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A major Scott/Jean fic. Scott disappears without a trace and the rest of the x-men are left without their leader. But it turns out there is a lot more to Scott than any of them could have imagined.

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Scott Summer The Chosen One
Chapter 7: Epilogue


Jubilation and joy filled the air of a secretive village atop the Himalayas. The people of Taitzu watched, as the mountain in the north once again became quiet. They had been transfixed at the spectacle as the saw the chosen one battle the ultimate evil. They saw and sensed the destruction of Sun Chin Tao. All were happy, but the three who taught the chosen one stood at the base of the mountain in state of sorrow, for they didn't know whether Scott survived the battle or not. If he indeed died, it would not have been in vain. However, that would not prevent the guilt that would follow all three of them for the rest of their natural lives.

"He truly was the chosen one..." said Shintao in a solemn voice.

"Yes...He was also a true hero," responded Nina.

Chan didn't say anything, for he hadn't given up on the boy. He had so much to drive to survive. He had his friends and family that he held so dear. It was that which drove him to develop his mystic abilities in the first place, for he was concerned for them. The chosen one in Chan's eyes was far more than just a warrior. He was one of true purity, and purity is never easily crushed.

Suddenly, a figure began to appear in the distance through the dust. The three teachers of Taitzu watched eagerly to see. The figure moved slowly as if it had been injured or exhausted. Soon the identity of the stranger was revealed...It was the chosen one, Scott Summers.

"It's over...The beast is gone," said an exhausted Scott.

Shintao, Nina, and Chan quickly made their way to the exhausted young man, but as they approached Chan cast a quick healing spell. Then in an instant, he was back on his feet, but he was still dazed. It seemed that he had fought hard and persevered through the battle, and he won with power far beyond his years in terms of magic. He truly was the chosen one with no more doubts whatsoever. All three were overjoyed to see that he had survived and triumphed against the great evil one.

"The Great Spirit was wise in granting you the gift of pure chi," said Shintao with great joy.

"And I see you have learned how to truly use it," said Chan referring to the fantastic light show he had given off as he fought Sun Chin Tao.

Scott laughed at his teachers' jubilation. It was a side of them they hadn't shown in all the time he had been at Taitzu.

"Thanks guys, I really owe you all big time," replied Scott.

"Don't worry," said Nina, "You saved us and it is we who are in your debt. It is you who have taught yourself your powers and it is you who controls them now. But enough with the humility, I say this is a time for celebration, for the evil is truly vanquished!"

"I'm all for that!" said Scott with a huge smile as they walked back towards an eternally grateful town.

For the rest of the day and in to the night, celebration over the triumph of good over evil was celebrated. Every citizen of the town took to the streets in joy. Fireworks, food, and music permeated the town and it's people. Scott was the main guest of honor. Hundreds of average people came up to him and gave homage to the one who saved them all. They presented him with gifts, food and in the cases of the women of the town, their hands in marriage. In all he must have received around a hundred proposals from women of all ages and types during the festival. However, Scott respectfully declined all their proposals much to their disappointment. It was a bit uncomfortable for him to be getting so much attention. Throughout the day Scott enjoyed himself, but secretly he yearned to go back home now that his job was done there.

Dusk had settled in and the night began to take over. The celebration was winding down as Scott and his teachers sought refuge in the main temple. As the fireworks exploded above them, they discussed a very important topic.

"Chosen one, you have slain one of the most powerful forces that has ever existed...And you have saved both your world and ours. We abducted you from your family and friends against your will, forced you to learn our ways, and sent you in to a very hazardous battle. Yet you still helped us," said Chan.

"Well...Its kind of what I've been trained to do most of my life," said Scott sheepishly.

"Yes, and you do it very well," added Nina.

"That is why we humbly ask that you stay here...In Taitzu," added Chan eagerly.

Scott was overcome with nervousness by this sudden question. Taitzu was a beautiful town with caring people. Here there was none of the evils that existed back home. He wouldn't be persecuted or shunned. However, that did not make him forget the friends he had back home. He missed them all, especially Jean.

"That's...Quite an honor," replied Scott slowly, not really knowing how to respond. "Your town is truly beautiful. The people here are so pure and life here is so much simpler...But I don't think I can leave everybody in my life behind." His three teachers showed a look of disappointment, but they let him speak. "I have a life back home...It's by no means normal and it's definitely not easy...But I miss it. I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I...Just don't think I can forget about my family."

He watched as his three teachers sighed, for they were truly disappointed knowing that he wouldn't stay. However, it was for the best.

"It's a shame you won't stay with us...But I guess it is for the best. The rest of the world needs you more than we do," replied Chan.

