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Aww, Your first....Shh!

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And the collision of your kiss!

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Days went by, and did the concerts. We had the front row seats for show, and we were able to watch them from backstage. We got to meet everyone like their manager, bobby guards and everyone! The bad thing was that we had that plane ride home in a few days. What are we going to do? Stay here or go home and probably never see them ever again. The answer was obvious, we had to stay. So, we talked to Gerard and Mikey and well, we are staying! Well, anyway, here's a little update on how much everyone likes each other-all though you guys probably already know. Let's just say we like each other to much and something has to happen like now, but how will it be done?

"Singing contest!" Frank yelled as Gerard and I started to sing and it turned into a competition. What were we singing? Cemetery Drive! Every time he sung the 'the collision of your kiss' He would always say the kiss part in a different tone. Everyone noticed it and were looking at us to see what we were going to do. Gerard and I heard whispers by everyone and they were about if we were going to do it. Well, we leaned in, smiled shyly and...kissed. Finally!

"Aw, your guy's first kiss," everyone said with smiles on their faces. We sat there smiling at each other. We found out how to get this all done with and we are all happy. Now it was Mikey's and Steph's turn.

My thoughts about this was because of this kiss, does it mean we are couple? I hope so! I guess I'm going to find out later. Hopefully!

"Lets watch another movie!" Frank said standing up. "Hey Gerard, can you help me?"

"Yeah sure."

"Okay thanks, and Mikey can you pick out a movie?"


"Thanks." Frank said as Gerard and him walks into the kitchen part of the bus. "You finally kissed her."

"I know."

"So does that make you couple now?"

"I don't know, I hope so. I'll figure it out in a few."

"Okay." He said trying to find the popcorn. "Hey can you get the sodas?"

"Sure. What kind?"



"Do we even have popcorn?"

"Yeah, its on the third self to the right."

"Oh thanks." Frank said grabbing a bag and putting it in the microwave.

"Hey I'm gonna go give everyone a soda okay?"


Gerard walked into the other part of the bus and gave everyone their soda. Mikey got super excited because that was his favorite soda in the whole wide world!

"So what movie did you pick?" Gerard asked.

"The Grudge."

"I like that movie."

"We all do." Mikey said


About five minutes later, Frank came out with a big bowl of popcorn. He went and sat down on the couch between Mikey and I. Gerard was holding me on his lap. Well, I guess that was my answer for my question earlier and his too.
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