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Monica and Gee return home after Bamboozle

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Gerard and Monica took a quick shower together then crawled into bed.
"I still don't think it was right you wouldn't let me touch you." Gerard complained.
Monica smiled, "Patience."
He stroked her arm, "Not feeling patient."
She reached under the cover, "No you aren’t feeling patient." Her fingers briefly touched him and he smiled. "Be right back."
"What? Where are you going?" He watched as she slipped out of bed and moved towards the dresser. His eyes followed her nude body hungrily. She pulled something out of a drawer then returned to the bed.
"What are you up to woman?"
"I promised you a massage. I just went to get the massage oil."
His eyebrows raised, "Oh, massage oil."
"Yep, now roll over."
He frowned, "That might not be easy."
"Gerard" Monica said giggling, "If you don't roll over, you don't get a massage."
"Give me a minute." He grumbled.
Monica sat back and waited while he rolled over and adjusted his body to a comfortable position."
"Shouldn't be running around nude then expect me to roll over."
"Stop grumbling." She pulled down the blankets to expose his whole body. "Now then, I'm gonna start with your legs."
He put his arms up under his pillow. "Massage away."
Monica opened the bottle of oil and applied just a small amount.
"That's cold." He said as it touched his skin.
"Only for a moment." She began to rub the oil into his calves. "Better."
"Shit, it gets hot. That's feels fucking good."
"Well I do want you to feel fucking hot." Monica said teasingly.
"You make me feel fucking hot." He said in that sexy tone.
"Quiet." Monica said moving up his legs slowly letting her fingers massage his muscles. The only sound was Gerard's occasional sign of pleasure.
Monica straddled his body. "We'll start with the shoulders and back of your neck, then I'll work my way down your spine."
"Sure this is supposed to be relaxing me?"
"Quiet." she whispered.
"Just wondering where this knowledge came from."
"Been reading." She answered distractedly.
He wondered just what she had been reading. The feel of her bare body brushing his was not a normal massage. At least he didn't think so.
As soon as her hand touched his shoulders he closed his eyes. Her fingers kneaded his bunched up muscles.
"Oh my, you are tense." She dug her thumb into a knot. "You definitely need this massage."
Monica worked the muscles on either side of his spine, down to his waist. Her fingers glided over the oil. The warmth of the oil was truly starting to relax him. "Shit, that feels great."
"Good." She answered as her fingers moved lower down his spine, across his buttock to the tops of his legs. She did the same movement again. Every time her fingers massage the warm oil into his buttocks he became less relaxed.
"How's that feel?" Monica asked.
"Not so relaxing now." He answered with a catch in his voice.
"Honey, you're massaging my butt and now you've stopped and are sitting on me. I can feel you."
"Oh" Monica said. "Sorry."
"Sorry? Fuck, don't be sorry. I’m not."
"But I was trying to relax your tired muscles."
He laughed, "You did. However, I've got one muscle that ain't so relaxed now."
"Oh, really. Maybe I could work on that one for you."
Gerard moaned, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."
Monica moved off of him and he rolled over. She giggled, "I can see where I need to work my magic."
"Fuck, yeah. Work your magic." He said roughly.
Monica took her hands, still wet with oil, and grasped his penis. He closed his eyes and muttered, "Fuck"
Slowly she used both hands to stroke him starting at the base and ending at his silky tip. He was rock hard. Suddenly she stopped and reached up to grab both of his hands. He opened his eyes and gave her a surprised look when she lowered his hands to his erection. She slid his fingers around his penis keeping her own fingers entwined with his. Moving with deliberate slowness she moved their fingers up and down. He moaned.
"I want you to know how hard you feel under my fingers." She was breathless watching his hands caress himself.
"Fuck" he said closing his eyes.
Monica nodded, "Yeah, fuck."
She moved one of his fingers over the tip. "This is making me fucking hot watching you touch yourself." She whispered.
