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Jamia and Frank talk about Gerard. Ray and Christa find a house and Bert helps Liv.

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“One raisin bagel and coffee.” Frank said as he sat down the tray on Jamia’s lap.
“Wait, let me try to find a more comfortable position first.” He lifted the tray and she struggled to pull herself up. It took a few moments but she finally leaned back against the pillows and smiled, “Okay, ready.”
He placed the tray on her lap then carefully sat down on the bed next to her. “How are you feeling this morning?”
Jamia laughed, “Same as every morning. Big as a barn. She lifted the bagel and took a small bite. Frank watched her.
“You look beautiful.”
“No I don’t.” she laughed.
“Yeah, you do.” He lifted his bagel from the tray and took a bite. “I thought maybe you’d like to get out today and get some fresh air. We could go for a drive, maybe visit Mom.”
“Sure, sounds good to me. So have you talked to Gee lately?”
Frank wondered why she had suddenly brought up his friend. “Not since we got back, why?”
“Alicia called me last night after you had fallen asleep. She’s worried about Monica.”
Frank frowned, “Why? What’s Gee done now?”
Jamia laughed, “Ever notice how when something’s wrong with Monica you always assume Gee is to blame?”
“Well, you did ask if I’d talked to him.”
Jamia took a sip of coffee then said, “He invited Liv to come to Bamboozle.”
Frank almost chocked on his coffee. “What?”
“Yep, Alicia and Mikey were at Gee’s house yesterday when Liv came to pick up Elle. He invited Liv without telling Monica.”
“Fuck, what did Monica say?”
“Alicia’s says she upset. I mean I don’t blame her. She’s been dealing with Liv for months and I know it’s not been easy on her. She told Alicia it wouldn’t have been so bad if Gee had told her he was inviting Liv, but he didn’t.”
“Man, that guy is always trying to fuck up his life. I understand he had to deal with evil bitch because of Elle but inviting her to come see us play?”
“Ray was there too. I guess he called Mikey as soon as he got home and they talked. He’s pretty pissed. You know how much Ray hates her.”
“Oh yeah, I know. So she’s not gonna really come is she?”
Jamia took another bite of her bagel. “Yeah, she is.”
Frank shook his head sadly. “Monica has the patience of a saint.”
“That’s what I said to Alicia. Only thing is Alicia is afraid Monica’s gonna run out of patience.”
“Gee needs to realize what he’s got and stay the fuck out of the past.”
“I know. Maybe you could talk to him.”
Frank shook his head, “You know how he can be. Chances are if I say something to him he’ll just get defensive.”
Jamia smiled sadly, “I guess but someone needs to remind him how he could lose everything all because he can’t seem to let go of his past.”

“This property just came on the market yesterday.” The real estate agent said as they walked through the front door.
Ray and Christa held hands as they walked into the spacious foyer. “Wow” Christa said looking at the ten-foot ceilings in the step down living room.
“Yeah, wow.” Ray agreed. He and Christa walked down the three steps into the large living room. “This is in our price range?” He asked the real estate agent.
She smiled, “Yes, the owners had to transfer because of the husbands job. They want to sell quickly. Like I said this just went on the market and I’m sure it will sell quickly. That’s why I wanted you to view it first.”
Christa has walked across the room and was looking out the floor to ceiling windows that gave a panoramic view of the large back yard. “Nice pool” she said sounding overwhelmed.
Ray moved to her side. “An in ground pool?”
“Yes, nice isn’t it? Now if you two would like to walk around and get a feel for the place I will check on some things.” She knew it was best to let the potential buyers have time alone to talk.
Ray took Christa’s hand and the started with the lower level. It had been divided into three large rooms the smaller serving as a laundry room.
“Ray this place is huge. Do we need this much space?”
Ray shrugged. “I don’t know but if we can get it for the asking price it would be a good investment.”
Christa smiled, “Always thinking ahead.”
They then moved to the main floor stopping to admire the large kitchen, dining room, great room and study.
As they traveled up the winding staircase Christa laughed, “So just who would clean this huge house?”
“Well, both of us.”
Christa gave him a disbelieving look. “I’d like your word on that one. I sure don’t want to clean this all by myself.”
First they checked out the four smaller bedrooms then walked into the master suite.
“Holy crap.” Christa said looking over at the huge sunken tub.
Ray smiled, “I like it.” He put his arm around her and gave her a hug. “Think of the baths we could enjoy together.”
“I see were your thoughts are coming from.” She laughed.
“And I like where they’re coming from. I love the house but five bedrooms? Do we really need that many bedrooms?”
Ray thought a moment. “Well each kid could have their own room.”
Christa gave him a shocked look. “How many kids do you think we’re gonna have?”
Much to her surprise Ray started laughing. “You should see the look on your face. Babe, we’ll have as many kids are you want.”
Christa hugged him tighter. “Let’s get married first then we’ll talk numbers.”
“So what do you think about the house? Should we put in an offer? I really think she’s right. This place will sell fast.”
“I love it. Let’s go downstairs and make an offer.”

