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The nightmare Before Christmas

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“That was a great show!” Jade said.

“Yes it was!” I said.

“Well thank you.” everyone said.

“You are all welcome.” We both said at the same time.

“Who wants ice cream?” Frank asked.

“We do.” Everyone said at the same time.

“Okay I will be right back.” Goes to get the ice cream cones, comes back and gives everyone a cone.

“Were did this come from?” Gerard asked.

“The freezer.”

“Dude we have a freezer? Sweet! I like this bus so much better then our old one!”

“I think everyone does! ”

“Yeah I think you are right!”

“I know I’m right!”

“I’m sure you do.”


“What are we doing now?” Frank asked.

“Dude, lets watch The Nightmare Before Christmas!” Gerard yelled.

“Good idea, I love that movie!” Frank yelled back.

Frank ran to the TV and put in the movie. Everyone followed and sat down the same way they would have as if they were in the old bus, but everyone was a lot closer then they would have been. The couch was a lot smaller. That was also good in some ways…actually in so many ways.

This had to have been almost everyone’s favorite movie. It was mine, Gerard’s, Jade’s, Frank’s, Ray’s and Bob’s. Not Mikey‘s though. His was Jaws! Which was my second favorite movie! His second favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s kind of cool because they are reversed . Don’t ask me why. It just is and yeah I know I’m a dork. Anyway, it was about ten-thirty when the movie ended and we were all asleep except Gerard and Jade. They both were talking or doing whatever they were doing. Mikey and I were asleep holding each other in our arms, Ray and Bob were asleep at each end of the couches, and Frank in the middle as usual.

Gerard was looking at Jade with one of those looks that guys have about a girl when they know that that’s the girl he wants to be with. It looked sweet.

“What?” Jade asked



“Am not!”

“Are too! You were looking at me with on of those faces that the guy can make when the found the person he wants to be with.”

“Well then, you are a good face reader, because it is all true.”

Smiled. “Same here.”

“Good.” Hugged her.

Hugged back and smiled.

Gerard got up and pulled Jade up with him. “Come with me, lets go find something to eat. I’m hungry”

“Okay, lets go.”

They both walked up to the kitchen as quietly as they could so that they wouldn’t wake anyone up. They both looked threw the cabinets and they found mini cookies, Oreo’s, and skittles. They took that and sat down to eat it while making a mess at the same time. How? Well they threw at each other and it ended up to be a big food fight. After about a hour later, they cleaned up the mess. Then went to sit down on a bed. To talk for a few minutes until somebody was ready for bed. Well, that few minutes turned out to be a hour or two maybe even longer. By the time they were done talking, Gerard kissed Jade and she kissed him back.

“Goodnight kiss.” He said.

“Yeah, a goodnight kiss. Quick question, do I get one of those every night?” Smirked.

“It’s up to you. Would you like one every night?”

“That would be awesome!”

They both smiled.

“Yes it would be.”


“Well, sweet dreams.”

“Yep, you to.”

“Oh I will.” “About you.” He whispered so she couldn’t hear him.



And finally, went to sleep. Dreaming pleasant dreams.
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