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Final Battle

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A major Scott/Jean fic. Scott disappears without a trace and the rest of the x-men are left without their leader. But it turns out there is a lot more to Scott than any of them could have imagined.

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Scott Summers The Chosen One
Chapter 6: The Final Battle


Dark clouds gathered over the normally peaceful town of Taitzu. Time had almost run out and the only one that could save this town, and the world itself, awaited his final confrontation with the evil he had trained so hard to defeat. There was a new moon scheduled for the night, meaning the sky would be in a state of total blackness. It was an omen that could not be ignored.

Scott Summers, the chosen one in the eyes of everybody in Taitzu, was at the foot of the main mountain that shadowed the town from the north. He was in the same clothes he was in when he was first bought there and he carried is Cyclops visor with him, for he knew this could be the most intense battle for both himself and the people of Taitzu. Every citizen of the town cheered him as he made his way to the mountain. All their faith rested on his fragile shoulders. His destiny lay near the peak. As he looked up he stood by his three teachers Shintao, Nina, and Chan.

"It is time chosen one," said Chan. "It is time to fulfil the prophecy, and vanquish the evil that threatens the world. Are you ready?"

Scott just stood there looking up the steep mountain. He didn't respond to Chan's question. He had his doubts from the start, but now it looks like he doesn't have a choice. If he can't stop Sun Chin Tao than there's nothing stopping it from destroying his friends back home.

"Chosen one..."

"I'm ready," said Scott finally, still troubled.

Chan picked up on this. "I know you are still troubled. It is normal, but you must keep your mind clear. You have many gifts, some magical and some not. You are both a mutant and a Taitzu warrior. You've been given these gifts for a reason, and now you know that reason."

Scott let Chan's words sink in. "Yeah, thanks to you guys. Now I guess I don't have a choice. This evil can't exist. But still, will you three come with me for guidance?"

"No," responded Shintao, "We must stay here and protect our town. Besides, you don't need our guidance anymore."

"But..." began Scott before he was once again cut off by Chan.

"We can't guide you anymore. You must guide yourself chosen one. It is what we have taught you and it is what you must do."

Scott sighed knowing he was going to have to do this on his own. "I just hope I guide myself in the right way."

"Try not to think of it that way," said Nina. "Try to trust yourself on this. One of the main things about your character Scott...Is that you aren't very honest with yourself."

Knowing that was true Scott took a deep breath. "Well I'll trust you all on that. You guys haven't been wrong since I got here...You know when I first got here I had a hard time believing that I was this 'chosen one.' I'm glad you guys have shown me the true way. I guess what I'm trying to say is...Thank you."

Scott gave his guides a reassuing smile. They all smiled back.

"None are necessary," said Chan.

With another deep breath Scott waved goodbye to his guides and began to make his way up the foggy path up the towering mountain. The rest of his teachers stood by and watched him leave.

"Good luck chosen one...May your chi guide you to ultimate triumph over the forces of darkness."


The X-jet touched down on a plateau near the entrance of the mountain that contained the mutant demon Apocalypse. Slowly and cautiously, they made their way in to the cave. A great feeling of darkness overcame each member of the X-men. They had faced Apocalypse before, but now the feeling they were getting from his evil was far stronger than before. The worst part was they didn't know how they would defeat the demon this time around. Finally, they found themselves in the biggest part of the cave. On the other side was a massive doorway that was as tall as a four-story building. Everybody noticed instantly that a mysterious glow was coming from the door. The glow was getting stronger with each passing moment as they got closer.

"Professor," said Jean in to her watch communicator, "We're at the gate."

"Good, is it still weakening?" asked the Professor.

"It looks like it...It's letting off some weird glow."

Before either of them could respond the ground began to rumble ominously.

"Team!" said the Professor in the communicator with a tone of urgency, "I'm detecting some odd readings, there may be some seismic disturbances."

"Tell us something we don't know!" replied Evan.

