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Never Leave You - FEB 3

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Frank and Jamia talk about the babies, Ray and Christa talk about their house and Kara and Bob find out about Kelly and Luke

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Jamia tried for the third time to get comfortable. It seemed like since she woke up this morning there was not one position she could sit of lay in that didn't hurt. The babies were very active today and the kicking was starting to get to her.
"Hey, you okay?" Frank saw her frowning.
"Your children are kicking me." She finally gave up and just leaned back resting her head on the back of the sofa.
Frank sat down next to her and placed his hand over her stomach. He got a swift kick. "Shit, they are rowdy today."
Jamia laughed, "Maybe they know you're leaving tomorrow and don't want you to forget about them."
He leaned over and kissed her lips. "That's not gonna ever happen. How are you feeling about me leaving?"
Jamia sighed, "I know you gotta go. I just hope this tours passed by quickly. I don't know what I'd do if I go into labor and you aren't here."
"Hey, any sign of labor and I'll be here. The guys already understand that." He looked at her closely, "You thinking the babies are gonna come early?"
"The doctor did say that twins do come early sometimes. I don't know. I think my mind is just too tired to think anymore. This is the first time in my life I've ever been this inactive. Maybe I'm going stir crazy."
Frank leaned over and laid his head lightly on her stomach. "Ouch" He cried as he got a kick to the ear. He spoke to her stomach, "Hey in there. This is your dad speaking. Just remember who's gonna be talking care of you two when you finally make your appearance."
"They don't seem to care about that." Jamia said smiling. "They know were gonna love them."
"Yeah, were gonna love them every single moment." Frank said softly.

"I'm really sorry I'm leaving you to take care of all of this." Ray said as he and Christa left the realtors office. They had signed the papers and were now officially homeowners.
"Hey, I don't mind. I've already had lots of offers from people to help me get our stuff packed up. Then when the movers deliver it to our house I’ll have lots of help unpacking."
"Still I wish I could be here. This is so fucking exciting." He grabbed her hand. "Think you'll have it all set up when I get back?"
Christa laughed, "Ray, the place is pretty big. I'm gonna concentrate on the important rooms first."
"Bedroom" Ray broke in.
Christa rolled her eyes, "Yeah, bedroom, kitchen, living room. Especially the living room since I told Kara I would host Jamia's baby shower."
"Look buy anything you need okay?"
"You know I'm gonna try to hold off buying a whole lot of stuff until you get back." They reached the car and got in.
"I'm just saying I trust you judgment about furniture and stuff. I had your name added to my credit cards so you should be getting your cards in the mail soon."
Christa was surprised, "When did you do that?"
"Soon as I got back. I should have done it sooner." He pulled into traffic, "So are we gonna go by our new house?"
"Oh course. She looked at the house keys in her hand. "Our house sounds so wonderful."
"Yeah, it sounds so fucking right."

Kara walked into the nurse’s office, "I'm sick." She announced in a bored tone.
The nurse looked up at her. "What's wrong?"
In her mind Kara was thinking how stupid this all was. She was a married woman with a husband leaving tomorrow for Europe and here she was in a high school nurses office pretending to be sick so she could be with him. "My head really hurts. I took something this morning before I got to school but it didn't help."
"Oh, well I'll need to call your Mom for permission to let you leave the school."
Kara tried to control her temper, "Maybe you should call my husband."
The nurse suddenly remembered that Kara was indeed married. "Oh, well I suppose that would be fine" In truth this was her first year at the school and she hadn't had to deal with this sort of situation before. "Just go ahead on home." She said smiling.
Kara felt bad about her attitude. "Thanks"
Now on to the office. She explained the nurse was sending her home and needed to speak to her sister before she left. Donna was supposed to pick up Kelly but she wanted to make sure the plans hadn't changed. She was surprised when she was told that Kelly wasn't in school.
When she got out to her car she sat a minute trying to decide who to call. If Kelly was skipping again she didn't want to get her in trouble with Mom but she really didn't think her sister would be that stupid. She has just gotten in trouble for that. So Kelly must be sick. She decided to call Monica.

"We're on the way to the hospital,” Monica explained to Kara after giving her a quick account of what had happened.
"Should I met you there?” Kara’s concern for her sister touched Monica.
"Hun, just go on and be with Bob. I'll call you and tell you how she is." Monica said. They talked for a few more minutes.
Gerard reached over and took her hand, "She's gonna be fine."
"I know but shit, all that blood." Monica shuddered. They had arrived as the paramedics had just started to work on Kelly's wounds. Luke was also being treated. "I'm so angry. That owner knew that dog was vicious. The fucking thing went for her throat.”
"Yeah, I heard what the neighbor said. At least the dog is gonna be put down now."
"Doesn't help Kelly and Luke." She sat back trying to calm down, "Wonder how many stitches she's going to need."
Gerard shook his head, "It was hard to tell because of the blood. I'm just worried about scaring. Her neck and shoulder looked pretty bad."
"I hope someone got a hold of Luke’s dad. He really looked bad too.”
"Yeah, the kid looked bad." Gerard agreed, “But thank God he was with Kell. The neighbor said she watched him wrestle the dog off her.”
"And all he kept saying was how sorry he couldn't get the dog off her sooner." Monica said softly.
"He promised me he'd take care of her. That's what he was doing."
The drove on in silence for several minutes. "I guess them walking to school wasn't a good sign." Monica whispered. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks.
Gerard squeezed her hand, "Monica, I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry we're gonna miss our plane." he shook his head, "I'm sorry we're not gonna get married today."
Monica closed her eyes and willed herself to stop crying. She had really thought today was going to be prefect. Now Kelly was hurt and there would be no wedding. "Me too" she whispered. In her mind she hoped this wasn't a sign.

“Bob” Kara called out as she entered their hotel room.
He walked out of the bedroom. “Hey, you’re supposed to be in school.” He saw the look on her face, “What’s wrong?”
“I just talked to Mom. Kelly and Luke were walking to school this morning and a dog attacked them.”
Bob took her into his arms. “How bad are they hurt?”
“I don’t know. Mom and Gerard are on the way to the hospital. I asked Mom if I should met her there but she told me no.”
He heard the hurt in her voice. “She said you shouldn’t go to the hospital?”
Kara took a deep breath, “Actually she said for me to come to you.”
Bob gently pushed the hair out of her eyes, “And you took that to mean she didn’t want you there?”
Everything she’d been holding in came crashing down. She hugged him tightly. Bob was shocked when she started sobbing. He rocked her a moment.
“Tell me what’s going on in that head of yours.” He asked softly.
“I don’t know. You’re leaving tomorrow, I have to move back to Gerard’s house, I hate school, I’m worried about Mom and now Kelly’s hurt.” The words poured out.
“Okay, we need to talk but fist let’s go to the hospital and check on Kelly and Luke.” Bob said taking control. “Then you and I are gonna talk.”
Kara stepped back and nodded, “Okay.”
She told him she was going to wash her face and started towards the bathroom. His voice stopped her.
She turned around.
“I will never leave you. I will always love you.” He knew she needed to hear these words.
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