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A Sleepover After All.

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Mikey spends the night with Frankie.

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I decided to spend the night in Franks room just incase he woke up. I was just laying on the couch which was kinda south east of Franks bed. I was staring at the little spotts of blood on the floor where Amy lay unconcious a few hours before. I remembered the deep cut in her gorgeous face which almost made me cry. I then remembered the man who did this to her. I remember the hatred in his eyes, the grin on his face, the sound of his voise. It made me want to puke. I decided to close my eyes and go to sleep.
After about 5 minutes I heard what I thought was a moan from Frank. I opened one eye. I don't know why though... its not like I can see anything.
The room was silent once more. This time I could hear amy coming from Frank. I quickly shot up and ran to his bed.

"Frankie. You awake?" I asked quietly.
He moaned again and slowly opened his eyes.

"Oh thank god!" I whipspered.

"Fmikery?" he mummbled.

"Yeah it's me Mikey." I said softly.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I slept in here just incase you would wake up."

"How long was I asleep?" He asked putting his hand on his forehead.

"Only a couple of hours." I replied.

"Where's Amy? Is she okay?" he asked in a quiet paniced tone.

"Her uncle threw her in the chest of drawers and it gave her a concusion. She's in the hosplital." I quietly said. It hurt me to remember this.

"Her uncle? I thought it was her Dad or something?!..." he asked confused.
I sighed. He had to know this.

"Amy's Dad died when she was six." I saod looking down.
Franks eyes widened.

"But... oh.. Umm...." he stuttered.
I told Frankie the rest of the story about her uncle and parents. It brought tears to my eyes which I had to forcefully fight back.

Once I had finished Frank had told me he needed some rest so we both went to sleep.


The next morning we were woken by a loud knock on the door. We both groaned and I got up slowly to answer it. I sleepily opend the door and saw Bob.
Gerard had told me what had happened between him and Casey.
I groaned and shut the door on him.

"Who was it?" Frankie asked.

"Bob." I said emotionless.
He rolled his eyes and sat up in his bed.

"Ah. I got a really bad headache." He said.
The door knocked again.
I angrily walked towards it and opened it.

"What?" I said annoyed.

"I.. Umm. I just..." he stuttered.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked angrily.

"I wanted to see if you were okay. I heard what happened." He said softly.

"We're fine!" I shouted closing the door on him.
He qould have known that if he cared and came to help.

The door knocked once again.

"I wonder who that could be?!" I said sarcasticly.
I stormmed towards the door and opened it for the last time.

"He's got a Fucking headache now get lost!" I yelled slamming the door again.
I stormed and sat next to Frank on his bed.

"Here..." I said giving him a glass of water and 2 pills.
He took them softly and slowly swallowed each pill.

"Is Amy awake yet?" he asked.
I shook my head.

"They sakd that they will call. But we can go and visit her in hospital today. If you feel up to it..." I said.
He nodded.

"Yeah! What time?" he asked exited.

"I don't know as soon as we're ready." I said standing up and ajusting the blanket.
He nodded.
There was a slight pause.

"You like her don't you?" He asked.
I slowly turned around to him and saw the grin on his tattered face.

"No! I've known her for like 2 weeks!" I shouted.

"But you guys have spent the most time together. With the week you've been away and all..." he smiled.

"No way!" I shouted again.
He tilted his head.
I groaned.

"Okay! Maybe a little..." I said quietly.

"Go for it dude... there's no chance she'd say no to you." He smiled.

"As if she would ever go for a guy like me." I sighed and walked into the bathroom.


Haha... soz it's so short and not much really happens...? I'm still waking up... okay review and there will be more to come!"""

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