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The closer the better!

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We are still watching the movie and it was great! This was the closest Mikey and I have ever been. We were like on each others laps! Every time a scary scene would go on, we would both jump and somewhat go into each others arms, but not exactly. We were so close though! And right then, right there, it happened! The part were the scary lady came and scared the shit out of you. Well, what happened was Mikey got scared and pulled me onto his lap and kissed me! OMG FINALLY IT TOOK FOR EVER BUT IT WAS DONE!

Everyone was staring at us with smiles on their face along with us. But we were blushing a little bit.

"Aw, your guy's first kiss." They all said at the same time. "Now you guys are you are couples!" Frank yelled.

"Yeah, we are!" Mikey yelled back.

Dude this was like the best day of my life. I thought to myself. Mikey put his arm around my waist and we all watched the movie again. Every time there was a scary clip Mikey would pull me closer and I would smile.

The movie was over and everyone was on the couch except for Bob and Ray. They fell asleep in their bunks. Gerard was holding jade, amd she was on his lap. Frank's head was rested on Jade's shoulder. I was on Mikey's lap and he was holding me.

(The next morning)

Mikey and I were frightened a little bit forgetting that I was on his lap. They ended up hitting each other's heads.

"Sorry."Mikey said smiling.

"It's okay." I said back smiling back.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Sleep well?"

"Yep. Did you?"

"Yes I did."


Yeah. Are you hungry?"

"A little bit."



"Okay we have to find a doughnut place."


"We need to find a doughnut shop." Mikey said hitting Gerard trying to wake him up.

"Yeah go tell the the driver." Gerard said sleeply and falling back asleep.

"okay. Lets go." Mikeysaid letting Steph get up and then got up and went to tell the bus driver. And we are going to a dougnut shop.

About a few minutes, we were at the dougnut store and everyone was up so we wentin and eat doughnuts and coffee. It was so good. Well duh, its doughnuts and coffee its gonna!

We ate atleast 2 boxes and we left. We are back in the bus and we are heading to a whole new state but before that, we are going to go to the aiport and Gerard got us tickets some how. The state was Indiana! The place I used to live in. The state where my parents got divorced and left to take care of my brothers and sisters. The bad thing was, My sister hated my guts! She hated everything about me! So she left to go live with on of her friends. Oh well I managed to get over it. It was in the past. You'd have to get over it.

"We are now headed to the airport which is a few more minutes away. When we got there, we got there, we got out of the bus, and went inside the airport. Minutes went by, and we were on the plane ready to leave. The plane took off. We were in the back of the plane and this plane was full of bands like Green Day, Simple Plan, and ike loads more. We were going to be on this plane for a few hours so might as well have fun. We were really load and had allthe other people in the bands being like us so we got everyone sorta hyper. This plane ride was over and we had a new tour bus to go on and it was sweet. It was also cleaner and bigger. The cleaner part won't stay that way for long. It would be a mess befor you know it.
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