The rumbling got worse and the doorway got increasingly unstable. Suddenly, from the floor of the cave a mysterious dark-blue light appeared. Slowly it rose up from the floor and took a human shape. It looked like Juggernaut.

"Intruders!" yelled the human shaped light, "Nobody will be allowed to impede the coming of Apocalypse! And all those in the way shall be destroyed!"

Then, the rumbling stopped abruptly, but the blue figure was still there. The rest of the team got up wearily. Logan rose first and prepared to attack the human-shaped light. Then, out of the ground, arose other human figures of light. Each one was identical in looks and intentions.

"Man vhat are these things!" yelled Kurt.

"Must be some kind of gatekeepers," replied Jean.

"We can still take em!" said Evan readying himself for the coming battle.

Soon the creatures outnumbered the X-men greatly and surrounded them. Shaken, but undeterred, the team didn't falter.

"Fools!" said the leader of the guardians. "Do you really think you can beat the mighty army of Apocalypse!? We have powers beyond your wildest dreams! You can't defeat us! You have no choice but to prepare to serve the mighty Apocalypse in what will be a very dark future for you all!"

The X-men just looked at the beings with a stern face and an unbroken spirit.

"Never!" yelled Jean in defiance.

"Yeah!" yelled the rest of the team in determination as they lunged forth at the demon soldiers. It was apparent that the soldiers didn't expect that response.

"That's right! Bring it on, bub!" barked Logan as he launched his first attacks.


Scott had finally reached his destination on the mountain. He made his final climb up on to a large plateau near the peak. Despite the tiring climb Scott was ready to confront this evil incarnation. The skies were blackened and gave off the look of a fierce, ominous storm getting ready to unleash its fury. He then removed his glasses and replaced them with his Cyclops visor. He approached an opening to a cave where Chan told him the gateway for the creature is located. The closer he got to the entrance, the more violent the storm clouds above became. He was about enter the cave when he saw a light coming from it.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," said Scott as he began to slowly walk away from the cave. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble.

"This is it..." mused Scott.

The rumbling got worse as the dark events unfolded, but Scott stayed on his feet to see what was happening. Then a large explosion rocked the mountaintop and a dark-green light came from the peak of the mountain. It looked like a dormant volcano coming back to life after countless years of inactivity. However, this volcano wasn't erupting with lava or ash, it was erupting with something far worse.

"Freedom..." said a loud, raspy voice from the cave. "After all these centuries...I'm back."

Slowly a figure emerged from the light. It was a true beast. It had a skeleton head and a body covered by dead flesh. It was armored all over its body like a warrior or a knight. It stood as tall as a Sentinel destroyer that Scott had faced before, but with a far more powerful presence. All around the beasts body, dark flames burned and the smell of death grew stronger. The lights from the cave and the peak of the mountain got stronger and fiercer with each passing second. Finally, the lights focused themselves on the beast and they were absorbed right in to his body. Now the clouds above were beginning to spin and howl relentlessly. Scott watched as the beast turned its sights to Taitzu in the distance. For some reason, the monster ignored Scott's presence and didn't seem to take him as a serious threat.

"The people of Taitzu...Imprisoned me...The mightiest of them all. I must have my revenge," hissed the monster.

"Sun Chin Tao..." called Scott.

The beast turned around to where the voice was coming from, but it didn't look concerned.

"Insolent insect," said the Sun Chin Tao casually.

Scott wouldn't take that from anybody no matter how much of a beast it is. He then used his visor to blast the giant figure in the head. However, it didn't too much to stop the beast, never the less, it did surprise the monster.

"So...Looks are deceiving," said Sun. He approached Scott, but Scott stood brave like a leader is meant to do. "Ah...So the legends were true. I recognize your blood boy, you're the chosen one that was meant to destroy me when I got out."

"Your smart for a demon," replied Scott sternly.

