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talking and eating.

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We all finished watching the movie, and it was the best time ever! Every time the shark came out, Frank would either go behind Jade's or my shoulder. Every time he did, we would look back, and he would make us smile. Every time Gerard or Mikey would smile was when either Jade or I jumped and got scared. It also was a mess of popcorn because of a popcorn fight. Everyone was in the popcorn fight. It started when frank tried to throw it up in his mouth and it landed on Gerard and he threw it back at Frank then Frank threw it again and it hit Jade then Jade threw it back and it hit me then I threw it back and it hit Gerard and so on.

We are all asleep on the couch, and we are all really close because of the size of the cover and the size of the blanket. Well, that wasn't a problem any more because Gerard and Mikey moved us to our bunks and kept Ray, Bob, and Frank there but covered them up again and then they went to their bunks and fell asleep. Now we weren't the ones with those weird dreams, they were!

(The next day, everyone is up except for the girls.)

"Dude I have to wake them up!" Frank said jumping up and down.

"No!" Gerard and Mikey yelled quietly.


"Because she...they are so...just no!" Gerard yelled in a whisper.

"What were you going to say?" Frank said.


"Yes, you were going to say something about Jade weren't you?" He teased


"Yeah." Everyone said

"Whatever," he said looking at Jade then going to sit in his bunk, which was right next to her.

"You like her and you know it!" Bob said.

Gerard looked at her and smiled. Maybe so.

"Fuck, you guys would make a sweet couple...just like what Steph said." Ray said.

"Yeah later maybe."

"The later needs to be soon!" Frank said. "She likes you, you saw the way she acted at the restaurant when you did that. But whatever, it's your decision."

About an hour later the girls woke up and they are all trying to figure out what they are going to eat. It was either cereal or something else that we were able to find. Cereal won. We all had lucky Charms. Mikey and Steph sat at the end of the bus, Gerard and Jade went to talk in the middle of the bus, and Bob, Ray, and Frank were in the front talking about old memories on stage.

"Tell me a little about yourself." Mikey told Steph.

"Okay um, I'm a huge fan of you guys! And I mean huge! Um music is a big part of my life. I can be a big dork at times! I love to draw and write. I like to play guitar. I was the darker kid in school always in black. So was Jade. Have the school hated us! What else do you what to know?"

"How about what kinds of bands do you listen to?"

"Um, a lot! Like Fall Out Boy, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, A. F. I. , Boys Like Girls, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Panic! At the Disco, and a few more."

"I listen to all of them to!"


"I know! Here dog or cat?"


"Same, What kind?"


"I love Husky's."

"Same here! They are so cute!"

"Yes, they are. So night or day?"


"Me to."

"Do you like loud music?"



The hours went by and everyone found out everything about Jade and Steph. Gerard and Mikey were starting to like Jade and Steph. They all had tons of things in common. They listen to the same music, the same bands. They were all dorks in school. It was perfect. They would both be cute couple we just had to wait until somebody did a move and hopefully that will be soon!

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