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Hidden Magic

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A major Scott/Jean fic. Scott disappears without a trace and the rest of the x-men are left without their leader. But it turns out there is a lot more to Scott than any of them could have imagined.

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Scott Summers The Chosen One
Chapter 5: Hidden Magic


When the fog cleared and the room he was in became clearer, Scott took in the sight of this strange new area. He saw that he was in a room that was highly decorated with mysterious pictures and symbols. In the middle of the room was Chan and in his hands were two mysterious balls of light. Scott watched as they floated up from his hands, made their way towards him, and stopped just inches from his face. Scott looked in to these lights, admiring their beauty, but then all of the sudden the lights forced themselves in to Scott's body.

"What the?!"

Then he noticed the glowing seemed to focus itself in his body and slowly began to fade, but as it did, two mysterious symbols appeared on each of his hands. When the light stopped he looked at the symbols. They looked Chinese, but far more intricate. He looked back up at Chan who remained still and unflinching like a statue.

"What'd you do?" asked Scott.

"I gave you your medium for magic...The symbols of the chosen one, as written in the scriptures," responded Chan.

Scott looked at the symbols closer. They were on the back of his hands like tattoos. They were glowing dimly as he watched them.

"Now you are ready for the final phase of your training. Now you will learn the ancient and modern arts of magic. Normally it takes a lifetime, but our time is short...So we must work extra hard," said Chan.

Scott let out a sigh, for he hadn't slept more than a couple hours a night for the last two weeks. However, there was still work to be done and the evil they were facing was getting stronger by the minute.

"I sense you are tired chosen one," said Chan.

"Chan you've got a knack for understatement," responded Scott.

Chan just smiled, "Well then let's help you out."

Scott looked back suspiciously as Chan raised his arms and began to chant. What he was chanting, he didn't know. It lasted only a matter of ten seconds and suddenly, a light green beam covered him and all of the sudden...Scott felt rejuvenated. That light did something, what it did wasn't clear. He no longer felt tired and sore.

"Now how do you feel?" asked Chan.

Scott, shaken and surprised, responded, "Well...I feel...Great."

"Then I see my healing spell still works. It's just one of the many spells you can learn."

"Whoa, I can do that spell too?" asked Scott in surprise.

"Scott...You can do all the spells I do and then some, you are the chosen one."

"Yeah...I guess I keep forgetting that for some reason," said Scott sheepishly.

"Well then, now that you see the power of magic, let's get started. Your chi is begging to be unlocked and we must release it show Sun Chin Tao the power of light," exclaimed Chan.

'Oh boy...Here we go again,' thought Scott with a grin on his face.


Back at Bayville, the search for Scott had completely ended. The whole team was in a state of sorrow. The authorities had recently declared that Scott was most likely dead and with each passing day that belief began to permeate throughout the minds of the rest of the X-men. Even with no body or any other trace except his mangled glasses that Jean kept in her room, everybody outside the Xavier institute felt it was safe to say that Scott was gone for good. The absence of his body and mind from the physical and psychic world was the grim conformation. The fragile hopes of Jean and the professor, which had remained the strongest since his disappearance, were finally beginning to waver. Despair consumed them from within. Unfortunately, that was not their only problem.

Down in the main computer hall Cerebro was getting stranger and stronger readings every time the professor turned it on. Even though he stayed at Cerebro daily for any signs of Scott, now there was something new. It was beginning to get too intense to ignore. Finally, he let the rest of his students in at a meeting one morning.

"Now I know you all are still weary from Scott's disappearance, but now I'm afraid something else has come up to make things much worse," explained the professor as he launched a special display on Cerebro.

"Great, more bad news? I don't know how much more I can take," sighed Kitty.

"Pipe down half-pint. This ain't something we can ignore," barked Logan.

"I'm sure you remember our old advisory Apocalypse," said the Professor.

The rest of the students were shocked by that name.

"But I thought we beat that thing back to the burning pit where it came from!" said Evan, shocked to hear that they may have to deal with the mutant demon again.

"You did, but it's coming back. It's getting stronger by the minute and I don't know why," said the Professor in a worried voice.

"If it's getting stronger, will it break out?" asked Jean.

