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His Decision - JAN 31

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Kara and Christa talk about Jamia's baby shower. Bert shows up at Gee and Monica's.

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“So I hope you know what we’re supposed to do cause I’ve got no clue.” Kara said looking across the table at Christa. It was Sunday afternoon and had met at a popular Mexican restaurant to begin plans for Jamia’s baby shower.
` Christa smiled, “Well, I helped organize a wedding shower for a friend once.”
This was all Kara needed to hear. “Great, you’re in charge.”
“You don’t sound too enthusiastic.”
Kara shrugged, “I’m glad I got asked to plan Jamia’s baby shower but at that time I pretty much figured Alicia was gonna do most of it. But now with her latest development she flat out told me she doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.”
Christa was shocked, “What?”
“I guess she’s still pretty worried about her pregnancy. When I called her she said that you and I should handle the whole thing.”
“I sort of understand. My friend who was pregnant was really superstitions. She didn’t tell anyone she was even pregnant until after her first trimester. She thought something bad would happen if she did.”
“Yeah, I think that’s what’s going on with Alicia. I don’t think she really wanted any of us to know she was pregnant yet but because of Mikey leaving the tour early the new got out.”
Christa looked down at the blank page in front of her. “I hope everything turns out okay for them. She and Mikey will be wonderful parents.” She picked up her pen. “Okay, Jamia gave me a list of relatives and friends she wants invited.”
“How may people?”
Christa pulled out the list from her purse. Before she could answer the waitress came to take their order. Both women opted for tacos.
“Okay, back to business. There are approx thirty people on the list.”
Kara nodded, “Where are we having this?”
Christa smiled. “Actually I was hoping I could have it at my house.”
“House? You mean you and Ray got the house?”
“The real estate agent called this morning. Our offer was accepted. So since the shower isn’t until the end of the month we should be moved in by then.”
“Hey, that’s great. I think having it at your place sounds perfect. Jamia’s apartment would be too crowded. I’m sure Mom wouldn’t mind having it but..”
Christa wondered why she seemed to dislike the idea of Monica having the shower. “Kara, are you having problems with your mom?”
Kara picked up her water and took a sip. “No, I’ve got no problem with Mom. Not really.”
Tapping her pin on the paper Christa studied the younger woman. “Anything you want to talk about? I’m a good listener.”
Kara looked at her a moment then spoke. “I just wish I was out of school and out of Gerard’s house. When Bob leaves for Europe I have to move back there.”
“You don’t like the house?”
Kara twirled the straw in her glass. “It’s not the house. Although my room is horrible.”
“Oh, the pink room.” Christa said smiling.
“Yeah, the pink room.”
“Okay, if I’m out of line tell me but I’m sensing they way you said Gerard’s house the problem is with him.”
“Yeah, the problem is with him.” Kara confirmed. She looked across the restaurant trying to decide if she should admit to Christa how she really felt. It was getting harder and harder to keep her feeling inside and having someone to talk to might help.
“You don’t like Gerard?” Christa asked softly.
Kara looked her in the eye, “Will what I say stay just between us?”
“Yes, I promise.” Christa set down the pen and waited.
“I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt Mom. I don’t know how much you’ve heard about our past.”
Christa broke in. “I know some of it. Ray told me only after he asked your mom if it was okay.”
“Yeah, well so Mom’s had a rough life. When we moved here she was determined to start over but she met Gerard and I don’t know. This whole thing with Liv bothers me. If he went back to her mom would be crushed.”
“Why would you think he would go back to Liv?”
“Cause he’s a dumb ass.” Kara blurted out. She shook her head, “I don’t really mean that. He’s not a bad guy but sometimes I don’t think he’s really over Liv and now it seems she wants him back. I mean her showing up like that yesterday. Shit, then of course my saintly mother bringing her back stage. I just don’t understand her sometimes.”
“Oh” Christa sat back and thought a moment. “Kara, you still haven’t gotten over what happened when the guys were in Europe with Eliza and her sister have you?”
That whole incident was something Kara wanted to put completely out of her mind. She hated remembering that it had caused her to doubt Bob. “That’s not important.”
“But in a way it kinda is. You blame Gerard for what happened.”
“Well why shouldn’t I? He is the one who was running all over Europe with Eliza. Bob got caught up in it because of him. Christa, you have no idea how much that hurt my Mom.”
“But she and Gerard worked it out. They got through it.” Christa reminded her.
“Sure, they did cause Mom forgave him. Mom always forgives him.”
Christa didn’t know what to say. “ I understand how you feel. You love your mom and don’t want to see her get hurt. But you have to understand that she loves Gerard and I really believe he loves her. They have to live their own lives and you have to live yours.”
“Yeah, and that’s what I want to do. I just want to finish school and be with my husband.”
They both sat quietly for a few minutes. “Have you told your mom how you feel?” Christa asked.
“Won’t do any good. Mom’s a pretender. She did it with my Dad and she does it with Gerard. She’ll just say things are fine. She makes herself believe it.” She looked down. “I guess it’s selfish of me but I just know she’s gonna get hurt and I don’t want to be around to see it happen.”
Their food arrived and Kara quickly changed the subject back to the shower. An hour later the plans for a Skelanimal themed baby shower were well underway.