"Oh I'm much more than that!" said Sun Chin Tao with a sinister laugh. "I've been waiting to get out for centuries and I'm not going to let some insignificant speck of flesh stop me!"

"I'll show you insignificant!" yelled Scott as he showed the glowing symbols on the back of his hand. Soon a white light enveloped him and he blasted the beast with the power of magic.

"Impressive," replied Sun Chin Tao dryly. "But not good enough!"

The demon countered with a barrage of dark energy balls. Scott used his agility to dodge them and his optic blasts to stop them. And so began to fiercest battle between good and evil.


"Come on don't give up!" urged Jean as she blasted another guardian of the gates with her telekinesis.

The guardians of Apocalypse kept coming as the X-men continued to fight back. With each minion destroyed, it didn't take long for more to take their place; yet they fought on. Some were beginning to show signs of fatigue. Bobby and Jubilee were the first to be knocked down for the count. It took the help of Logan and Nightcrawler to help. Eventually they got back up and fought again, but slowly the minions gained the upper hand. Shadowcat was the next to sustain injury as she became cornered and outnumbered. Once again Nightcrawler got her out, but not without receiving injuries as well. The relentless assault continued as the minion's strength in numbers and fighting skill began to win over. Despite increasingly hopeless odds, the Xavier kids kept at it much to the amusement of the leader of the guardians.

"You know you can't win...Children," said the lead guardian cockily.

"It's not over bub!" yelled Logan as he lunged forth at the lead guardian with all his anger. The lead guardian fought back against the Canadian madman. He was strong, but not strong enough it seemed.

'X-men, you can't hold out forever! They won't stop coming, you all must retreat!' exclaimed the professor telepathically to the students.

'Sorry Professor,' replied Jean, 'I don't think these guys are going to let us leave.'

Jean was beginning to get worried, she was supposed to be the leader and she was leading her team to destruction. She only grew more concerned as she saw her friends begin to fall faster and get back up slower with each passing minute.

'What do I do? Oh, if Scott was here he'd know...' thought Jean as she kept struggling to fight off the minions. She then saw young Jamie Madox, also known as Multiple, go down. Suddenly she had an idea.

"Rogue! Use Jamie's powers to even the odds!" commanded Jean.

Rogue made her way over at the downed little boy. "Take it easy kid, you've done your job."

Rogue then removed her gloves and touched Jamie on the forehead to absorb his powers. Then Nightcrawler ported him out back to Xavier. Rogue then began to make numerous copies of herself.

"Nice call Jean, now it's time fer round two!"

An army of Rogues then began to launch another attack on the guardians. This time it was their turn to be overwhelmed.

"We ain't goin' down that easily fellas!" yelled one of the Rogues as she and her duplicates began the next wave of attack.

But the lead guardian remained undaunted and still amused. "Fight, fight, and fight some more. You still can't stop the coming of Apocalypse. It is only a matter of time."

Suddenly the rumbling from earlier began to return. This time it was fiercer than ever. The guardians then stopped fighting and encircled the gateway. Slowly, the gateway opened in fury of fire...And out stepped the demon mutant himself...Apocalypse.


Scott Summers and the ultimate evil, Sun Chin Tao, were immersed in an epic battle between good and evil. However, good was not winning. Scott was being savagely beaten by the demon. It seemed that his rushed training wasn't enough, but Scott refused to admit defeat. There was too much at stake to let himself fail.

"You disappoint me chosen one," mocked Sun Chin Tao after delivering another harsh blow. "I thought you were suppose to be more powerful than this."

Scott gritted his teeth in pain as he forced himself up. His body was covered in bruises and cuts. However, this only drove him harder.

"Nice cliché of words demon," said Scott in defiance as he got up again. "But you said it yourself, looks can be deceiving."

Then with a grin on his face a red light consumed him. He closed his eyes and rose up off the ground. Then, before the demon could react, he let loose a massive beam of destructive energy. The impact, threw the mighty beast back and knocked him down for the first time in the battle.

