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Years Ago - JAN 29

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The concert and the special guest

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"Hey where did you keep disappearing to?" Gerard asked when Monica finally returned to the bus. The interview was over and the last of the technicians were just leaving.
"Well first time I left Elle was having a crisis."
"What's wrong? Is she okay?"
Monica smiled, "She's fine. She broke her glasses on one of the rides and was crying. You mom and dad brought her to me to help calm her down. I told her we would buy her another pair just like them."
Gerard smiled, "Poor kid. So what else happened?"
"Kara called and I had to go talk to her."
Gerard noticed her tone sounded strange, "What about?"
"Just personal stuff. Every once in a while she actually likes to talk to her mom."
"Oh" Gerard took her hand, "So wanna go meet some more people? Watch some bands perform?"
"Yeah, I do." Monica said with a smile. "Lead the way."

Later in the afternoon Don and Donna showed up to the bus with a very tired Elle. She and Don both took naps. Everyone else continued to spend the afternoon watching other band perform. Monica was overwhelmed meeting so many people. Gerard took her from bus to bus introducing her to his friends. More than once they had stories to share with Monica about pervious tours. Monica was slowly starting to relax. By evening she decided this had been one of the best days she and Gerard had ever spent together.
When it got close to show time the band went ahead while Monica and Christa waited by the bus for Luke and Kelly. Everyone else had already gathered together waiting for the side of the stage to clear.
"They should be here any moment." Monica said to Christa. "It's okay if you want to go ahead. You don't have to wait with me."
Christa laughed, "Honestly I’d rather wait here. You gotta remember I just came off tour with the guys. I really don't mind missing the techs getting everything ready on stage."
"I just hope they get here soon." Monica said scanning the crowd. She smiled when she spotted the young couple walking hand in hand towards them.
"Sorry we're late." Kelly grinned. “Luke was trying to win me a stuffed dog at the fair.”
"No problem." Monica said. The group started for the stage when Monica stopped. "You all go ahead, I'll be right there."
"We can wait." Kelly said looking over at her mom.
"I'll just be a minute. Besides Bug's anxious to see you and Luke."
Christa wondered why Monica seemed to be watching the crowd. "Want me to wait for you?"
Monica was already moving away from the group. "No, go on."

"Where's you Mom?" Gerard asked Kelly. The band would be going on in a few minutes and everyone else was ready to take their places on the side stage.
"She said she'd be right here." Kelly answered.
"Thanks again man for letting Kelly bring me today." Luke said to Gerard.
"Sure no problem." He answered obviously distracted. His eyes were scanning the groups of people in the backstage area looking for Monica.
"Hey, were on in five." Ray announced walking up to him. Luke and Kelly went to stand by Elle who was holding on to Don’s hand.
"Okay" Gerard answered still looking for Monica. More and more people were appearing. He started to worry. Where could she be?
"Fuck" Ray said suddenly. Gerard glanced over at him, then followed his line of sight. Monica was walking around a group of people towards them. At her side was Liv. "I thought she wasn’t coming." Ray's angry tone carried over to Mikey and Alicia standing a short distance away.
"Gerard, why is she here?" Alicia asked as they moved closer.
"I don't know." Gerard answered watching the two women.
"Fucking great." Ray spat.
Monica and Liv were both close enough to hear the comment. Liv stopped in her tracks. Monica reached over, took her arm and propelled her foreword.
Ray was about to say something else when Elle came running up. "Mommy." she screamed happily. Liv scooped her up into her arms.
"Liv." Gerard nodded. "Didn't think you were gonna come."
Liv met his gaze, "I wasn't planning on it but a friend called me at the last minute and talked me into it."
"Hey, you guys ready?" Bob called out.
Gerard nodded to Liv then took Monica's arm and led her a short distance away. "What's going on?" He whispered.
"I don't know. I spotted her in the crowd. She was alone."
"So you brought her backstage?"
Monica nodded, "You did invite her and she looked sorta lost out there by herself."
Gerard pulled her close, "I love you." He whispered.
"Love you too." Monica whispered back. "Now go put on a show. Just remember your daughters are here." She teased.
As the band took the stage Monica moved to stand by Liv who was still holding Elle. She was standing off away from the others. Alicia shot her a WTF look.
The band took the stage and the roar was deafening. The home state welcomed the boys in a way that was truly a sight to see. Monica watched Gerard and remembered how much she had missed this excitement. Seeing him own the crowd was incredible. Liv had set Elle on her feet. The little girl was watching with a look of amazement while covering her ears. After the first few songs Donna walked over and bent down to Elle. She whispered something in her ear and Elle nodded. Donna stood and yelled to Monica so she could hear over the music that she was going to take Elle back to the bus. Even with her nap the day had been too long and tiring for her and the music was too loud. Elle kissed her mom then Monica. Donna took her hand and led her away. Monica glanced over a Liv. Her eyes were trained on Gerard; a look of sadness covered her face. When Gerard began to sing "I Don't Love You." she suddenly turned to Monica.
"Thank you." She said as she leaned over to yell in her ear. Monica saw the tears in her eyes. She turned and ran off the side stage. Monica watched her disappear then turned back to the stage to see Gerard looking in her direction.
During the break between Black Parade and Revenge Gerard had a moment to speak to Monica. "Where did Elle and Liv go?”
"You're Mom took Elle to the bus. It was a little too loud for her. Liv left."
Gerard's face looked blank. He quickly kissed Monica then ran back out on stage. The concert continued.

