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Bert drops off Elle and tells Gerard that Liv won't be at Bamboozle.

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Monica rolled over and opened her eyes. The clock on the bedside table read 8:45. She closed her eyes and smiled. Memories of her date last night with Gerard filled her mind. They had gone out to eat at a restaurant that they had never been to before and the food had been excellent. That however wasn’t what made her smile. They had sat holding hands and talking about their future together as husband and wife. The evening had passed without one cross word or hurt feeling.
“Gotta get up.” Monica muttered to herself. She rolled out of bed and dressed quickly. Bert would be bringing Elle by soon and she wanted to see him. She also wanted to make sure he and Gerard didn’t exchange words that could jeopardize their friendship.
She ran a brush through her hair then headed downstairs.

Gerard answered the doorbell with a cup of coffee in his hand. “Hey” he said to Bert as he pushed open the screen door.
Bert nodded.
“Dadgee.” Elle said happily bursting through the door. “Mes ready. Youse gonna sing.”
He laughed, “Hey Bug. Yeah I’m gonna sing.” He made a mental note to tone down some of his comments on stage tonight. Having his daughters backstage was uncharted territory for him.
Bert handed him Elle’s bag. “Liv sent a change of clothes for her.”
“She’s not coming?” Gerard asked as he sat the bag down on the hall table.
“No.” was the only answer Bert offered.
Gerard spoke to Elle, “Frank is in the kitchen with Kell having breakfast. Why don’t you go see them?”
Elle nodded and skipped off towards the kitchen. As soon as she was out of hearing Gerard turned to Bert. “What the fuck did you do?”
Bert smirked, “Me?”
“Yeah, you. What did you say to Liv to make her change her mind?”
Bert took out his cigarettes and lit one before answering, “Why do you think I did anything? Maybe she just changed her mind.”
Gerard sat his cup of coffee down on the table before answering, “She was planning on coming to see us play. Now she’s not. I know you have something to do with it. Why were you with her when Monica called?”
“Cause I had just saved her ass from a drug dealer who wanted his money.”
Gerard was shocked, “What the fuck are you saying? She drugging again?”
Bert looked around for an ashtray. He spotted one on the table and used it. “Well can’t see how she’d owe money to a drug dealer if she wasn’t using.”
“Fuck” Gerard muttered, “I really thought she’d changed.”
“Yeah, well I told you the other day she’s the same old Liv.”
Gerard was still trying to understand, “So how did you know she owed money?’
“The guy found her with Elle at the park. You’d know him. I don’t remember what the fuckers name is but you and Liv used to get your shit from him.”
Gerard didn’t want to remember that part of his life, “Why were you there?”
Bert took a deep drag then exhaled, “I was looking for her. Wanted to talk to her. He was threatening her. I had her get Elle in the car then I paid the fucker off.”
“Why did you want to talk to her?”
Bert shook his head, “Fuck Gerard, I just told you your kid was with her mom who owed money to a drug dealer and all you care about is why I wanted to talk to her. Man, you are so fucking stupid.” He snuffed out his cigarette angrily.
“Get out of my house.” Gerard said his temper snapping.
Bert looked up to see Monica standing on the steps. He gave her a sad smile then turned to leave. “Since the plans changed Liv figured it would be best if Elle stayed with you tonight. She’ll pick her up tomorrow.”
Monica walked down the rest of the step. “Tell her that’s fine.”
He started out the door when Monica put her hand on his arm. “Bert”
He turned to her. Monica reached up and hugged him. “Thanks for bringing Elle.”
“Yeah.” He said giving her a tight squeeze. Monica watched him walk down the steps then closed the door. She turned to Gerard.
“He’s right you know.”
Gerard still hadn’t let go of his anger. “What?” He snapped.
“Only thing you care about is why she’s not coming to see you.”
“That’s not the only fucking thing I care about.” He snapped.
Monica brushed past him but he took several steps and grabbed her arm. He spun her around. “No, stop this. I don’t want us to fight.”
She looked down at his hand that was still gripping her arm. “Let go, Gee.” Her tone was firm. He released her arm. “I’m not fighting with you. I just stated a fact.” She walked away before he could reply.