“Hey” Monica said walking up behind Gerard and startling him. He quickly closed his sketchbook and turned to her.
“Hey, yourself. What brings you down into my lair?”
Monica smiled, “Just wondering what you were doing.”
“I didn’t hear you get back. Get all your errands done?”
“Yeah, are we still going out for lunch?” Monica asked. Her eyes moved to Gerard’s sketchbook.
He placed it on the desk. “Sure, then we need to stop by Mom’s. I promised we would visit her today.”
“What were you drawing?” Monica asked deciding to let her curiosity speak.
“It’s not done yet.” He stood clearly wanting to change the subject.
“Oh” Monica said softly.
He saw the doubt in her eyes. She was already walking towards the stairs when he called out to her. “Monica, look.”
She turned to see him holding the sketchbook. He flipped it open to the drawing he had been working on. “It’s beautiful.” She said walking over for a closer look.
He nodded, “You are beautiful. I wanted to do a sketch of the way you looked this morning lying in my arms.”
“I didn’t look like this. I look terrible first thing in the morning.”
He shook his head, “You’re beautiful first thing in the morning. I look at you and realize what a lucky man I am.”
Monica kissed his lips. “I love you.”
“I love you. Now let’s get going woman before I haul you up to the bedroom.”
“Would that be a bad thing?” Monica asked smiling.
“Believe me if we didn’t have to visit my mom it’s what we’d be doing.”

Liv’s eyes watched Elle run from one swing to the next. It was a beautiful day to be in the park. Elle looked over at her and waved but before Liv could return the gesture she was off towards the huge slide.
“Cute kid.”
Liv’s blood turned to ice.
“Man it’s a small world, ain’t it?” He sat down on the park bench and took out a pack of cigarettes. “So, how ya been?”
“Please leave me alone. I told you I don’t have your money.” Her voice trembled.
“And I told you bitch, you better get it.” He lit his cigarette then blew out a smoke ring. “So you have a kid. Well ain’t that sweet?”
Liv tried not to panic. Her mind raced trying to think of a way out of this. “Look, I’ll get your money. Just give me some time.”
He laid his arm on the back of the park bench. Suddenly without warning his fingers tangled in her long hair and he pulled. Liv let out a small scream. Tears came to her eyes. “I want my fucking money, now.”
“Please” Liv whimpered. Her eyes were still on Elle.
“Get your fucking hands off her.”
Liv’s hair was suddenly released.
“McCracken. Long time no see.”
Bert looked over at Liv. He tossed a set of car keys to her. “Get her and get in the car.” He nodded first towards Elle then at the car behind them in the parking lot. Liv nodded and quickly ran towards Elle. Bert turned. “What does she owe you?”
He laughed, “Oh man. You’re involved with her again? Fuck, I thought you were smarter than that.”
Bert’s tone was flat. “What the fuck does she owe you?”

Liv sat in the car watching the two men. In the backseat Elle continued to complain about her park visit being cut short.
“Baby, please be quiet.” She said trying not to lose her temper.
Elle sat down in her seat and pouted.
She looked back as Bert was handing him something. A few more words were exchanged then Bert strode towards the car. He pulled open the door, got in and started the engine.
“Elle put your seatbelt on.” Liv said as Bert pulled out into traffic
A few blocks passed and Liv turned to see that Elle had fallen asleep. She looked over at Bert. “Thank you.”
He continued to look straight ahead. “I paid him off.”
Liv closed her eyes, “I’ll find some way to pay you back.”
“I don’t want your fucking money.” He said quietly. “I want something else.”
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