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First Day Back

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Scott/Jean. Sequel to "Scott Summers, The Chosen One." Scott's back and better than ever. But when Magneto learns of Scott's new 'abilities' he wants them bad. And he's willing to do ANYTHING to ge...

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A New Power
Chapter 1: First Day Back


It had been two weeks since the X-men celebrated the return of their leader Scott Summers after he went missing and was presumed dead. He was back and he had never been better. He told the institute about his time spent in the mysterious city known as Taitzu. He told them how the people saw him as a divinely chosen savior to the town and it's people. He also showed them the new powers that the mysterious people of Taitzu had helped him unlock from within. Scott's newfound talents in the realm of magic promised to help the team in the field as well as being quite entertaining as well. Scott himself was deeply changed by the whole experience. In many ways he still acted like he always had, but now he was more compassionate and emotional in addition. He was also a bit more honest overall. The rest of the institute didn't know if it was because of what happened to him in Taitzu or if it was because he and Jean finally got their acts together and were going out now. Either way, the changes were mostly welcomed by all, especially Jean.

"Hey Scott!" yelled Kurt as he appeared outside of Scott's doorway. He looked in to Scott's room, but didn't see him. "Hey, you in here man?"

"Up here Kurt," said a voice coming from the ceiling.

"Whoa!" said Kurt almost having a heart attack. He saw Scott was meditating, upside down, and floating on the ceiling. "Dude! What didn't you learn at that place?!" exclaimed Kurt.

"I'll get back to you on that," joked Scott as he dropped down from the ceiling and grabbed a shirt and followed Kurt out to his car.

This was to be Scott's first day back at school since he disappeared. He was nervous, but compared to the feeling of facing off against super powerful evil demon it was nothing. After gathering his things and grabbing a quick breakfast, they were on their way. Scott rode in his car along with Jean, Kurt, Kitty, and Rogue. As they rode along, all were eager to see the reactions of the others at school, for they had come to believe that Scott was dead. On top of that he no longer had to wear his glasses either. It would be interesting to see how everybody would take it.

"Man it's gonna be, like, totally weird seeing everybody's reaction today," said Kitty.

"Yeah, it's not every day somebody comes back from the dead," added Kurt.

Scott laughed lightly at the thought. "So technically, I'm still dead to everybody?"

"I'm afraid so," answered Jean. "It was in all of the local papers. They even went so far as to print your obituary."

"Wow," said Scott in amazement. "That's pretty extreme."

"Well, maybe they won't recognize ya now that cha don't wear yer glasses anymore," said Rogue.

"I don't know, vouldn't that just freak everybody out even more?" asked Kurt.

"Probably, but not if they don't recognize him immediately," said Rogue.

Scott listened to this discussion continue. He didn't add much to it, but it did add to the nervous feeling of returning to Bayville High. Jean apparently felt his concern.

'Don't worry Scott, I'm sure it'll be okay after everybody gets over the initial shock,' said Jean telepathically.

'I hope you're right Jean. I really do,' said Scott back as Jean gave him a comforting smile that seemed to ease his nerves.

Soon they were approaching Bayville High and the weary X-men slowly made their way up to the front doors.

"Well, here goes nothing," said Scott with a deep breath.

As soon as they began to walk, the reaction from the students was instant. The first ones to see him just looked at him as if he had two heads, but they didn't say anything. This kind of reaction continued as they made their way up towards the entrance. Soon they were able to hear some of the conversations the others were having. They heard things like "I thought he was dead," "Oh my God a zombie!" and "I don't believe it, a ghost!" The looks people were giving Scott were starting to make him uncomfortable. But then again, it was a strange occurrence to have somebody come back after everybody said he was dead. It all came to a head when they got inside and were confronted by Duncan and his football buddies.

"What the..." was all Duncan got out with a look on his face that could melt steel.

"Hey Duncan," said Scott dryly as he came up to him in front of the main doors.