First they picked up Luke then drove to Don and Donna’s. Once Elle was entrusted to his parent’s care Gerard drove towards the Meadowlands. Monica sat looking out the window, her hands folded in her lap. Gerard knew the posture, she was angry.
In the backseat Kelly and Luke excitedly made plans for the day. They arrived and parked next to the bands bus. Gerard handed Luke money before he and Kelly took off for the fair. At first Luke had refused to take the money. Gerard had insisted telling them both to have fun and to be careful. Monica had spotted Alicia and was standing by the bus talking to her.
“So Liv’s not coming?” Alicia asked after Monica explained that Bert had brought Elle to their house earlier.
“Bert told Gerard she wasn’t.” Monica said with a sign.
“Good” Alicia said looking over to her husband and his brother. “So what’s up with you and Gee?” She had noticed they hadn’t spoken to each other since they’d arrived.
“Same old shit” Monica replied. She knew Alicia was about to ask another question so she nodded to Gerard who was walking towards them. They both fell silent.
“They are setting up the equipment in the bus.” He told them. “Mikey doesn’t want to be part of the interview. Bob and Kara still aren’t here and Ray just called saying he’s tired up. Something about a house.”
“He and Christa put an offer in on a house.” Alicia explained. “I talked to her last night. They’re pretty excited about it.”
Gerard nodded. “Frank’s supposedly on his way.”
“Hey catch up with you later.” Alicia said to Monica. She walked over to where Mikey stood talking to Brian.
“Gonna talk to me now?” Gerard asked quietly.
Monica shrugged, “Who said I’m not talking to you?”
“Fuck, you haven’t said two words to me since we left the house.”
“I’ve run out of words where Liv’s concerned.”
Gerard looked down at his feet. “Monica, please. I’m sorry. Can’t we just let it go? I’ve really been looking foreword to today. There are so many people I want you to meet. I wanna show off my fiancée but it’s not gonna be easy if she’s pissed at me.”
Monica really didn’t want to fight with him either. She looked into his eyes, “I don’t want to fight either. You’re leaving for Europe next week and I don’t want to waste our time fighting.”
He reached out and took her hands into his. “So we’re okay?”
No, Monica didn’t really think so but for now she let it go. “So who do you want me to meet?” she asked changing the subject.
Some of the tension Gerard felt lessened, “Friends from other bands. Come on we’re got about twenty minutes before I meet with Steven. I just saw Haley and some of the guy from Paramore go by. I want you to meet them.” He grabbed Monica’s hand and started walking in the direction he’d seen them.
“I’m never gonna remember everyone’s names.” Monica said already feeling overwhelmed. There was so much of Gerard’s life she wasn’t familiar with yet.
“Don’t worry. I won’t test you on names.” He teased hoping she’d smile. When she did he suddenly felt much better.

“I dropped her off and told them you wouldn’t be there.” Bert said when Liv opened the door.
Liv nodded but did not move to let him enter.
“I know you fucking hate me but it has to be this way.”
“Anything else?’ she asked with her hand on the door ready to close it in his face.
Bert shook his head, “No, Livie. Not a fucking thing.”
She started to close the door but he put out his hand and touched the door. “Look, if you need anything….”
“I don’t need a fucking thing, Bert. Not one fucking thing.”
He stepped back, “Yeah, I don’t suppose you do. Good bye, this time for good.”
She stared at him, “For good.” She swung the door closed.
Bert stood staring the door a moment before turning to walk down the hall. He was so angry it was hard to see straight. He wanted to shake her. Ask her why she was still fucking up her life with drugs. More that that he wanted to ask her why she couldn’t forget Gerard. He got into his car and sat staring out the windshield. Life was unfair. “I would take care of her.” He whispered. “I really would.”
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