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I'm too terrified and would you mind if I sat next to you and watched you smile

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Pete made the trek to Starbucks alone today, making sure that Ashlee was busy and decided to leave Hemmy at home. He had actually tried to look halfway put together for once. Walking into Starbucks, Pete looked around, but didn't see her. 'Maybe I am too early' he thought as he sat down at a chair. Within 2 minutes she walked in, her blonde hair falling delicately past her shoulders as the wind from outside was shut out by the closing of the door. He having never really seen much other than her face, he looked her up and down. She was shorter than he was, slightly petite with very womanly curves which her jeans and tee clung to letting Pete see every curve. She walked up to the counter without looking around and ordered her coffee from the barista who seemed to know her well.

"Hey Kristin, your usual?" said the barista to the blonde.

"Yep sounds great." Kristin responded, pulling out her credit card.

"Hey, let me get that for you," Pete stood up quickly, his heart beating a little faster. Pete ordered his drink and turned to the blonde smiling.

"Hey, I'm Pete," he held his hand out to shake hers. Kristin turned to Pete and held her hand out smiling.

"I'm Kristin, thanks for the coffee," she continued to hold her hand out. Confused because she didn't try to shake his hand, Pete placed his hand in hers shaking it.

"No problem, I see you here everyday and I just thought I'd say hi and buy you a coffee."

"Oh really? I thought I recognized your voice." Kristin said still smiling. 'God she is beautiful, but what does she mean?' Pete thought to himself and then noticed her calapsing a staff and stuffing it into her bag. 'She's blind? No WONDER she's never acknowledged me before.'

Pete paid and carried his drink and Kristin's to her usual table and began talking.

"So I take it that you can't see me huh?" Pete questionned a little hesitantly.

"That would be the case. I was in an accident about 10 years ago and lost my eye sight."

"I always wondered why you would never smile back at me everyday when I came in."

"Oh, haha sorry, but didn't the dark glasses and the staff kind of give it away?" she teasingly asked Pete.

"Well apparently I'm not that great at noticing minor, well, major details," Pete laughed. "And I wear sunglasses everyday that I come in here and I'm not blind, so I didn't really think anything of it. Figured you were wearing them for a similar reason."

"Like it's LA and it's superbright inside Starbucks?" Kristin teased again.

"Well, no." Pete laughed. "To conceal your identity I guess, only it doesn't really help me out much."

"Conceal your identity? What are you, some kinda rock star?" She questionned in a joking tone.

"Well, actually... yea."

"You said your name was Pete huh?" Kristin paused looking like she was pondering who he could possibly be. She put one of her earbuds from her MP3 player to her ear, searched for a song, then held it out to him.

"Is this your band?" Pete placed the earbud to his ear and immediately smiled as he heard 'The Take Over, The Breaks Over' play.

"Yep, haha nice guess."

"I always knew that I knew your voice from somewhere."

Kristin and Pete continued to talk for about an hour before Pete's Sidekick rang.

"Hey Trick... Yea... yea... okay give me 20 minutes... ok bye. Sorry about that, but I've got to go, I'm helping finish up the new Panic At The Disco CD."

"Really? That's pretty awesome. I can't wait til it comes out. Well it was really nice to meet you Pete." Kristin smiled brightly at him. 'I have got to see her again' he thought to himself.

"Do you think I could get your number and call you sometime?" he asked holding his breath nervously.

"Sure!" She gave Pete her number and pulled out her own sidekick, and put in his number.

"That's so awesome that they've got a sidekick that speaks everything you do on it to you."

"Yeah you have to special order it, but it helps a lot, that's for sure and all the little letters have brail on them so I know what i'm typing."

"That's pretty tight. Well I'll call you. Bye" Pete left Starbucks witht he brightest smile on his face. His Sidekick rang again and his face fell upon seeing Ashlees picture pop up on the screen.


Please review! It is my first fanfic and it was inspired by The Eye a little bit, only it won't be scary.
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