"Aren't you suppose to be dead?!" said Duncan with a noticeable tone of anger and disappointment. "And what happen to those dorky shades?"

"Ah Duncan, you shouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloids turf for brains," responded Scott snidely.

Some of Duncan's surrounding friends couldn't help but laugh at that remark, but that only made Duncan much angrier. "Well what happened? You get loosernapped or something?" he retorted.

"Call it a sudden involuntary vacation jock boy. Sorry to disappoint you," responded Scott sarcastically.

"Man, you've got a lot of nerve showing up here again Summers! This school was a lot better without an one-eyed freak like you around here! You should've stayed dead..." said Duncan as he stormed off with the rest of his posse.

Scott looked back at them in anger and so did the rest of the X-men, but Scott shook it off as he headed to his locker to put his things back in it. Jean followed while the rest went their separate ways.

"Don't listen to him, Scott. You know he's just being a total jerk," said Jean as Scott began to load his locker back up.

"I know..." responded Scott.

"Makes me wonder what I ever saw in him in the first place," added Jean.

Scott looked back at her. "Me too."

She could tell that it felt strange to be back and the remarks of the rest of the school were starting to get to him. However, he was confident that the mind skills he learned in Taitzu would help him stay sane in wake of everybody's reactions.

"Man...It's gonna be a long day," sighed Scott as he closed his locker.

"Don't worry about it," reassured Jean, "Just get through this first day and it will all get easier in the end. I know it will."

Scott looked back at her, "Thanks, I really hope you're right. It's not enough people seeing me as a mutant, but now I'm also a zombie," said Scott with a humored grin.

Jean smiled back, for it was kind of funny when she thought about it. The warning bell rang, indicating that it was time for them to get to class. But before they left, Jean gave Scott a quick kiss on the cheek. "For luck," she said as she walked off.

Scott just smiled back as he headed towards his first period. The kiss really helped and he felt a lot better as he began his day, not knowing what to expect.


As Scott's day began, he had to deal with countless looks of surprise from both teachers and the students. He was now being referred to as "the zombie" as well as a freak. He didn't tell anybody the story about what happened to him in Taitzu, he just told them it was something he'd rather not reveal. That only made him stranger in the eyes of the rest of the school. He was also given strange looks now that he didn't wear his trademark glasses anymore. Some students became alienated from him, while others became intrigued. However, that didn't stop the constant harassment from others, particularly Duncan. By the time lunch rolled around, Scott was already exhausted. As he stood in line to get his lunch he heard some people saying, "Oops, I didn't know this was the zombie line." He ignored the comments the best he could as he went to sit with his friends.

"Over here Scott!" waved Jean from a table near the door where they usually sat.

Scott slowly made his way to the table and took a seat with a deep sigh.

"So...How's it been?" asked Kitty wearily.

Scott just shook his head, "Not very good. This has been, by far, the longest day of school ever."

"Vell, did anybody at least look happy to see you?" asked Kurt.

"If they did they hid it very well or were too shocked to show it," responded Scott.

"Sorry to hear that man," said Kurt.

"It's not your fault guys. It's just a bad combo to be a mutant and be back from the dead in this school," sighed Scott.

"Well you do have to admit, it's not every day stuff like this happens," added Jean always the optimist.

"Yeah, but that doesn't stop Duncan and his goons from annoying me," said Scott. "I swear if I hear one more comment out of him I'll turn him in to a frog and let the biology class dissect him."

The rest laughed slightly at his comment, not knowing if he was serious or not.

"You can do that?" asked Kitty.

"With magic, anything's possible," said Scott with a grin.

To prove his point he made a small light appear from his hands and shot it at Kurt's burger. When the light disappeared, there were now two on his trey.

"Cool!" said Kurt in amazement, "Two for one! Thanks man!"

"No prob," said Scott as he began to eat. The others were still amazed at some of the magic Scott had cast in the time he had come back. There seemed to be no real end to the variety of magic he had. It was both exciting and shocking for all of them. For the rest of lunch the group didn't talk that much about Scott's day, knowing he already had enough of it. As the bell rang for the final classes of the day, Scott took a deep breath and headed off to face the rest of the day. But this time Jean had some of the classes with him, so things promised to be easier for him as his first day back neared it's end.


