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couch crashing

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Author's Note: If you didn't read the corresponding Pete chapter, I am really, really, really, really sorry for keeping all of you waiting. Finals + homework - inspiration pretty much killed this fic. But after stumbling across a magic book in my basement, I learned how to resurrect fiction. To make up for the lack of reading, have some pictures from RRRGLT:

Note to Chicago kids: Were any of you there at Subterranean on 1/29? I was the asian girl wearing a tokidoki hoody and a ridiculous amount of necklaces.

Now onto the thank yous:

glindapsawyer - the events taking place within the gabe and pete chapters are independent of each other.
istillhateyou31 - china buffet? now i'm hungry, too!
SugarPlumFaerie - nate and suarez would be yummy. very yummy
pyrotechnist - girls are always right. life would be so much easier if boys realized it. =P
medicatedlives - aww, thank you!
InfinityOnHigh - aiya! now i'm super hungry. ice cream + hello kitty + gummi candy? -drools- anyways, thanks for being persistent with the reviews!
lil_chica007 - i'll try to put more Nate in. ;)
TangerineSky - glad you liked it.
xStabxMyxBackx - the stories are occurring independent of each other, not at the same time. after soap's surprise birthday party, the fic separated into 2 different stories (i couldn't choose between gabe and pete). no cheating is occurring.
astrozombie28 - lol. i want a rent boy!
kittkattbar - yes, i saw the law and order episode with p$ in it. the rerun was actually playing last night. i don't care if he was guilty, marty dressler is still adorable.
XXPoeticTragedyXX - here's the update. hope you like it
Lyria - ooh! i want cheesecake!

Now onto the story:

31: b u s y b e e

Soap’s POV

Dirty, Joe and I were drinking outside the bus when someone walked up behind me and placed their hands over my eyes.

“Guess who.”
“By the smell of orange skittles and the super sexy voice, I’m guessing that it’s Gabe.”

Hands dropped from my face to my hips. “Yep, definitely Gabe.” He laughed, then planted a kiss on the back of my neck. Smiling, I turned around in his arms.

“Hey, hey,” Dirty interrupted. “No PDA in the drinking circle.”
I flipped him off, stood on my tiptoes and gave Gabe a kiss.

“What are your plans for today?” he asked, slipping his hands into mine.
“I’ve gotta model some Clandestine stuff for Pete’s Buzznet.”
“Help Panic with some video stuff for friendsorenemies.”
“Hang out with my sexy boyfriend?”
“Good answer.”

Just as he leaned down to kiss me, the sound of sirens filled the air.
“Step away from Sophie and put your hands where I can see them,” Pete said, megaphone.

“Why you gotta be cock blockin me, Wentz?” Gabe asked.
“Because I’m good at it,” he replied with a smirk, then turned to me. “Soph, I need you for the pictures.”

“Find me when you’re free.”

With that he gave me a kiss on the forehead, then I followed Pete onto the bus.

After grabbing a camera, he grabbed Joe’s camera and pulled out a box of t-shirts and hoodies.

“Damn, you’ve been keeping yourself busy,” I said, looking through the various new designs. He shrugged, then tossed 3 tees my way. I caught them and brought them over to the dressing room, a.k.a. my bunk with the curtain closed.

“Which one do you want me to try on first?” I asked, taking off my shirt.
“The purple one.”

Sorry I was raised by… was printed on the front, then a picture of wolves howling at the moon was on the back, along with a space for the hand numbering out of 250.

“So these are the exclusives for the Clandestine store back home?”
“Yup. Limited edition. Only found in Chicago.”

I slipped the tee over my head and smoothed it out.

“What do you think?” he asked as I stepped out.
“They’re gonna sell like hotcakes.”

He smiled and picked up the camera. “Cheese.”

After 5 or so shots, I retreated to my bunk once again.

“Next?” I asked.
“/Everybody’s droppin like… flies. / Nice,” I said.

I modeled the front and back of it, then repeated the process with the black shirt. (If you’re wondering, it said ‘The world is my…’ on the front, and had a picture of an oyster on the back.)

When I reemerged from my bunk, Pete was wearing the 4th design. It was a brown shirt with the words ‘/I’m as happy as a…/ ’ on the front, and the picture of a clam on the back.

“Take my picture?” he asked. I took the camera from him. Stepping back, I snapped a few shots of him then handed it back.
“Thanks, Soap.”
“No problem. The shirts look great, but it’s gonna be a bitch to hand number them all.”
“I was kinda hoping that you could help me with that…”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Please, Soap? Nobody else wants to help,” he said, giving me the puppy dog eyes. He must’ve learned that from Hemmy.

I sighed, and held out my hand. He passed me a sharpie, then took out 4 more boxes filled with t-shirts.

“So this is what a thousand t-shirts look like…”

Grab, number, fold, stack. Seems simple enough, but try repeating each of the tasks 500 times.

“Done,” I said, finishing the last of the shirts. As I made sure my wrist was still functioning, Pete put down his sharpie and started searching through the piles.

“What are you doing?”
“You thought that I wouldn’t repay you?”

He pulled out one of each design and handed them to me.

“Wow. Thanks, Wentz.”
“No problem,” he said. “Now get your ass outta here. Panic’s probably waiting for you to help them with their video.”
“Crap, I forgot about that.”

After placing the shirts on my bunk, I made a beeline for Panic’s bus. Checking my phone, I realized that Ryan had sent a text message.

Where are you? Bden’s getting snippy.


I quickened my pace to a fast jog. Then just as I lifted my hand to knock, Brendon opened the door.

“Where have you been?”
“Sorry, sorry. Pete needed help numbering t-shirts.”

Gabe’s POV

It was around midnight when I heard a knock at the door. I put down the issue of Nylon (What? It had an article about Steve Aoki in it), then got up to answer it.

“Hey, Gabe,” said a tired looking Sophie. “Sorry I took so long.”

I stepped aside and let her onto the bus, then followed her to the couch.

“How did the photo shoot with Pete go?”
“It was alright. Only took around 20 minutes, but he suckered me into numbering t-shirts afterwards. That took another 2 hours.”
“So I’m guessing that the video with Panic took a while,” I said, wrapping my arms around her waist. She nodded and leaned against my chest.
“Brendon insisted that we do a billion takes for the movie since Jon kept messing up his lines. Then we started editing and things went downhill from there… But enough about that boring stuff. What did you do while I was gone?”
“Umm, worked on some songs with Patrick… Played Halo with Ryland… read some magazines… Nothing too exciting.”

She yawned and placed her hands over mine.

“That’s cool.”
“No… I mean maybe… Yeah… I’m sorry, Gabe.”
“Don’t worry about it. We can freak out the elderly in the morning. For now, let’s just crash on the couch.”

We lifted our feet onto the cushions and leaned back. Sophie turned onto her stomach and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Buenos noches,” I folding my hands on the small of her back.
“Buenos noches.” She kissed the side of my neck and we fell asleep soon after.

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