"There's no question it will, we must watch the gates of the demon and be ready to stop it if and when it comes out," warned the Professor.

"Is there any vay reinforce the gate or something?" asked Kurt.

"If there is, I don't know it. I'll look in to it, but as of now I don't think there is any way to stop it from escaping," said the Professor.

An anxious silence gripped the X-men as the prospect of another fight with Apocalypse clouded their minds.

"Well we beat this thing once! We'll beat it again!" exclaimed Logan.

"I hope so...You're all dismissed for now. But I want you all on high alert from now on and the X-jet should also be ready as well," ordered the Professor.

The rest of the crew began to leave, but the Professor said, "Jean...Can I talk to you for a moment please?"

Jean stopped without saying a word and turned back to hear what Xavier had to say.

"What is it Professor?" she asked intently.

Xavier took a deep breath, for what he was about to say wasn't going to be easy.

"Jean...I know these last few week have been difficult for all of us, but they seem to have hit you the hardest."

Jean's face showed an expression of sorrow as she knew what the he was talking about.

"I know you cared for Scott deeply, you cared for him deeper than anybody else...But as much as I hate to say it...He's gone," said the Professor, who felt the strain of saying such painful words.

Tears began to from in Jean's eyes.

"Scott and I once discussed what would happen to the team in the event he was unable to remain leader. He told me...That the only person he felt could effectively lead the X-men, was you."

This only made Jean sob more. Not only was Scott gone, now she was being forced to take his place. It was a place that could never be filled.

The Professor continued, "So as of now, I am officially making you the new field leader of the X-men."

He watched as Jean sobbed uncontrollable, yet she still managed to speak. "But...What about Logan...Or Storm. Surely they are far better suited for the job than me."

The Professor just shook his head in response, "No...You know Logan lets his temper get the best of him and Storm doesn't have the same tactical skills as you have. Jean, you are the only one who can be the leader now."

Jean wanted to respond, but she just couldn't. She neither had the strength or the words.

"Okay professor," she finally stated, "You're right...I'll be the leader as you request. Scott would've wanted it that way."

"Thank you Jean," said the Professor in return, "I appreciate this and I'm sure the rest of your teammates will."


Back in Taitzu Scott spent the week learning how to tap in to the power of magic. Chan pushed him harder than any of his other teachers. This time there was no sleep, for magic provided the rejuvenation necessary. Scott had to learn countless spells in a very short period of time. Unlike the rest of his training, this would take more than a week to master. He learned the basics from creating his own mysterious balls of blue light, to a healing spell of his own. However, that was only the beginning.

On the third day he began to use more advanced spells. He began to use spells with more power such as destructive dragon blasts and invisibility spells. However, the more powerful the spells the more it drained Scott, yet he kept pushing himself. By day five he had gained a proficiency in magic that normally took others decades to reach. Even without experience Scott kept getting stronger in the arts, yet he was still lagging behind Chan. By day seven he began learning to master exotic potions and elixirs. Needless to say Scott had many failures in this field. It was a topic he knew nothing about before the beginning of the week, but with Chan's help and the chi within he slowly overcame these obstacles.

As day ten approached Scott's mind began to have bad omens of the impending release of Sun Chin Tao. For the first time he was feeling the same thoughts Chan was feeling and it only pushed him to a greater sense of urgency.

"Chosen one...It is time," said Chan in the final hours of day ten.

"Time for what?" asked Scott who was still trying master a few cumbersome spells, but he stopped after hearing the Chan's urgent tone of voice.

"It is time to merge what you have learned during this lunar cycle. It is time to merge you mind, body, and spirit," responded Chan.

Scott looked at Chan quizzically, for he didn't know what he meant by that. "What do you mean...Merge?"

"You have learned the three keys towards unleashing the chi of the chosen one. All of it has yet to be released. So in order to release it, we must meld the teachings of Taitzu...Through magic."

Chan then moved to the center of the room and sat. Using the magic within he opened the roof of the room so that the moonlight could come in. Slowly, the moon was getting closer to being in synchronization with the opening.

"Come Scott, sit..." said Chan.

Scott did as he was told. As the moon got closer towards the opening the symbols on the back of Scott's hands got brighter and a strange feeling began to overtake Scott's mind and body.

