist a minute ago. Standing right behind me, where you are now,” I said, feeling really paranoid.

“I’ve been standing here since we left the stage A,” he replied, and I felt the colour drain from my face.

“So you mean, I just imagined that he was grabbing me? Am I crazy Jon?” I said, tears welling in my eyes, stumbling to stay upright.

“No sweetie, you’re far from it.”

“Then why do I keep feeling him? Why do I see him everywhere I turn?”

“Sweetheart, when something big like this happens, it’s understandable for you not to forget easily,” Jon replied, taking my arm.

“Jonny, I don’t feel too good. Can you help me back to the bus? I think I may faint soon,” I asked, black starting to seep into the edges of my vision.

“Hang on, I’ll get Bob to carry you,” he replied, before running off and finding the other drummer. Just before they returned, I started collapsing, but Frank caught me just in time. I never fully passed out, and when I was hoisted into Bob’s arms, I never released Frank’s hand, and when we got back to the bus and I lay down in my bunk, I pulled Frank in after me. He lay down beside me, being careful of my broken ankle, and started stroking my hair, whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

“So this is what it’s like to be loved,” I said, closing my eyes and resting my head on his chest.

“You’ve always been loved, especially by me,” I heard Frank reply. I opened my eyes and pulled away from him, staring into his face.

“Do you really mean that?” I was really shocked by his confession.

“Of course I do Ava. I love you,” he said, before leaning in. now I don’t know who initiated the kiss, but soon we were passionately kissing, hands roaming in hair. Frank slipped his hand down my arm, coming to rest on my hip. He started rubbing small circles, and I pushed him away with surprising force.

“DON’T TOUCH ME,” I said, memories form two nights ago flooding back in full force, tears flowing down my cheeks.

Now sorry it's short, but I think you deserved an update. Nothing more until the end of the week, even the weekend - I'm on set for a TV show for the next three days, so no writing time im afraid...ask if you want to know what I'm doing!

xox Emmi

P.S. If I can, I will update sooner!
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