"Not bad..."

But three more powerful beams of energy delivering more heavy blows cut off the demon again. Again, Sun Chin Tao was knocked back much to it's surprise. Scott then returned to the ground, preparing for his next attack.

"The power of the dragon blasts...I'm impressed," said the demon, "Not may people have that kind of power."

"Flattery won't save you!"

"I wasn't trying," replied Sun.

The next blast was diverted by the demon as Scott fought to gain the upper hand.

"I won't let you out! You won't hurt any of my friends back home or anybody else in Taitzu!" yelled Scott as he fought harder.

"Wait...You're not from Taitzu?" asked the demon.

"No," replied Scott bluntly.

The demon then showed a wide grin. "This is a good thing...Chosen one, for you have been mislead by the evil trolls of that town."

"What?!" said Scott in surprise.

Briefly they stopped fighting.

"If you're not a native of Taitzu, then maybe you can still be saved."

"What do you mean, saved?!" yelled Scott.

"Open your eyes chosen one, for you have been used. I am not your enemy, I am the real force of light behind stopping the mad demons like Apocalypse." Sun Chin Tao grinned in excitement as he began to talk. "Looks really are deceiving, for you think those little trolls in Taitzu are the good guys? Well I hate to break it to you kid, but they lied."

Scott stood by shocked, not believing one word of what Sun Chin Tao was saying.

"You see, I tried to stop them from ruling with darkness long ago. I was the warrior that imprisoned them in this town. They cannot leave because of my spells, but I was still imprisoned. For centuries I stayed locked in, trying to get myself free. But in addition to imprisoning me, the gave me my hideous appearance you see before you..."

Scott didn't believe this, but it was making too much sense.

"Those little trolls have been waiting to escape, but my spells kept them here. However, they do have the ability to project their astral form beyond the town to inflict havoc. That's probably the way they brought you here in the first place. So since then they have been cursing humanity with such evils as bigotry, racism, and war. And now that I'm free, I must stop them before the full moon tonight unleashes them upon the world."

Scott didn't want to believe this, "Lies!"

"Really? Why is it so impossible to think that way? What makes more sense? They abduct you out of nowhere, teach you their way, and blindly trust you to destroy their enemy since they know they can't? Or is it possible that you are just being used and misled by the magic of these little demons? Don't let them win by giving in to their lies."

Scott didn't say a word.

"You are the chosen one, you and I have to power to defeat them!" urged Sun Chin Tao.

Scott was frozen, why did he believe this monster. Was it really right to call this thing a demon? He didn't know, for he had been brainwashed before by Magneto. And he knew that it almost cost him everything. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to believe.


Scott awoke from his frozen state to a voice in his head.

'You are being controled,' said the voice.

'But by who?' responded Scott.

'Your chi is pure and you soul is righteous. You must listen to your heart, for it is the only chance you have at doing the right thing. Don't over think, you know what happens when you do that. You must decide now before it's too late.'

'Who...Who are you?' asked Scott through his mind.

'I am your inner voice. I am your own inner guide to yourself. I don't control you, only you can do that.'

Then the voice was gone. All of what had been told to him seemed to exit his thoughts. He knew he couldn't listen to that, he must clear his mind. Suddenly it came to him...He looked back at the town and then at Sun Chin Tao, but Sun didn't waste any time. He blasted Scott once again against the rock wall.

Sun Chin Tao burst out laughing as it knew Scott had just made a fatal mistake in his hesitation. "FOOL! You believe what your ears hears and your eyes see! You haven't unlocked the power of the chosen one! You are still weak!"

Sun blasted Scott again as he let out a cry of pain from the blasts. Suddenly, he felt weak. His wounds began to bleed and his body was on the verge of giving in. He felt his mind began to race. The voices of his teachers and family zoomed through his mind.

'You are the chosen one...'

'It's time...'

'You are our only hope...'

'You have the power...'

