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11 I Like it Better When it Hurts

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Joel Combs is the football captain loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone. How will he react when he finds that Benji Madden cannot stand even his presence? AU/BDSM/Twincest

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Author: Strings393
Fiction Title: Wicked Tickles
Chapter Title: 11 I Like it Better When it Hurts
Pairing: Benji/Joel
Rating: PG-13/NC-17 in later chapters
Genre: AU, BDSM, Twincest
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual Reference
Summary: Joel Combs is the football captain loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone. How will he react when he finds that Benji Madden cannot stand even his presence? AU/BDSM/Twincest
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything except the plot. The title 'Wicked Tickles' came from the site Wicked Tickles.

*Months Later*
Benji and I had been together for about five months now and were living the relationship to the fullest. "Come on, come on, come on!" he whispered frantically as he snuck me into his window. We both landed on his bed, laughing as quietly as possible in our blissful states. The cold winter night had us both shaking do to the lack of proper warm clothes against the chilly air. Benji shut his window and fell on top of me again with an 'umph!'. "Well, hello there Mr. Combs!" he exclaimed quietly. I chuckled.

"Hello to you too, Mr. Madden." I teased.

"I've got a surprise for you." I smirked.

"Really now? Alright...let's see it." This time, he smirked.

"Close your eyes." I did as he said and sat in anticipation as to what he'd give me. "Open your mouth." I let out a laugh and opened my eyes.

"Are you kidding me? That's the oldest trick in the book! If you want me to give you head, you can just ask you know."

"That's not it. Now shut up, close your eyes and open your mouth." he ordered. I did as he said and heard him walk across the wood floor to his dresser and open a drawer. He came back a few seconds later and put something in my mouth, only to reach around the back of my head. "Bite down." Once again, I obliged to his request and took the time to find out what the hell he just put in my mouth. It felt like a horizontal rubber bar; my head jerked back slightly as he tightened the strap around the back of my head. I opened my eyes and looked at him questioningly. "Do you know what that is, Joely?" My breath caught for the split second it always did when he used my pet name, but I managed to shake my head all the same. "That's called a bit gag, buddy. It's kind of like the gags they use on horses." My eyes went wide. He was /not/ going to do to me what I thought he was going to do to me. A maniacal laughter left his throat as he pushed me down on the bed and picked up a pair of what looked to be oddly shaped handcuffs. He saw me frowning at them and laughed as he put them on me. "These are mainly used for suspension, Joely. But as you can see, I don't have a place to suspend you, so these will have to work for now. He tied a rope from his headboard to the loops on the handcuffs and did the same to my ankles, except he used cuffs that looked like he debo-ed them from the local prison.

"Mmpfh...mmm!!" I exclaimed through the gag, causing him to laugh more.

"Dude, relax. I promise to break your boy-on-boy virginity in the best way you can ever imagine. Are you ready for this? Because you uh.../look/ like you're ready for it." He eyed my erect cock with a strong lust, but looked back at me as I slowly nodded. "Don't be scared. You'll enjoy this." He picked up an upside-down ruffled cone-shaped item and applied lubricant to the tip of it. I knew where that was going...

"Mmm! Nmmmphf!!" I tried to protest.

"'ve never had bondage sex before, have you?" I shook my head. "Alright...I'll walk you through it. As I've said before, what you have in your mouth is a bit gag and what you have around your wrists are suspension cuffs. Around your ankles is what are called ankle shackles." I glared at him for stating the obvious and nodded down to the toy in his hand. "Oh this?! This is called a 'zing'; but before I can use this...we're going to have to get rid of these." he said, plucking my shirt and pants. He picked up a pair of scissors and started with my shirt by cutting it from the bottom hem all the way through the sleeve and doing the same to the other side. He cut each side of my pants and pulled them off, leaving me feeling vulnerable in my boxers. Sure, he had sucked me off many times and has pretty much seen everything, but for some reason, I was feeling really self-conscious now. "You know what, Joely? Fuck the toys for now...I want to play with you and make you even prettier first." My whole body tensed, but relaxed when I saw he pulled up a pint of pink watermelon flavored liquid latex.

"Mnpmf." I grunted. He smirked.

