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A major Scott/Jean fic. Scott disappears without a trace and the rest of the x-men are left without their leader. But it turns out there is a lot more to Scott than any of them could have imagined.

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Scott Summers The Chosen One
Chapter 3: Revelation


"I'm the one? What do you mean I'm the one?"

Scott Summers had confronted the people responsible for abducting him. They looked like Buddhist monks; he didn't feel threatened, but he was suspicious. The old man who was talking to him seemed to be the main priest of the group.

"I sense that you, Scott Summers, have many questions," said the old man.

Scott stayed silent, but his curiosity grew by the second.

"Let me answer one question...Please come with me."

Scott followed closely.

"Welcome to Taitzu, our homeland," said the old man as they walked outside.

Scott was immediately in awe of the sight. He looked over the streets to see many, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It was like everybody was a wizard or a sorcerer. They made food out of inanimate objects, fixed broken items instantly, and created balls of beautiful light out of thin air. Everybody of all ages seemed be able to do some kind of magic. The magic was only one thing, the town was another. The whole place was littered with religious and mystical attire. There were temples and shrines everywhere. Each one of them decorated with golden idols and hand carved statues. The other major thing he noticed, was everybody seemed very happy.

"Wow," was all he said.

"Follow me chosen one...We must get to the main shrine," said the old man.

The old man began to walk down the main street. Scott followed suite, and so did the other two monks that he saw when he woke up. As he followed the old man, the people of the street began to look at him strangely. However, it was not because he looked different, it was because they could sense something that he couldn't.

"The chosen one! The chosen one is here!" yelled a young woman.

Other's followed suite as they began to rejoice in Scott's presence. They began to chant mysterious songs in a language unknown to Scott. Scott looked at the crowds in confusion, for he was overwhelmed by their treatment. He had always known that he was far different than a normal guy. Not many other people had a couple of bazookas for eyes and not many others were leaders of a whole team of mutants.

'Is is possible, that I'm even more than a leader and a mutant?' he asked himself over an over again. As he finally reached the foot of the biggest temple in sight, one more thing happened. He saw a young, beautiful girl, not much younger than him, run up to him. She opened her palms to reveal a small pink flower. She put it in Scott's hands and gave him a smile.

"Please save us," was all she said before running back.

Then, they entered the temple. Slowly, they walked past the decorated rooms filled with pictures and golden artifacts. As they got deeper in to the temple, Scott became more and more enticed by this mysterious land. Finally, they came to a stop in what looked like the biggest room he had seen up to this point. The old man walked towards a brilliant shrine and slowly sat down.

"Please, make yourself comfortable chosen one," said the old man.

Scott then made his way to the shrine the old man was at and he took a seat before him. Other monks came in to the room in prayer, and some walked up to where he and the old man were sitting.

"Would you like some tea chosen one?" asked one of the monks holding a small cup with steam coming out of the top.

"Uh...No thanks I'm okay," responded Scott.

"Please, I insist."

The monk then gave the cup to Scott. The tea had a light greenish color and had a mysteriously sweet aroma. Slowly, Scott took a sip.

"Hey...That's really good," he said in surprise.

"I hoped you'd be pleased," responded the old man.

"Thanks, but...Why did you guys bring me here? And where exactly is 'here?'" asked Scott.

The old man opened his eyes and gave Scott a warm smile. He knew the time was now.

"Scott Summers," began the old man, "My name is Chan...I am a arch priest in this town. And I bought you here because you are the one...The chosen one."

"I know that," said Scott beginning to get frustrated, "But what does that mean?"

"Does the name Apocalypse ring a bell?" asked Chan.

Scott instantly froze. He knew that name and who it was. He knew the evil mutant demon that he and the rest of the X-men stopped before. It was by far the most intense and dangerous battle he had ever been a part of.

"Yeah...I know Apocalypse. My friends and I stopped it," said Scott.

"That is a great feat in itself, but I'm afraid to tell you that Apocalypse is only the tip of the ice burg." Chan then had Scott's full attention, for he knew something like Apocalypse was nothing to take lightly. "You see...Apocalypse was only a part of a far greater evil that plagues this world. The core of those evil forces lies within the boundaries of our humble town. You see...Taitzu is a land older than civilization itself. Thousands of years ago the first sorcerers of our people settled this land and used their magic to turn it in to a mystical realm that has since been unseen by the rest of the world. In this realm, magic and mysticism rule over logic and science."

To demonstrate his point, Chan closed his eyes briefly and raised his right hand. Soon a ball of blue light appeared out of nowhere and slowly, the ball floated towards Scott's face. Scott was mesmerized by the mysterious ball, until in an instant...poof, it was gone. Chan opened his eyes again and looked at the amazed boy before him.