"You should return the favor.” he said slowly, his breath coming quicker.
Monica looked up to see his now open eyes filled with passion, "You want to watch me touch myself?"
"Yeah, Baby. I do."
Heat coursed through her, "Only if you keep doing, what you're doing. I want to watch."
He nodded not trusting his voice.
Monica moved slightly and sat back. He rolled his head on the pillow so he could better enjoy the view. Her eyes still followed his one hand that continued to stroke himself. She sat back and took a deep breath. Slowly she lowered her hand and touched herself. Gerard murmured words of encouragement to her.
"Touch yourself. Let me see how it makes you feel. Are you hot?"
Monica moaned, "Yeah, I'm hot and wet."
"I need to feel for myself." he stopped caressing himself and rolled over on his side. He reached his hand over. "Don't stop touching yourself."
Her breathing was heavy as she continued to touch her hardened nub. His fingers slowly found her heat. "Oh" she said as he found her opening and slowly inserted a finger into her slick, wet warmness.
"You're so fucking hot and wet." His own breathing was getting heaver.
"That feels so good." She closed her eyes a moment.
He fought the urge to take her. He wanted inside her now. "Monica, talk to me. Tell me what you're feeling."
"Oh hell. I feel your finger inside me. I feel heat, I feel...." She couldn't go on.
He removed his finger and watched her open her eyes. He laid back his erection still at full mast. "Come here."
She got up on her knees and waited while he positioned their pillows behind his back.
She moved towards him waiting for direction. As soon as she was within arms length he grabbed her wrists and urged her to sit astride him. He didn't guide himself inside her like she had been expecting. He leaned foreword and cupped her face in his hands. His tongue parted her lips.
His hands moved to her shoulders then down to her breasts. His thumbs caressed her nipples. She reached out to touch him again but her shook his head. "No"
"But you're touching me."
"Yeah, but you're not ready to explode. You touch me and I'm gonna fucking cum."
His words made the heat in her body explode. She positioned herself and slid onto him. He cried out, as did she. Monica remained motionless a moment savoring the feel of him. He felt so good, so right.
"Monica" he said her name lovingly. "I love you."
Tears formed in her eyes, "You own my heart, Gee,” she whispered as she slowly began to move. "Forever."

Liv waited until his breathing told her he had passed out then crawled out of bed. She cringed at the pain. He had used her and used her badly. Although her body ached her mind was numb. She fumbled in the semidarkness looking for her clothes. Finding them in a heap she quickly dress then slipped out of the apartment.
The darkness should have frightened her. The neighborhood was bad in the daytime at night it was worse. It didn't matter to her. She just wanted to get home and shower. She wanted to scrub his scent from her skin. Several times was she walked home she was stopped. Once by a woman asking for money and once by a drunk who made lurid comments then stumbled off into the night.
Finally she reached her door and with shaky hands inserted the key.
"You fucking lied to me."
Liv closed her eyes. "I was out on a date."
Bert pushed off the wall and moved towards her. In the dim light he could see the bruises on her neck. "Yeah, I can see that." he smirked, "Guess I was wrong. I figured you'd gone to see Gerard even after the deal we made."
"Leave me the fuck alone." Liv pulled out her key and pushed open the door.
"Just remember, Livie. Stay away from him. Don't screw up his life again."
"I won't." She whispered.
"No, I don't think you will. I don't think you are so coldhearted you want to loose your little girl."
"Don't talk about her." Liv shot back angrily.
"You straighten up and stop causing trouble and you won't. Mess up and I'll make sure the little incident with the drug dealer reaches the right ears."
"Don't tell Gee." She said desperately.
Bert knew it was too late. He'd told his friend not that he had seemed to care much. Still he felt a pang of guilt. She looked so fragile, so scared. "Don't worry." He said softly.
Liv looked into his eyes, "You're wrong about me." She whispered then closed the door.
He stood there wondering what she had meant.
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