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New bus!

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“This bus is really big.” Frank said looking all around the bus. “Yes it is,” Mikey said. “And it’s clean.” Everyone looked at Gerard and Frank.

“What?” They both asked at the same time.

Everyone looked away and went to pick out their new bunks. Mikey’s and Steph’s bunk were on the bottom, next to each other. Gerard and mine were also on the bottom right next to one another. Bob’s was directly above Steph’s, Ray’s was above Mikey and Frank was above mine.

“So what now?” Frank asked.

“I don’t know, does anyone?” Gerard asked.

“Nope.” We all said together.

“Well now that I think about it, I brought Guitar Hero, so I’m going to play it. Anyone want to play with me?”

“I do.” Everyone said except Gerard and I.

“Okay, well then lets go!” Frank said getting everything ready.

Gerard and I sat on my bed leaning on each other playing with his phone. We took pictures of each other, put in each other phones. He had a sidekick. I loved his phone and he knew it. I hate mine he also knew that. Mine was old and messed up. Gerard didn’t care for it either. He was having troubles trying to put his number in. It was funny but I ended up doing it for him.

“Don’t you guys have a concert tonight?”

“Yep, Indianapolis tonight.”

“Oh I see.”

“Yeah.0 Hey do you want to watch us in the front row or backstage?”

“Um, I don’t know. Let me ask .”


“Hey Steph, front row or backstage?”

“I don’t care. Have Gerard pick.”

“Okay.” Looks at Gerard. “You pick.”

“Okay, how about front row. Then I can see your gorgeous face and Mikey can see Steph’s.”

Smiled. “You are so sweet. And that means I won’t see your back!”

“Yeah that’s right.”

“Yeah I know.”

“I know you do.”

“Do you know how much longer?”

“It shouldn’t be to much longer. Probably about 10 minutes.”

“Oh, okay.”


Those 15 minutes went by and we are here. The boys are in their dressing rooms and we are waiting for them to come out. The place became packed with fans very fast. The guys came out for the sound checking and everything, smiled at us, and went back to doing what they had to do.

A few minuets later, they came out and started to play. The songs that were played were: Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Our Lady Of Sorrows, Mama, Welcome to the Black Parade, Helena, Prison, Cemetery Drive, and a few more. When he sung Cemetery Drive, he sung the kiss part, he said it the same way he did with me. And as he sung that he walked toward me and smiled. Mikey walked over to Steph and she messes up Mikey’s hair.

After the show was over, we went backstage and hugged everyone. They all did a very good job, so they got a hug. The bad thing was they were all sweaty. So they went to the showers and took one. After the showers, we all went to the bus and left. The next stop was Cleveland Ohio.
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