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The only girl who ever gave me the time was the one who only wanted five minutes of mine

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Pete keeps going to one particular Starbucks because of a girl who is always there. He tries day after day to get her attention, but she doesn't seem to see him. He soon finds out why.

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This morning started out just like all the others. Pete woke to Hemingway liking his face to wake him.

"Yeah yeah Hemmy, I'm up I'm up." Pete groaned as he rolled out of bed, his black hair all tousled from yet another almost sleepless night. Opening the back door to let Hemingway roam around the back yard, Pete returned to the bedroom to get ready for his usual day. A walk with Hemingway to Starbucks to see /her/. It didn't matter that he was with Ashlee, he couldn't get her out of his mind. He would sometimes think of what it would be like to kiss her while he was kissing Ashlee. There was something so mysterious about her that drew him to her.

After pulling on some tight jeans, his Clandestine tee, a brimmed beanie and his way too large sunglasses, Pete leased Hemmy up and they made their walk to Starbucks for his usual candy-like coffee.

Pete walked inside and immediately spotted her. She sat at the same table every day drinking her coffee. Pete's heart was racing as he made his way to the counter to order, glancing at her occaisonally. 'Why doesn't she ever look at me or smile back or anything?' Pete questioned himself. Well to be honest, Pete didn't even know if she had ever looked at him. She always wore sunglasses that were way too big, just like his and always had headphones on. 'I think today I'll actually talk to her.' Pete decided, grabbed his order from the counter only to have someone grab his arm.

"Hey baby!" Ashlee smiled sweetly at him. He HATED when Ashlee just showed up without warning like this. She would just show up at his place, the studio, Patrick's, anyplace he was unannounced.
"Hey, did you order yet?" Pete questionned the petite blonde who today looked a little overdone for a walk to Starbucks.

"Nope I don't feel like coffee today, just wanted to hang with you. We should go shopping, I saw this reall cute..." Ashlee continued to talk, leading Pete out of Starbucks as he glanced back at her one last time. 'Tomorrow' he thought to himself as he was dragged back out into the bright LA afternoon.
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