"Hey, were the fuck did you go?"
Liv just shrugged. She hated Troy and just wanted to go home but she knew she owed him for bring her to the concert. What she had promised him in return was a debt she knew she would have to make good on,
"You ready to take off? I hate this fucking group." He nodded his head in the direction of the stage.
Liv took one final look back at the stage. He was singing "Cemetery Drive." Pain shot through her as the words washed over the crowd. She had hurt him so much in the past so she accepted the pain knowing it was deserved. Troy took her arm and led her away. For years he had wanted her. When she had called him this morning begging him to take her to Bamboozle he couldn't believe his luck. Yeah, he'd done what she'd asked and now it was time for her to make good on her promise. When they finally got back to the car he grabbed her roughly and pulled her to him. His lips crashed down on hers. Liv closed her eyes and made her mind go blank. Her ears however still rang with the sound of Gerard's voice.

"Tired?" Monica asked as she and Gerard drove home. His parents had offered to take Luke home. Kelly and Elle were going to spend the night with them since they had left much earlier than the band members.
"Fuck yeah." He truly sounded drained.
"It was an awesome concert." Monica said softly.
He reached over and grabbed her hand. "Thanks for bringing Liv backstage. That was a fucking classy thing to do."
"Not sure our friends think so. I’m pretty sure Alicia called me a dumb ass.”
"They shouldn’t have been surprised. That’s the kind of person you are. It shows how much you believe in us. Liv doesn’t threaten what we have.”
Monica leaned her head back. She wanted to scream that she wasn’t that understanding. She wanted to tell him how much it hurt to have Liv there. She finally did admit,” I just wanted to pretend I didn’t see her.”
"But you couldn’t.”
"She just looked so lost standing there all alone.”
Gerard concentrated on his driving for several minutes. Finally he asked. “Why did she take off so quickly?”
Monica knew the answer. She had seen it on Liv’s face. Liv still loved him so much it hurt. “I don’t know. “ The lie hung in the air between them.
"Monica I love you so fucking much.”
"I love you too.” She wanted to explain all her feelings to him but not now. He would be leaving soon. The time they had before he left on tour was too precious.
As they neared their house she sat up straighter in her seat. “So I was thinking that maybe you’d like a massage when we get home.”
He was surprised by the abrupt change in the conversation. “A massage?”
“Yeah, to help you unwind.”
“Sounds good to me. Actually that sounds fucking wonderful. I must be getting old cause my body aches after a show.” He was relieved she was handling the whole incident with Liv so well.
Monica smiled, “I’ll just have to see what I can do about that. I mean I don’t want you to ache.”
He heard the seductive tone of her voice. “But I do ache.” He squeezed her hand, “I ache for you.”
In the same seductive tone she answered, “I’ll have to take care of that too.” It was in that moment that is buried her true feelings. It was what is had learned to do years ago.
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