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Gerard tells his mom about inviting Liv to Bamboozle.

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"Don and I are really looking foreword to tomorrow." Donna said looking over at her son. "You know this year the Meadowland Fair is going on a the same time. Do you think there would be any way your dad and I could take Elle? I think she would really have fun."
Monica looked over at Gerard. She knew that telling his mother he had already invited Liv and Elle to Bamboozle was going to be hard.
"Uh, I guess we could ask Liv if we could get Elle earlier in the day." He hedged.
Donna gave him a surprised look, "I didn't realize Elle was going to be at Bamboozle." She turned to Monica, "You're taking care of her?"
Monica looked down, "Actually no. Liv is going to bring her."
The silence in the room went on for several moments. Finally Donna spoke. "Liv is coming to Bamboozle?"
"I invited her." Gerard said.
Monica reached over and took his hand in her. He gave her a grateful smile.
The look Donna gave her son made him cringe as did her words. "You invited Liv and she accepted?"
"He's trying to establish a friendly relationship with the mother of his child." Monica said softly. Gerard squeezed her hand.
Donna shook her head, "I understand he has to deal with her but inviting her to see the band play? What about the guys? What did they say?"
"Mom I can invite anyone I want to see us play." Gerard said trying to keep the sudden anger he felt in check. His mom could make him feel like an unruly child.
Donna looked at Monica. "You're okay with this?"
Monica paused only a moment, "Yeah, I'm okay with it."
Gerard looked over at her wondering how much truth was in her words. Knowing that she supported him touched his heart. "Monica knows how much I love her. Inviting Liv to see us play means nothing."
"I hate the woman." Donna admitted. "I'm sorry but I can't lie."
"But you love Elle." Monica reminded her.
"Yeah, I love Elle." She sat back and thought a moment. "I'll be civil to Liv but that's all."
Gerard nodded.
"We can try to call her." Monica said. "She still has the cell phone we gave her. I'll see if we can get Elle earlier in the day so you and Don can take her to the carnival."
"Just let me know" Donna said the anger still apparent in her tone.

"I talked to Dad this morning and he told me that even though I'm grounded it's okay for me to ask you to Bamboozle." Kelly said happily as she pulled out a book from her locker.
Luke was surprised. "Really? Shit, that would be rad."
"Yeah, we get to be backstage. I've never really seen MCR in concert. I saw them play once at the Christmas Gala but that wasn’t like a real concert.”
"Man, I’ve been to several of their concerts. They're awesome."
Kelly closed the locker door. "I'm really looking foreword to tomorrow. Mom got to go on tour with the band back in January. She's told me all kinds of stories."
Luke touched her hand, "Thanks for asking me."
Kelly laughed, "Well why wouldn't I ask my boyfriend?"
"That sounds so fucking good when you say that." Luke said softly.
"It feels good to say it." Kelly replied. They walked down the hall together making plans for tomorrow.

Monica and Gerard were driving home from Donna's when Brian called. Gerard agreed to something then disconnected.
"I'm gonna tape an interview with Steven tomorrow for the Untitled Rock Show.”
Monica smiled, "I heard."
"Yeah, but it means we have to be there earlier in the day."
"I heard you telling Kelly it was okay to invite Luke. I'm sure they won't mind going earlier. I suppose they'll spend a lot of time at the carnival."
He glanced over at her, "I know she grounded and all and I should have asked you first if it was okay to let her ask him."
"It's okay, Gee. You’re her dad, you made the decision to let her be ungrounded for the day. To be honest I would have made the same decision. I like Luke. The other night at dinner I feel like I got to know him better."
"He's a good kid. Did you know he calls Kell, Sunshine?"
Monica smiled, "I heard him slip once at dinner and call her that. It's sweet."
Gerard took one hand off the steering wheel and reached over to her. He took her hand in his, "Thanks for what you said at Mom's. She was pretty pissed at me."
Monica laughed, "Is Gee afraid of his mommy?" She teased.
"Fuck, yeah. Mom's tough. I mean I understand completely why she hates Liv."
"Cause Liv hurt her little boy." Monica added.
"Yeah, I know. I just don't want any trouble between Mom and Liv. I don't want anything to jeopardize us seeing Elle."
"I agree. You should call Liv and ask her about getting Elle early tomorrow."
Gerard frowned, "Why don't you call her now?
Monica was about to tell him he could call himself but stopped herself. "I'll call when we get home."

"I wish I could go tomorrow." Jamia said with a sigh.
Frank looked over at her. They had gotten back to the apartment after visiting his mom and he had insisted that Jamia lay down on the sofa and rest. "I know. I wish you could too but you know how crazy it's gonna be."
"Yeah, I know. Besides why would you want the world to see your huge pregnant girlfriend?"
Frank moved to her side, "Jamia, you know that's not true. I'm proud of my fiancée who’s carrying my children. Why would you say something like that?"
Jamia leaned into his arms. "Cause I'm just tired of being pregnant. I want to hold my babies. I’m ready."
Frank laughed, "But they aren't. Hon, you still have almost two months to go."
"I know." She said sadly. "I'm just tired."
He carefully stood then lifted her feet up onto the sofa. "Nap. You'll feel better when you wake up." He planted a kiss on her lips.
"Love you Frankie." She said already sounding sleepy.
"Love you,” He answered with all his heart.

Monica walked across the yard to where Gerard stood just looking at the gazebo. "It's beautiful." She said putting her arm around his waist.
"Yeah, I have to admit I'm pretty fucking proud. Pretty much all I have to do is put the shingles on the roof."
"I called Liv."
"Oh, did she agree to let us have Elle earlier?"
Monica nodded, "She said she'd have Bert bring her by at nine."
"Bert? Why the hell would Bert bring her?"
"I don't know. He was with her when I called."
Gerard frowned, "What the fuck is going on? He was just bad mouthing her the other day and now they're together?"
"I don't understand it either. When he and I had dinner he didn't have anything good to say about her."
"Whatever." Gerard said sounding disgusted, "I don't care. Makes no fucking difference to me."
Monica knew that wasn't the truth but she let it go. "So, dinner tonight. Any requests?"
He shrugged, "Whatever."
His mood had definitely turned dark. "We could go out to eat. Just you and me. I haven't been on a date in a long time."
Gerard forced himself to smile, "Yeah, that sounds good. Really good." He pulled her to him hugging her tightly.

She was walking to her last class of the day when Kelly met up with Kara.
"You and Luke want a ride home?"
"Sure, thanks." Kelly answered.
"No problem. How goes things at home?" Kara asked. She had heard through Bob about Liv getting invited to Bamboozle. He and Ray had had a long discussion about the topic. Kara had listened with interest.
"Good, why?"
"Oh, nothing." Kara tried to play the question off.
"You excited about tomorrow?"
Kara nodded, "Yeah, I like seeing my husband on stage.”
"Dad let me invite Luke."
"Wow, you worm your way out of grounding, don't you?"
They started walking down the hall, "Well it it's gonna be a pretty special day. Luke and I are gonna go to the fair too."
"Fun, fun." Kara said sounding bored. "So I hear Elle's gonna be there too."
Kelly looked over at her, "Yeah, Liv is bringing her."
Kara bit back the remark that came to mind. Her belief that Gerard was once again hurting her mom would be lost on Kelly. She knew her sister thought the sun rose and set on Gerard. "See ya." She said before ducking into the room for her final class of the day.
"Yeah, see you after school." Kelly answered. She wondered why she suddenly didn't feel as happy about tomorrow as she had earlier.
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