"So...Does this mean you'll let me go home?" asked Scott eagerly.

"We can't keep you here," replied Shintao with a light smile. "You're your own person. You belong where you belong."

"And you're place is back with your family...We just hoped you might be happier here," added Nina.

Scott could only smile at their sincerity. They knew he was homesick, but they still wanted him to stay. There was a solemn pause between them, for this could be the last time they would see each other.

"You know I'm not going to lie, I'll really miss you guys," said Scott. "You've taught me magic, fighting, and tons of other things I never thought I could learn. Man...There's so much more to learn, now it's not going to be easy without you guys helping me."

"Oh that reminds me," said Shintao, "We almost forgot to give you this."

Shintoa handed Scott a big, old looking book with mysterious Taitzu symbols on the cover.

"It will help you learn and refine your magical and mystical abilities. This book is true guide of the Chosen One," he added as he gave the book to his young pupil.

"Wow..." said Scott as he took the book and began to thumb through it. "Thanks. I promise I'll study it."

As he flipped through the book he came across something mysterious embedded in the cover. He looked closer and removed it from it's casing. He was immediately taken aback as he saw what the object was. It was a brilliant necklace with large sparkling rubies. The size and perfection of the piece must have been worth a fortune. As Scott gazed in to the gems, they gave off a beautiful shine and he quickly became entranced by its splendor.

"Oh...That necklace comes with the book by the way," said Shintao.

"Just...What is it for?" asked Scott still entranced by the necklace.

"I'm not sure really. According to some texts it is a charm of love, but there really isn't much else known about it. You can keep it," assured Shintao.

"Wow...Thanks," said Scott as he put the necklace in his pocket.

Scott's teachers watched happily as Scott looked through the book. They felt a certain sense of accomplishment knowing that he was still willing to learn more about the magic that he had been taught. Yet they still yearned for him to stay.

"It's a shame you won't stay with us here in our humble little town," said Nina.

"Thanks for the offer, but you guys have already given me so much. Now I think its just time for me to go home," said Scott.

"Indeed...But before you go we wish to do one last thing," said Chan.

"What's that?" asked Scott curiously.

Suddenly Chan, Nina, and Shintao lowered their heads, raised their hands, and began to chant quietly. Scott knew this was a spell, but he didn't know what they were doing. Under normal circumstances he would have backed away, but he trusted his teachers and he anxiously awaited the result. Finally, a small, blue beam of light shot out from the three mysterious figures and the beam engulfed Scott. He let out yelp as a strange feeling came over him. He didn't know what it was, but he remained unafraid. Finally, the chanting stopped and the lights ceased.

"Huh? What the...What was that?" asked Scott confused.

"A gift...Something you have been pursuing for many years now. Please, remove your eyewear," said Chan.

"What? No I can't..."

"Trust us chosen one, please."

Scott hesitated briefly, but slowly he began to reach for his glasses. He didn't want to remove them, but he did trust his teachers. He now had a good feeling what they had done with that spell. Finally, Scott closed his eyes and removed his ruby-quartz glasses from his eyes.

"Now open your eyes," said Chan.

Slowly, Scott obeyed. He was bracing for the worst, but it didn't happen. Nothing happened, for his eyes were no longer so volatile. He looked around, dazed since he had not been able to see like this for many years.

"You are free from your burden Scott Summers," said Chan. "You now have what was lost to you all those years ago...Control."

Scott couldn't help but tear up from joy. This was truly a miracle. He had his eyesight back. Yet, he still felt the power of his optic blasts behind his eyes. The power was greater than it had ever been before, and yet it was still under his control.

"I...I don't know what to say..." said Scott at a loss for words.

"You don't have to say anything," said Chan, "And now it is time. You have made your decision and it is time for you to return to your proper place. You have done your part here. And now you must return home."

Before Scott could respond an eerie fog engulfed him. It was the same kind of fog that bought him to the town in the first place. He felt a brisk wind in the air, then all that was around him disappeared in to a gray mist.

"Thank you..." said Scott in to the distance hoping they would hear him. "Thank you for everything..."


The Xavier Institute was in a state of exhaustion. It had been only a few hours since they all returned from their battle with Apocalypse and each student was tired, battered, and beat. Some had injuries that needed to be tended to, but most retired to their respective rooms. All were still dazed from what happened with the demon mutant. It made them weary because they didn't know how it exactly happened. Everybody seemed eager to rest from the traumatic ordeal, however there were exceptions. Jean Grey, who had led the mission, sat in the main hall looking out the front window lost in her thoughts.

