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Me against you against Me!

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Guitar Hero!

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"So what are we doing now?" Ray asked.

"We should have a Guitar Hero contest!" Frank exclaimed.

"Good idea!" Mikey said with a smile on his face

"So Ray, are you gonna lose again by Bob?" Frank asked

"Nope, not this time I practiced earlier!"

"We will just have too se now won't we?" Bob asked.

"Yeah." Ray said hopping he would win.

"So Jade, What level do you play at?" Gerard asked.

"Easy. I sorta suck at it."

"So do I so I guess we can verse each other."

"Okay." Smiles and Gerard smiled back.

"Steph what level?" Mikey asked.


"Sweet then would you like to verse me?"


"Okay who ever wins, can play Frank." Smiled and Mikey smiles back.


Ray and Bob got everything ready to play and started to play. After the song was over, we found out the winner. It was Bob! That made Ray go to his bunk and go on the computer. The next ones up were Gerard and I. The winner was Me, but I wasn't going to be in the last part of the game, because she knew she already lost that. The second to last people were up were Mike and Steph. They had to play two games because they tied the first one. So the winner of the second game was Mikey. That means Mikey had to play Frank and the winner was Frank.

Now all the winners are up (except Jade) and they are going to compete to figure out the winner. Since Jade didn't play, she went over to Gerard and talked to him. Now back to Guitar Hero, The First ones up were Bob and Mikey. Mikey one. He had to verse Frank now. Mikey won that one to! So the winner was...MIKEY!!!! YAY!
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