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Its all about me.....

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Gerard gets to know more about Jade.

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After Guitar Hero, Gerard walked over to his bed and pulled out his sketch book and a pencil and started to draw something. Jade walked over to his bunk.


"Hey Jade, whats up?"

"Nothing, you?"

"The same. Just drawing want to see?"

"Sure." Takes it and looks at it. "This is really good. It's a lot better then my drawings."

"Yuo like to draw?"

"Yeah, Its fun."

"What do you like to draw?."

"Anything it all depends on my mood."

"Oh I see."

"Yeah. Flips the page and finds a drawing she liked. "Dude I like this drawing!"

"Thanks." Smiled.

"Your welcome." Smiled back.

"Well since I don't know you that well and that I have only know yo for about a half a day, tell me about yourself."

"Okay, Well I'm a huge fan of you guys. I have all your CDs, Many t-shirts and many posters. Um, I like to draw. I don't know, what do you want to know?"

"Hmm How about when's your Birthday?"

"April 5, 1977."

"Thats cool, mine is April 9, 1977."

"Thats cool."

"How about do you take drugs?"

"Hell no. Never touched them, never will."

"Thats good."


"So what other kind of bands do you listen to?"

"Um, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Panic! at the Disco, A.F.I., Queen, Misfits, Nickelback, Ozzy, Boys Like Girls, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, and a few more."

"Cool, Those are like the same bands I listen to" He said smiling.


"Yeah, so what is your favorite color?"


"Me too!"

"We have a lot in common."

"Yeah we do! Hmm, here on the spot questions. Dog or cat?"


"okay um, comic books or regular books?"


"Me too. Um, morning or night?"


"Vampires or werewolf's?"


"Dude we do have a lot in common!"

"Yes we do!"

"Here, what is your favorite movie?"


"I like that move to." He said think that they had to much in common. And that they would probably have a strong friendship and maybe even more then that. "Here, lets go watch that movie."


"Mikey, Frank, everyone, come on, we are going to watch Jaws!"

"I LOVE THAT MOVIE!" Mikey yelled.

"I know, we all do."

They all got everything ready like the popcorn and the soda and Gerard got the movie ready and he sat down next to me and next to him was Frank and next to him was Mikey and Steph. Then was Bob and Ray.
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