'So Apocalypse is gone,' she mused, 'We fought and survived. How we won...We may never know, but one thing is clear; something, or someone saved us.'

As she sat her thoughts began to drift to Scott.

'I still can't accept he's gone. I know he was there...In some way I know he was. Somehow I know...He was the reason we won. I saw him. I felt his presence.'

She didn't know if it was because she missed him so much or because she was still distraught from loosing him. It had been a month since that day he disappeared. It still hurt so much that he wasn't there. Jean felt that she wasn't herself without him. She didn't know what was worse; not realizing how much Scott meant to her until it was too late, or not letting him know that she was sorry for all the trouble that had come between them because of her fear from her own feelings. She didn't know if the pain would ever go away. She felt a tear form from that thought. As she looked out in to the night she noticed fog beginning to form out of nowhere. Like a cloud the fog began to get denser and thicker as it engulfed the opening gates of the mansion. Suddenly, she saw a figure form in the mysterious fog.

"What the?" she thought out loud as she looked closer.

The figure began to take shape as she looked closer. She watched eagerly as the view became clearer. Soon, out of the darkness, she saw who it was.

"It can't be...Scott," she said in complete shock.

Outside Scott watched at the fog lifted. He still had in hand the gifts his teachers had given him and he had put his glasses back on. He watched as the view became clearer and as the image before him came in to focus. Immediately, he was overcome with joy.

"I'm...I'm home," said Scott.

He began to walk up the path towards the mansion. Nothing had changed since he left. It was the same home he remembered. Even though he had been gone for only a month, it seemed like forever to him. As he walked up to the mansion he saw somebody step out. Scott looked closer to see, but it didn't take long for him to realize who it was.

"Jean..." said Scott at a loss for words. It was really her, and she truly looked like an angel.

"Scott!" yelled Jean joyously as she ran up to him and tightly embraced him in a loving hug. It felt like a dream, for Scott was back. He was alive and well. The love of her life was back. This time she let her tears flow freely as she held on to him tight.

"It's okay Jean...It's okay. I'm here," reassured Scott as he hugged her back tightly. Soon he wasn't able to hold his own tears back either. He just embraced the feeling along with her.

"I knew you weren't dead. I knew you wouldn't leave me," she said happily, "Scott...I...I love you."

Scott felt a warm feeling come over him upon hearing her say those words. It was a feeling of great relief and happiness, for they had almost lost each other...And now that they together again, they weren't going to take if for granted.

Scott just looked back in to her beautiful green eyes, "I love you too, Jean. I always have...And I promise I always will. I promise."

After those words they embraced in a loving, passionate kiss. Neither wanted to let go for fear that this was all a dream, but it wasn't. This was for real.

Soon others realized what was happening as they looked out their own windows to see their leader and friend. Kurt was one of the first ones to see.

"Oh my God...He's back! He's alive! Everybody, Scott's back!" he yelled in jubilation. He then went on to teleport all around the institute telling everybody of the news. Soon, the exhaustion of the rest of the students was forgotten as they all flocked to the front to see.

Scott and Jean reluctantly let go of their embrace. Soon after the front door was flooded with the students who couldn't believe their eyes.

"Scott?" said Kurt as he teleported closer. "I don't believe it!"

"Our leader has returned!" exclaimed Evan.

"Heck...I knew you wouldn't leave us!" said Rogue as they all showed their jubilation.

Even Logan seemed happy to see him.

"Where on Earth have you been Cyke?" said Logan with a wolfish grin.

"Man it's nice to see you too Logan," replied Scott knowing that was just Logan's way of saying hello.

Every student and the professor came to welcome Scott's return. The professor was particularly overjoyed to know that he was right in not giving up hope. All through the joyful reunion they all had one burning question. Finally, Kitty asked it.

"So what happen to you Scott? Were you like, captured or something?" asked Kitty.

"Yeah man, where did you go? Why didn't you contact us?" added Kurt.

Scott just smiled, "It's a long...Long story guys."

"Well we got all night kid!" said Logan.

"Yes, it seems a lot has happened to you. Are you all right from it all?" asked the Professor.

"Yeah, I'm okay," said Scott. Then, to everybody's surprise, he removed his glasses. "In fact, I've never felt better."

Everybody stood in shock as they saw Scott's eyes for the first time. None of them, not even the professor, had seen him without the glasses before. Now they were really curious on what happened.

"But...How..." said Kurt unable to form the words.

"Like I said it's a long story, and I'd love to tell it to you all," said Scott with a big smile.

Soon they all walked back in to the institute out of the cold night. Scott and Jean walked hand in hand as they went to hear Scott's story. And what a story he had to tell.


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