"What Joely? Don't like watermelon?" I grunted again. "'re not the one eating it. Don't make me get out the paddle early." he threatened. A muffled laugh escaped me, causing him to arch and eyebrow and reach for something else from the pile of things I assumed he brought from his dresser to the floor next to the bed. A round, black leather paddle with holes in it found its way to my field of vision and I gulped hard. He brought it down on my stomach, creating a loud SMACK! and leaving my skin red as I arched up in half pleasure-half pain. "You going to laugh anymore?" he asked. I shook my head with a smirk. This side of Benji was hot, funny, and just flat out sexy as could be. He smacked me again. "That's what I thought." He dipped a brush in the latex and applied it to the skin around my navel and on my nipples. Crawling on top of me, he got right in my face. "I hope you're ready for this Combs; because I don't care if you're a virgin or not...I'm going to make you bleed." My eyes widened once more in fear. "But you have to be quiet...because if you're not, then we're both caught...and I have the advantage of running away." I struggled against the restraints, trying to tell him to get these the fuck off me now. He just totally killed the mood and I'm not going to get embarrassed by being found tied to a bed. He put both hands on my shoulders and held me down firmly as he lowered his mouth to one of my now dry latex covered nipples and sucked roughly. I moaned into the gag. He licked and bit until all the latex was gone and my nipple stood at a peak, only to do the same to my other nipple. He reached down into his pile again and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps, hooking me up to them. Another moan escaped me. "You know, the beginning of this relationship, I had to coax you to make noises for I can't get you to shut up." I frowned at him. "I never said that was a bad thing."

"Mumphuh phuhahuh." I tried to say, causing Benji to laugh. I watched as he squeezed lubricant onto his fingers and jumped slightly when he inserted them into me. I could feel him probing and stretching and had to refrain from cumming on him that second. When he felt I was stretched enough, he inserted the Zing into me and set the vibrator to a medium pace. I let my head loll back in pleasure. He slid something over my dick and balls, but I was in too much bliss to look down and see what it was. I was so close to my edge, but couldn't cum. I looked down to see a ring and a leather harness around my cock and looked at Benji for an explanation, but instead, he laughed.

"Cock rings delay the orgasm, Joely. I was wondering when you'd give in and notice it was on you." I growled at him in frustration. He just removed the Zing and positioned himself at my opening. Without warning, he thrust into me, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut and tears to roll down my cheeks. "Fuck yes." he hissed. "You fucking tight bitch." He thrust in and out of me ignoring the pain he was putting me in. After a minute or two, I got used to it and started to enjoy myself by thrusting down towards him as he thrust himself into me. I moaned into my gag and arched my back, causing Benji to smile. "You like that, huh?" he asked. I managed a nod. He sped up his pace and muffled any moans he thought to be too loud. "Oh fuck." he whispered. I knew he was on his end and prepared myself for him. Hot cum filled my ass as he let out his load and fell onto me, riding it out. He looked up at me and removed my gag to kiss me. "You having fun?" I shook my head.

"Ride me." I said. "And let me cum." Grinning, he took the cock ring off of me and replaced it with his ass.

"Shit yeah, Joely." I shoved my hips upward in rhythm of him rolling his hips. He wasn't exactly tight, but he wasn't entirely loose either. He was just perfectly broken in and I liked it that way. Hours passed and the two of us had caused multiple orgasms for each other. He unlatched me and watched as I pulled my clothes on, pants sticking to my leg due to the trail of warm cum flowing down it. I hated the feeling, but loved it at the same time. "I'll see you tomorrow." he said, giving me a long, lazy kiss before I crawled out his window and headed for my car.
Benji and I had been having incredible sex for nearly a month; each time being better than the previous one. He was getting dressed as I watched lazily from my bed. He was beautiful in every way I could imagine. His flaws made him even more wonderful and I could honestly say that I felt something deep for him. "Hey Benji." I said cautiously.

"Yeah Joel?" he replied while buttoning his pants. He had been cold towards me all day.

"Benji...I-I think I love you." He stopped and looked at me, only to let out a single laugh.

"That sucks for you, man." I frowned.

"What? Why?"

"Because. I'm outta here, man. I'm done."

"What do you mean?" It felt as if my chest were being ripped in two. What was he saying?

"We're done. I'm not feeling it anymore." I just stared at him; no wind left in my lungs to even think properly.

"What?" I managed to hiss. He just shrugged. " date me for a few months, fuck me and then leave?" He laughed again.

"That's what it's looking like it's going to be, huh?" I shook my head.

"I don't understand why."

"Because that's the way it is, Joel."

"No. That's not the way it is."

"Yes it is, Joel. You think you love me when I don't feel the same for you, you get heartbroken, you'll try to talk to me for a month or two afterwards and then you'll forget about me. It happens to everyone." I was so confused.

"I still don't understand why you're leaving me."

"Easy. I was never attached. I didn't like you. I never have. I knew you'd be an easy guy to fuck because of how hell bent you were on being my friend." I was totally blown away.

" never liked me at all, never wanted to be with me because of who I was or anything like that? You just wanted sex?" He paused and nodded.

"That's pretty much it in a nutshell."

"So everything was a lie?" He nodded.

"Pretty much. Oh! Except the problems with my family. Those were real. Thanks for taking me under your wing all those times too. That's something I really appreciate." He planted a kiss on my cheek which I wiped off. "I'll see you around then, kid." I stared after him as he left, not quite sure what the hell just happened.
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