"Now it's time to learn your last spell. There are more out there, but you have the power to learn them all another time. This spell will help unlock the true power within you," said Chan. "Now say the chant we've been working on."

Scott took a deep breath. He had learned countless chants, spells, and recipes and he was unsure how much more he could cram in to his brain. As the moon got closer, Scott assumed the meditative state he had learned so well. He then began to chant.

"Yu un tai mon gan hoo, yu un sie tan zhoa."

Translated, it meant "From the beams of the moon, enlighten my mind." Scott continued to chant this phrase and Chan soon stopped, leaving Scott to do the spell on his own. This was the final and most critical test. This test would prove once and for all if Scott was indeed the legendary chosen one. The glow coming from the symbols on the back of his hands grew brighter. Scott could feel the power surging through his body, yet it began to overwhelm his system. The moon drew closer and the glow from his hands began to engulf his body. Then, finally, the moon was aligned with the opening in the roof. The light from the moon caused a flash emulating from Scott. In his mind he felt himself zooming through a golden tunnel of light. Then new energy began to flow through that tunnel as he made his way through towards the seemingly endless path before him, then it all stopped...

He was back in the meadow where he once was. He looked around, confused why he was here again. Behind him a large, human-sized ball of white light appeared. Scott quickly turned around to confront the presence.

"Who...Who are you?" asked Scott who was in awe of the magnificent light.

"I am your inner guide...I'm here to help," replied a voice from the light. The voice startled Scott because it sounded...Like Jean. "We are in the depths of your mind now that the clutter of confusion has been alleviated. Now we can take the final step necessary for you to save your world."

"You mean the merging of my three teachings don't you," replied Scott.

"Yes...Indeed I do. You see your mind is the one constant throughout each of every skill you learn be it mystical or not. The clutter in your mind often impedes your thinking. Now you can truly be honest with yourself, something many people are unable to do. Your mind is enlightened, now we must perform the final task. Are you ready Scott Summers?"

Scott stepped forward with a look of determination. This time he didn't hesitate, for his purpose was clear. "Yes, I'm ready."

"Then step forth...And accept your destiny."

The light grew brighter and is soon consumed the entire landscape, including Scott.

As the moon left it's position back in the room Scott was in, the glowing around Scott died down. Then he awoke from what looked like a trance. After he came through, he stood up and said with a mixture of pride and nervousness "You...Were right, Chan. I am the chosen one."

Chan simply smiled, "Then the final task is complete. You've done it Scott...You are ready to face Sun Chin Tao. I only hope we are not too late, for the dark forces are gathering faster than we could have ever contemplated and the time of reckoning is upon us."


At the Xavier Institute alarms went off as Cerebro's readings grew worse concerning the rebirth of Apocalypse. The Professor summoned all X-men, old and new, to the main computer room. It was past sunset and the anxiety in the air grew.

"Attention all X-men, Cerebro has picked up what we feared the most. The gates of Apocalypse are weakening and it must be stopped," blared the intercom as everybody rushed down and suited up for what looked to be the most dangerous battle they will have fought. All rushed aboard the X-jet as well as the Professor. As soon as all were aboard the jet, they took off and proceeded full speed to the mountains across the world. After they were on their way, the professor confronted all of the students.

"Students, old and new, this may be the biggest battle you all have ever faced. I know some of you are scared, others may be anxious, but we must stay focused," explained the Professor.

"Like I've said before, we've beaten this thing before. We can beat it again," said Logan.

"I am hopeful that you will, but also I must address one more thing. As you all know Scott isn't here to lead you in to the field. As much as we miss him, we must stay focused. So from this point on, Jean will be the field leader."

Jean listened to those words and saw the rest of the crew look towards her. It was a feeling of nervousness she had never felt before. She never once thought she could take Scott's place, now she had no choice. It was a matter of life and death now. As the Professor Xavier finished briefing the rest of the team, Jean took a deep breath. When she felt nobody was looking, she pulled out a picture of her and Scott she grabbed from her room. She held it for her own personal strength. She would need it for what was to come, for the biggest battle against evil forces was at hand. And Jean Grey would lead the fight against it. She put the picture back in her pocket and kept it there. She knew that it would help her in the battle to come.


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