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This is HUGE!!!

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Good luck.

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It is the next morning, and everyone is starting to wake up. It’s around eleven-thirty. Everyone was tired. And we needed to leave anyway because there was concert around two-thirty. It took only a few minutes until we got to were we needed to be. We got out of the bus and went to look at the stage. It was huge!

“On huge stage Gerard.” Mikey said.

“Yeah I know. That means I can run around in circles like I did before!” Gerard explained happily.

Everyone laughed and walked over to the big stage slowly. When we got there, a guy showed us were all five fitting rooms were. They needed to get their make-up and their costumed all of that stuff would take a few hours.

Mikey and Steph went to his dressing room, Frank went to his, Ray went to his, Bob to his, And Gerard and I went to Gerard’s. Everyone was getting their make up done and their costumes on. This all took a few hours.

“So how do I look?” Gerard asked walking up very close to Jade.

“You look very hot? Is that the right word?”

“Its good enough for me.”

“Okay. Well then you look hot.”

“Not as hot as you!”

Smiles. “Probably!”

Smiled back. “So where are you going to watch us? Backstage or front row?”

“Front row.”

“Sweet. That means, I will be able to see your gorgeous face.”

“And I will be able to see your gorgeous face.”

“Yes you will.”

We both left the dressing room and went to see Frank. He was already done with his make-up and he had his costume on. We went into his room and hung out there for a while. We talked about times when they were on stage, what they were going to do on stage. Trust me, it was hot and they knew how much I liked that idea.

After about twenty minutes, and Steph came to Frank’s room and talked. Next ones to come were Bob and Ray. Then the same guy came to tell us that we had to do a sound check and make sure that everything worked.

“Well I guess we will see each other in a few minutes.” Gerard said.

“Yeah, I will see you in a few minutes.” Jade said kissing him. “Good luck kiss.”

Kisses back. “Sweet.”

“Yeah, Well then, you better go up and get everything ready.”

“Yeah good idea.” So we both left and Mikey and Steph were talking.

“Well then, here is a little good luck charm.” Steph said kissing Mikey a little harder then normal.

“I like that good luck charm.” Mikey said.

“That you would.”

“I think I might need another one. I’m a little nervous.”

“Okay.” She said kissing him the same way.

“Much better.”


“Yeah, well I think we should go now. I have to go check my bass and everything.”

“Yeah, that would be a good idea.”

“Yeah.” He said kissing her on the check.

“Good luck.”


“You’re welcome.”

So we all went to where we are supposed to be. Every time we would look up, one of the guys would was a dorky face and we would end up laughing. The people around us would just stare at us like we were insane. It was all funny. After a half an hour, this place was packed. It was full of people. Everyone was yelling and the time flew by. Only five more minutes till show time. Everyone was excited. We couldn’t wait for the show to actually start. Only a minute left. It started!
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