"You see...Everybody has some capability of magic, it's universal. However, the majority of people cannot tap their own capabilities for lack of chi and mainly a lack of understanding. In this town, magic is far more understood and the people have far greater chi than most other human beings. Our magic is what keeps the dark forces in our lands from manifesting themselves here and beyond our homeland. For centuries generation after generation have stood guard at the gates of evil to preserve the balance between light and darkness. However, that evil that we have guarded for so long, is getting too strong. And soon it will break free."

"What exactly are you guarding?" asked Scott.

Chan then took a deep breath. "We are guarding the one evil that can fully unleash a darkness so unspeakable, the world and the entire forces of light will fall in it's wake. We are guarding the most evil of evils, Sun Chin Tao."

"Who is this Sun Chin Tao, is he a demon?" asked Scott still full of questions.

"A demon would be an understatement. No...This is truly a devil we're talking about," said Chan with a hint of darkness in his tone. "Sun Chin Tao, is responsible for the creation of Apocalypse and numerous other demons like it. Sun Chin Tao is the central evil force that stands to unleash these demons upon the world. It is the center of the forces of darkness that seek full death and doom upon the land."

Scott watched as Chan took a deep breath and sighed in anxiety.

"We have only been able to imprison this beast," continued Chan, "But we can't stop it. Now, it has almost broken free. It is only a matter of time before it escapes."

Scott then had a revelation, he suddenly thought he knew why he was brought here. "Let me guess...This is where I come in."

A slow smile spread across Chan's face. "You are a smart one. You see our scriptures speak of this event when Sun Chin Tao will escape; however, it also says there is a way to stop it. You see, our scriptures speak of a man...A man born outside the realm of Taitzu...Who is the divine chosen one who has the power to destroy the great evil and bring the forces of good and evil back in to balance. This man is one with greater chi and life force than all the priests in this town put together. According to legend, when the time is right the chosen one will be brought back to Taitzu and his chi will be fully unlocked. Then, with his power, Sun Chin Tao will finally be defeated."

Scott listened on at this remarkable story, but he knew now where Chan was going with this.

"You, Scott Summers...Are the chosen one. You are the only being in this world...That can destroy the great demon and bring balance back to the world," said Chan with great enthusiasm.

"So I'm the chosen one...You bought me here to fight the greatest evil in world and I'm the only one that can stop it. Wow, who could've seen that one coming?" replied Scott.

"Don't act so surprised Scott," said Chan, "We've been watching you. We've seen what you've gone through. We know about how you lost your parents, how hard your life was as a blind orphan, and how you became the trusted leader of the X-men. We couldn't imagine the great spirits choosing a better soul."

Scott smiled at their praise. "I'm flattered." He then paused briefly and let this information sink in. He didn't doubt the sincerity of these people, but it was a lot to take in. Knowing that he was the only one who could help this people, and most likely the rest of the world, he knew what he had to do. "Look, I want to help, but what am I suppose to do?"

Chan just smiled along with the rest of the monks. "We must unlock your powers, we must teach you all you need to know. We have one lunar cycle before the beast is sure to break through, that gives us about 28 days. Now, what do you say we get started?"

Scott slowly smiled back at the mysterious old man. In his voice, there was a genuine sincerity that gave truth to what he was saying. Soon, Scott realized that he didn't have much of a choice in this situation. If what they were saying was true then everybody he knew and cared about was in danger.

"Well then, I guess all I can say to that is, let's do it," said Scott with a grin, not knowing what to expect. Always the hero type, Scott felt a certain sense of duty to try and carry out what these mysterious people were saying, regardless of how strange it may have sounded. But then again, there weren't many parts of his life that weren't strange in the first place.


Back at the mansion far from where Scott was, nearly an entire day had gone by since the search for the leader of the X-men began. Despite their best efforts and a frantic search by the whole team, they couldn't find a single trace of Scott Summers. Soon, many began to fear the worst and began to believe that maybe their friend and leader...Was dead. Although many were hit hard by Scott's disappearance, nobody was hit harder than Professor Xavier and Jean Grey. While Jean was still out there frantically searching for Scott, the professor had stayed at the mansion and tried his best with the use of Cerebro to locate Scott, but the outcome was always the same. Finally, Beast forced the professor to rest. He attempted to calm himself in the library, but his efforts were in vain.


The professor turned his head to see Storm entering the room with a concerned look on her face.

"Any luck with the others?" asked the professor.

Storm solemnly shook her head. The professor let out a deep sigh.

"You know...Scott was one of the first students I took in," began the professor. Storm listened to him intently. "He was alone, scared, and malnourished. He was the first one who I helped...And ever since then he's regarded me as his father."

Storm attempted to console her mentor, but she was almost as upset as he was.

"Don't give up hope professor...We can't let that happen. Scott is out there somewhere. I know it, you know it, the whole team knows it. We will find him."

"I hope so Ororo. Because I don't think this team would be the same without him," said the professor. He knew it was the truth, yet cursed himself for saying it. Everything he tired, everything he had hoped was getting them nowhere. He cursed that feeling in the back of his mind that kept growing by the minute...That feeling that said, Scott was gone for good.


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