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At Bamboozle

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As they walked back towards the My Chem bus Gerard squeezed Monica’s hand. “So the lead singer of The Bled, what’s his name?”
Monica looked over at him, “I thought there wasn’t gonna be a test on names.”
He laughed, “Man, this is great. I’ve missed so many of my friends. As soon as I get this interview taped I’ve got so many more people I want you to meet.”
Monica smiled, “I really like Haley.”
“Yeah, she’s great.” He said as the neared the bus, “We first met at Warped.”
“So, think people wonder about me?”
He looked over and gave her a puzzled look, “What do you mean?”
“Gee, you and I are sorta a strange couple. I don’t look Rock and Roll. I’ve got a married daughter. I’m not exactly a rock star girlfriend.”
He hated that she felt this way, “Monica, they look at you and see a beautiful woman. Everyone does, except you.”
She frowned, “Whatever.”
Gerard stopped dead in his tracks. “I don’t understand. Why do you always feel like you don’t belong?”
“I didn’t say that. It’s just sometimes I guess I …” she paused. “I can’t explain.
Gerard took her hand and led her to a quiet spot between the busses. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. When they broke apart her touched her cheek gently. “Baby, you and I are just so right. That’s all you need know. I’ve met lots of women and none of them compare to you. Monica, you are one of a kind.”
Monica blinked back tears, ‘Maybe part of the problem is in the back of my mind I keep thinking about you leaving again. I’m trying not to think about it but I don’t want you to go.”
“I know. I wish things were different. I wish you could go with me. Just think though, when I get back I’ll have most of July to be home. I was thinking that maybe we could go on a short trip together. Like a little vacation. Anywhere you want to go is good with me.”
She smiled, “That would be nice. I’m sorry Gee. I don’t mean to complain.”
“Honey, I don’t mind you saying your gonna miss me. Hell, it would worry be if you didn’t.” He gave her another kiss before taking her hand and leading her to the bus.
The crew had already set up the equipment and Steven was waiting.
“Hey, man.” Gerard said to him as he and Monica arrived on the bus. “How’s it going?”
“Gerard, good to see you.” Steven looked over a Monica.
“This is Monica, my fiancée.”
Monica shook Steven’s hand. “Hey.”
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Monica. Nice to meet you.” He turned to Gerard, “You ready?”
They took their seats on one of the sofas. Monica stood with a group of people off to the side.
“Okay everyone ready?” The director asked.
He gave Steven the sign to begin….

“Hey everybody its Steven here on the Untitled at Bamboozle 2007 and were gonna be hanging out for the entire hour with this guy.”
The camera panned to Gerard who smiled and waved.
“Just some guy we found were gonna talk to him right now at the Bamboozle.”
Monica enjoyed watching how the filming was actually done. The director marked a break then gave them the signal to begin again.
Steven spoke, “All right we are on the bus of My Chemical Romance at the Bamboozle 2007 with our good friend Gerard Way.” Steven turned slightly and the camera moved to capture both of them. “Hey man.”
Gerard smiled, “Hi”
“It’s been awhile.”
Nodding Gerard agreed, “It has been a long time.” He looked up to see Frank standing in the doorway of the bus. “Hey man, come on.” He motioned to Frank who slipped over and was handed a mike. “We just started.”
“Good to see, you.” Steven said to Frank.
“You are headlining in the home state of New Jersey that must be pretty cool.” Steven said.
Gerard and Frank both nodded and expressed how awesome it felt.
“It’s like 40,000 people here today so…” Gerard said excitedly.
“It’s insane here.” Steven agreed.
Frank spoke up, “I like how they’ve mesh the Meadowland’s Fair and the show together. Cause I’ve never been to a Meadowland’s Fair. So this is my first fair and first show at the Meadowlands parking lot.”
Steven laughed, “It’s a Rockcarnie.”
Both Frank and Gerard laughed and agreed.
Another break was called and Gerard looked over at Monica and smiled. She grinned back and gave him the thumbs up.
They stated tape again.
Steven asked, “Now when you perform for the Bamboozle are you gonna be performing as My Chem or as the Black Parade?”
Gerard looked over at Frank who nodded to him. “Well tonight I think we actually worked that out. So we’re gonna do Black Parade straight through and that means for us playing as the Black Parade and then doing a switch and play some Revenge material.”
“That’s so wonderful. Now you’ve been playing the Black Parade in its entirety on this tour.” Steven said.
Frank and Gerard nodded.
“That’s so incredible.”
Frank agreed, “It’s been really fun like it doesn’t, I mean I don’t know maybe cause we wrote it but it doesn’t feel dull at all. There’s not like a section when you feel like I wish I could just fast foreword this part.”
Gerard laughed and nodded in agreement.
Frank continued, “I don’t know the kids are singing along so that’s good, right?”
“It’s got like peaks and valleys and everything all through the set just like the record was designed to have so when you play that live you really shouldn’t have to play it in a different track order. So that’s what’s kinda awesome about it. We play it straight through.
Steven nodded, “I think that’s perfect. Who does the Liza Minnelli parts?
Gerard grinned, “I do it. Actually because I was doing the part and then towards the end we were like no really we should just go and get Liza.”
Monica’s cell vibrated in her pocket. She took it out while still trying to listen to the interview. There was a text from Donna. Elle needed her. She hated to miss the interview but sighed and quietly snuck off the bus.

