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I didn't know what to call this chap... it's pretty useless but the end is good!

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Still Mikey's POV

About 2 hours later Gerard, Casey, Frank, Ray and I were squished up in Gerard's little 5 seater car, on the way to a nearby hospital that Amy was in. Casey was silent the whole ride. She was still a bit stunned about the last few days. I think everyone was. We had reached the hospital within 15 minutes.

"Umm. Hi. We're here to see Amy Bell?" I told the receptionist.
She smiled at me.

"Certainly. Umm." She typed a bit on her computer." Okay she's on the 4th floor, ward 23." She said hapily.

"Thanks" I said and the 5 of us walked to the elevator. Casey stayed silent until we reached the ward.

"Can I go in first?" she asked quietly.
Ray pulled her into a hug. You could see tears in my eyes as she walked into the white room Amy laied still unconsious. The rest of us went and sat in a little waiting room nearby.
Casey spent about 5 minutes with Amy before she came out with bloodshot eyes.
Ray went in next, followed by Frank and Gerard. And then it was my turn.

"You guy's can go home. I think that I'm gonna stay the night." I quietly said.

"You want me to drop off some clothes?" Gerard asked me.
I shook my head and watched them head towards the elevator.
Frank turned around and softly smiled. I smiled back and entered Amy's room.

It was ALL white. White bed, white curtains, white everything. The only thing that brightined the boring room was Amy.
She layed straight and peacefuly in her small bed. Her eyes closed. The defribulator beeping in time with her pulse. He smell of penicilan filled the air. I slowly made my way towards her and sat on a little white chair next to her bed.
I looked at Amy's soft face which was wrapped up in bandages.
I wrapped my hand around her small, cold hand. I couldn't fight the tears back anymore. I rested my head in between my hand and elbow which was on the bed, next to my gorgeous Amy.

I could here footsteps getting louder and louder. I quickly let go of Amy's hand and wiped away my tears away before looking to my right and seeing a doctor looking at me. I stood up to greet him.

"Hello. I'm Dr. Pierre. Are you her boyfriend?" he asked reaching his hand out for me to shake it.
oh how I wish I was her boyfriend.
I shook my head.
"Just a friend. A close friend. My names Mikey." I said taking his hand and shaking it.

"She's lucky." He said looking at Amy." If that cut was 1 milimeter deeper it would have killed her."
At that moment I froze thinking about how close she was to death.

I looked at her eyes which were kinda flickering.

"When will she wake up?" I asked in concern.

"She should wake up sometime today." He said looking at the clip board at the end of her bed. "Feel free to watch TV. She won't wake up by it." He told me.
I nodded and watched him exit the room. I sat back on my seat and stared at Amy.
I could stare at her all day.
And I did just that for the next 10 minutes but was inturupted by a nusrse coming in to change Amy's bamdage.
She removed it to reviel Amy's deep cut, which now was stiched up and swolan.

"That's a nasty cut!" the nurse said to me.
"Mmmm" I said in reply as she walked out.

I went back to the staring contest with Amy. But once more I was interupted when the defribulater made a funny noise and then went blank. I shot up with panic.
A team of doctors quickly ran in.

"No pulse!" one of the doctors screamed.


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