The voices continued, until suddenly they stopped...And he was back in the meadow of his mind. He looked around, the scenery was unchanged even in these circumstances. Then all of the sudden he sensed a presence behind him and he promptly turned around.

"Jean!" said Scott in surprise.

"It's not over yet Scott...You haven't won or lost. You have the power, it's just a matter of when and how you use it." Jean's smile seemed to give off a healing presence. Scott looked deeply in to her eyes as she extended her hand. He did the same as he reached for it. Finally, he felt her warm, comforting touch.

Suddenly he was back on the mountain, his strength began to return. With a determined face and a burning anger for the demon he began to fire back.

"Err," said the demon in frustration, "Why won't you die!"

Then Scott began to counter with his own beam of light. It hit Sun's head on and it began to push it back. Despite his growing injuries and feelings of fatigue, he marched forward, forcing the demon back.

"You deceived me," growled Scott. "You tried to fool me...Well now, no more games. We must end this."

Sun Chin Tao roared in rage as he tried to push Scott's blasts back with it's own. For the first time, the demon began to loose its confidence.

"I won't let you win chosen one! YOU HEAR ME! I WON'T LET YOU WIN!" yelled Sun.

"That is beyond your power Sun Chin Tao...And the name's Cyclops!"

Then, along with the power of his magic blasts, Scott used his optic blasts at full power. The demon was no longer able to counter it. Scott listened as the beast screamed out in pain as his beam finally hit it.

"Mon kai shou khan! Ni sin jao tzu!"

Scott yelled word of magic as the beam of energy from him became more intense and the demon yelled out louder and louder in pain.

"It's over demon!" yelled Scott as he let out one last blast of energy.


Light burst forth from Sun Chin Tao and consumed it's evil spirit. Like a ray of light a beam shot up from the demon and penetrated the dark clouds. Slowly, the demon rose and in plain view of Scott and the rest of Taitzu, the demon disintegrated in a burst of brilliant light...And in a flash, the evil was gone.


Back at the cave with the rest of the X-men, Apocalypse blasted back all the resistance that faced him. The team tried in vain to push it back, but they couldn't.

"Not this time mortals! I can't be stopped this ti..."

But it didn't finish. Suddenly it looked as though the monster caught fire. They slowly watched as it began to burn.

"What's happening to it?" said Jean as she watched in amazement with the others.

"NO!" yelled Apocalypse, "This can't be happening! It's not possible!"

Jean watched, but then all of the sudden she felt a sharp pain in her head. She thought she was having another seizure, but then she saw something. She saw images of the battle between Scott and another unknown demon. She saw the intense action and fighting and she also saw the image of her and Scott in the meadow. Finally, she saw Scott destroy the demon.

The fire around Apocalypse got hotter and the flames began to burn brighter. The rest of the team looked on in a mixture of confusion and awe. Finally, after one last scream...Apocalypse was gone.

Slowly, the rest of the X-men stood up, dazed and confused on what just happened.

'Team,' said the professor telepathically.

'Professor...What happened?' asked Kitty.

'I'm not sure...I sensed some strange wave of energy blasted throughout the Earth; I don't know how but it looks like it was what destroyed Apocalypse.'

"Wow," said Evan out loud, "Just like that...It's gone."

The whole team just stood there, dazed and confused. They didn't know what just happened. What had destroyed this beast? Who had that kind of power? Why did it happen in the first place? Each one of them was as perplexing as the last, but it seemed that nobody could answer them. Only Jean saw the brief images that showed somebody destroying some other monster. The one who destroyed the monster looked like Scott, but that was impossible, was it? The professor then gave them all a reassuring thought, 'It's over, it's finally over team. Let's go home.'


AN: Well, that's it for this chapter. If you all want I can end it here and leave the ending up to the readers. I don't have a sequel planned yet, so tell me if you all want an epilogue of some sorts. Please REVIEW what you all think of this story. Send it to or post it on Thanks and best wishes to you all.
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