Don, Donna and Elle were standing by a short distance from the bus. Monica hurried to them when she saw Elle crying. Monica reached them and scooped Elle up into her arms. “What’s wrong baby?”
“Mes gasses.” She sobbed.
“Her glasses fell off on one of the rides and broke.” Don explained patting Elle on the back while Monica still held her.
“It’s okay, Baby. It’s not your fault. We’ll get you a new pair.” Monica tried to soothe her.
“Mes wuvs mes gasses.” Elle cried.
“I know but the new ones we get you will be just like the old ones.”
Elle hiccupped.
Monica tried to change the subject, “So are you having fun?”
Elle nodded. Her tears were slowing down.
Donna spoke, “We still have so many more things to do, don’t we Elle?’
Elle nodded then hugged Monica’s neck tightly. “Mes luvs ewe.” She whispered.
Monica’s hugged her tightly. “I love you too, Baby. Now dry those eyes and don’t worry. You go have some more fun, okay?” She sat Elle back down on her feet.
“Sorry if we bothered you.” Donna said to Monica. “But she was so upset and wanted to talk to you.”
“I’m glad you sent me the text. Later this afternoon I was thinking when you all need a break, Elle can lay down on the bus. Maybe catch a nap so she’s not tired tonight for the concert.”
“Hey, can I catch a nap too?” Don asked as he took Elle’s hand.
“Sure you can.” Monica leaned down to give Elle another quick kiss. “Have fun. I’ll see you later.” She watched as they walked off. Turning quickly she made her way back to the bus hoping she hadn’t missed the entire interview. She silently walked back in just as Steven was explaining about fan letters and how they liked to read a few during each interview. Frank and Gerard both nodded in agreement.
Steven looked at the first question, “Rachel wants to know if Gerard sleeps naked?”
Gerard said no but Frank popped in with “Yes he does.”
“No” Gerard said giving him a strange look.
“You did when you slept with me.” Frank said giving Gerard his best innocent look. He turned to Steven, “He told me it had to be that way.”
Laughter erupted on the bus. Monica shook her head at Frank and smiled.
Gerard grinned at Frank the spoke to Steven, “I don’t sleep naked. I’m a pajama pants kinda guy and they have to match. I like the bottoms and tee shirt combo.”
Monica was shocked when Steven turned to look at her and mouthed, “Is that true?”
She giggled and nodded. “Yeah Star Wars” she said quietly.
Steven laughed then turned back to Gerard. Frank giggled insanely.
Monica felt her phone vibrate again. Yet another text. This time from Kara. She read it then once again had to leave the bus.
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