Monica snuck up and grabbed Gerard from behind. “Boo.” She whispered in his ear.
He sat down the book he’d been reading. “Shit woman. You scared me. It’s not nice to sneak up on a guy reading a horror book.”
Monica rounded the sofa and sat down next to him. “So I guess the rains not gonna let up.” Lightening flashed punctuating her words.
Gerard looked towards the window. “No, I don’t think so and I really wanted to get those shingles on the gazebo today.”
“Unfortunately the weatherman says it gonna rain for the next few days.” She snuggled in closer as he put his arm around her.
“Guess I won’t get it done before I leave.” He thought a minute. “Where are the girls?” Monica had picked them at Donna’s earlier.
“Up in Kelly’s room. Elle decided they needed to have a tea party.”
The doorbell rang. “Wonder if that’s Liv.” Monica said standing up.
“Think she’d walk from the bus station in this rain?’ Gerard said standing as well.
Monica shrugged and went to answer the door. Bert greeted her. “Hey, Monica.” She heard Gerard mutter behind her.
“Hey, Bert. Come on in.”
He walked in but stopped just inside the door. “Don’t want to get your floors all wet.” He explained.
“Don’t worry about it.” Monica told him. “Take off your wet jacket and I’ll run it through the dryer for you.”
He smiled, “It’s okay. I only stopped by for a minute. I just wanted to tell you goodbye. I’m heading out to California in the morning. We’re gonna do a few shows out there.” He looked over at Gerard. “Still pissed?”
Monica turned around and glared at Gerard. He ignored her look and spoke to Bert. “Just stay out of my business, okay?”
Bert shook his head, “Yeah well problem with that it I can’t. I care about Monica who’s one of the best fucking friends I’ve ever had. I don’t want anything to hurt her.”
Monica looked at both men. “Bert, thank you for saying that. I think of you the same way.”
Gerard snorted, “So I guess then what you’re saying Bert is that it’s your duty to make sure I don’t hurt her.”
Bert didn’t back down, “Yeah, that is what I’m saying.”
Monica tried to defuse the situation. “Bert, things are fine. Thank you for worrying about me but you don’t need to, okay?”
“Bertie” Elle clamored down the stairs. She reached the bottom and ran towards him.
“Hey ya, Elle.” He squatted down to her level “How are you today?”
“Mes dood. Yous takes mes ome?”
Bert looked up at Monica for a translation. “She thinks you are here to take her home.”
“Oh” Bert said. He looked at Monica, “I could take her home. It’s really pouring out there. I mean it would be better than Liv coming by bus and having to walk in this.”
“Or we could take her home if we knew where Liv was.” Gerard said angrily.
Bert shot him an equally angry look, “You don’t need to know where she’s living.”
Monica moved to stand in front of Gerard. This situation was getting out of hand. “I’ll call Liv and she if she wants you to take Elle home.” She said to Bert.
Gerard shook his head and walked away. Monica got out her cell and called. Liv was hesitant at first but reluctantly agreed to let Bert drive Elle home. Monica told Elle to grab her stuff. When she had gone upstairs Monica turned to Bert.
“She sounds bad. Any idea what’s wrong with her?”
“She had a rough night partying.” He said frowning.
“You mean after the concert?”
Bert stared at her, “What do you mean after the concert?”
“She was at Bamboozle last night.”
“Fuck.” Bert shook his head, “She fucking lied to me.”
Monica was confused, “I don’t understand. She lied to you about what?”
Bert took out his cigarettes and lit one. “She promised not to go to the fucking concert. When I saw her late last night she told me she hadn’t gone.”
Monica sighed, “Bert, you made her promise not to go?”
“I can’t stand by and let her fuck up what you and Gerard have.” He said hoping Monica would understand his motives.
She looked at him a moment then spoke, “Thank you for trying to help the situation but it won’t work.” She blinked back tears.
Bert moved closer to her. “Monica?”
“It has to be his decision, Bert. He has to decide to be with me and not her. No one can decide that for him.”
“Really, it’s true and you know that.” She wiped her eyes as Elle came back down the stairs. Putting on a fake smile she said to Elle. “All ready to go? Go find Gee and tell him goodbye.”
Elle ran off towards the kitchen in hopes of finding Gerard.
“Monica, I was just tying to help.”
Monica impulsively hugged him. “I know Bert. I know.”
Gerard and Elle walked back into the hall. Quickly Monica moved out of Bert’s arms. The look of anger on Gerard’s face was undeniable.

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