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Note to all Ficwad-only Writers (Sorry)

by Demenior 2 reviews

This is an idea from the fanfiction authors to try and get all Class of the Titans fanfiction onto one site. Details inside.

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Hey guys, not sure if I'm remembered here anymore (hahaha), but I've been asked to post this as this is a little 'message' from the people at

Currently we're thinking that the fanfiction community is a bit more 'thriving' than the Ficwad community, and some people have thought it might help others to find fanfiction if it was all on one site.

So the idea has been proposed to try and ask all the Ficwad-only writers to try their luck with to have all the stories on one site.

This does NOT mean you have to stop posting here, but if you'd also post on, then people would be sure to see it and you could very well get more reviews.

This is simply a proposal, and you can disregard this after you finish reading it, but just consider the idea.

Thank you and I appologise for creating a note-story.

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