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A Sign - FEB 2

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Kelly and Luke in trouble.

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Monica awoke to whispering in her ear, “By tonight you’ll be Monica Way legally.”
She opened her eyes to find herself staring into Gerard’s eyes. “What time is it?”
“Early. I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I’m too fucking excited. I just wish we could have gotten an earlier flight.”
Monica stretched, “I know but this way we can make sure Kelly gets off to school before we have to leave for the airport.”
Gerard stroked her arm. “Too bad we aren’t gonna have much time after the ceremony.”
“We’ll have a few hours before we have to leave. I’m just worried about how tired you’re gonna be. We won’t get back here until so late then you’ll have to turn around and get up early to head back to the airport.”
“It’s okay. I’ll sleep on the plane to London.” He brushed her lips with his, “Thank you for this.”
“Gee, stop. Don’t thank me for marrying you.”
“I mean, thank you for marrying me like this. I know you wanted to wait until September.”
Monica shook her head, “I’m tired of waiting to be your wife.”
He looked into her eyes, “You have been my wife since I fell in love with you.”
A knock on their door surprised them. “Yes?” Monica called out.
“Mom, I got up early. I started the coffee and let Frank out.”
Gerard rolled over and went to the door. Kelly was standing in the hall smiling. “Okay, what’s up?”
Monica laughed. The man was learning.
“What?” Kelly asked innocently.
“Let’s see you’re up early, let the dog out and started the coffee. Maybe you have a question to ask?”
Kelly smiled, “Well Luke asked me yesterday if I could walk with him to school this morning.”
Gerard turned to Monica, “Grounded girls get to walk to school with their boyfriends?”
Monica shrugged, “Don’t know. Guess you’ll have to field this one on your own.”
Kelly batted her eyelashes at Gerard. “Please? It stopped raining and the fresh air would do me good.”
Gerard laughed, “Well I guess fresh air would be good for you but don’t forget my mom is picking you up after school.”
“I know.” Kelly said “Thanks.” She started down the hall but then turned, “You know I’m not gonna be able to tell you goodbye in the morning.”
She would be spending the night at Donna’s because they wouldn’t be getting back from Vegas until late. They had told everyone they were going to spend the day doing all the last minute preparations for his European trip. No one knew they were going to Vegas.
“Maybe I could still come home late tonight?”
Monica got out of bed to stand by Gerard, “We won’t be home until late.”
Kelly looked at her strangely. Suddenly she smiled. “Oh, that’s okay.” She turned towards the steps, “I’m sure you guys have a lot to do today.”
Gerard looked over at Monica, “She knows doesn’t she?”
Monica shrugged, “Maybe. I’m pretty sure she knows something is up.”

Liv walked into the waiting room and found a seat for Elle. “Stay right here. Mommy has to talk to the lady.”
Elle nodded.
“Can I help you?” the receptionist asked.
“My name is Liv Maxwell. I have an appointment with Mr. Carson.”
After a moment the receptionist looked up, “Yes, he will be with you in just a moment.”
Liv thanked her and took a seat next to Elle. After a moment her name was called. She got up and Elle followed her. “I need to speak to Mr. Carson alone.”
“Oh” the receptionist looked down at Elle. “I understand.” She smiled down at Elle. “My name is Connie. While your mommy talks to Mr. Carson would you like to sit by my desk? I have some paper and you can draw.”
Elle frowned. “Baby, Mommy has to take care of something. I won’t be long. You could draw me a nice picture.”
“Otay” Elle said still looking a bit unsure.
Once she was seated by Connie’s deck Liv walked into the Mr. Carson’s office. He stood. “Good morning, Ms Maxell. Please have a seat.”
Liv nervously sat down.
Mr. Carson took his seat behind the desk. “Now what brings you here today?”
Liv took a deep breath, “My daughter.”

Alicia sat watching Mikey pack his bag. She sighed, “Too much. It’s never gonna close.”
He frowned, “Sure it will.” He threw in a few more tee shirts.
“Nope, you’ve really over packed this time.” She got up and walked over to him. “You always take too much stuff.”
Mikey pulled her into his arms. “I wish I wasn’t packing. I don’t want to go. I should be staying here with you.”
Alicia kissed him. “Dude you know you love the stage. It’s in your blood. You and your brother were born to do this shit.”
“But I want to be with you more.” He said rocking her gently.
“Hey, it’s just a part of the job.”
“Are you sure it’s okay for me to go?” He looked into her eyes for the true answer.
“I will be fine. Our baby will be fine. I’m keeping positive thoughts in my head.”
Mikey frowned, “So why did you tell Kara you didn’t want to have anything to do with Jamia’s shower?”
She had wondered if he’d been listening to her phone call the other day. “I just said I didn’t want to help plan it.”
“Why” he pressed.
“I’m just sorta superstitious, I guess. It’s like I don’t want to look at baby clothes yet. Not yet.” She hoped he would understand.
“Promise me something. If you have any problems even if they are really small, tell me.”
Alicia nodded, “I promise. I know if I need you you’ll have your ass on a plane.”
Mikey kissed her gently, “I hope this tour goes by fast.”
“Me too.” She said softly.

“Okay time to go.” Gerard said. He lifted Monica’s small tote bag and placed it on the backseat. “Ready?” he asked as he got behind the wheel.
“Ready.” She smiled.
“Actually it’s good Kelly walked with Luke. Since she left the house early we don’t have to rush so much to get to the airport.”
Monica agreed, “Must have been a good sign.”
He looked over at her, “We don’t need signs. This is right.” The kiss he gave her was sweet and gentle.
They had backed out of the driveway when Monica’s phone rang. “Hello?”
She listened only a moment, “Where?”
Gerard heard the urgency in her voice, “What’s wrong?”
She looked over at him. “Kelly’s hurt.”
He pulled the car over and stopped.
“Okay. We’ll be right there.” She snapped the phone closed. “They were walking to school and a dog attacked them.”
“What? Where?”
“Luke said they are a block from the school. Someone called the police and they are already there.”
“Fuck” Gerard put the car in gear. “How bad did Kell get hurt?”
Monica’s voice shook, “Luke sounded scared.”
Gerard broke the speed limit while Monica sat trying desperately trying not to panic. She just kept hearing the fear in Luke’s voice.
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