At last, the final bell had rung and the day was finally over. Exhausted from the whole experience, Scott made he way out with Jean by his side.

"Finally...This crappy day is over," sighed Scott.

"First day is always the hardest," reminded Jean.

"Yeah, and the longest too," added Scott.

"But it's over Scott, so no need to dwell on it."

"Always the optimist aren't you Red?" replied Scott with a lighthearted grin.

"It's what I do," responded Jean. "Come on, how's about you and me go out for some ice cream? My treat."

"That's the best thing I've heard all day," replied Scott.

As they walked off Jean linked arms with Scott to help calm him down. It had been a strange day for all of them, but it was over and they were all eager to put it behind them. While the others went off to hang out separate, Scott and Jean drove down to the nearest ice cream parlor to put their anxieties to rest. However, as they bought and ate their treats a few familiar faces appeared at the grocery store across the street.

"Come on Blob we ain't got all day!" said an impatient Pietro from the driver's seat of Lance's jeep. Soon, Lance and Fred slowly walked out of the store carrying bags upon bags of groceries.

"Man, why can't Mystique do her own shopping," complained Lance as he struggled to put the bags he was carrying in to the back of his jeep.

"Just shut up and let's go home, I'm hungry," replied Fred as he dropped his bags in the back seat on an unsuspecting Todd who was trying to catch some bugs.

"Hey what'd ya do that for?!" yelled Todd.

"Come on guys, enough!" yelled Pietro. "Let's just get out of here."

Just as he was about to start the jeep he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see more and immediately froze at what he saw.

"No way," he said.

"Yo, what's the matter Pietro? You look like you've just seen a..." but Todd was cut off when he looked in the same direction as Pietro. Soon Lance and Fred followed suite as they couldn't believe their eyes.

Scott and Jean were walking out of the ice cream parlor after they finished eating.

"So what do you want to do now?" asked Jean as she threw away her finished cone.

"I don't know," replied Scott. "I was hope just to go home, kick back, and..." he was cut off by the sudden appearance of a familiar face in front of him.

"Hey Summers," said Pietro with a shocked, and slightly hostile tone in his voice. Soon the rest of the brotherhood joined him.

"I really don't need this today," said Scott in an annoyed tone.

"Aw too bad," responded Toad in a sarcastic tone, "But I think you owe us."

"And how do you figure THAT?" responded Scott.

"Summers...Do you have any idea what a disappointment this is?" began Pietro. "You vanished without a trace. Everybody said you were dead. Hell, we even printed your obituary and had a little party to celebrate."

"Yeah, and now you come and do this to us," added Lance.

"Well sorry to disappoint you guys that I'm alive and well," responded Scott sarcastically.

"Well that ain't enough!" said Blob.

"Yeah! Where have you been anyway? And what happen to those stupid shades you always had to wear?" demanded Toad.

"Well that's for me to know and you not to know," responded Scott with a grin.

"Oh really?" said Lance. "Well I guess we'll just have to make you tell us."

"Is that a threat?" said Scott humored by their persistence.

"Come on Scott, let's get out of here," said Jean. Scott took her advice and they turned and began to walk away.

"Where ya goin Summers?" said Pietro as he zoomed right in front of them once again.

"Anywhere but here," responded Scott as he pushed him aside.

"Oh I don't think so. You're gonna tell us what happened or we won't stop following you," added Pietro.

Scott stopped and turned around. He didn't know why they were so interested, but he was too irked to think about it at the moment. His eyes began to glow bright red, the color of his optic blasts. Pietro took a step back for caution as Scott as he raised his left hand in to the air. Soon his hand began to glow as well. Suddenly, all four of the brotherhood members sank in to the concrete of the sidewalk like quicksand up to their necks.

"What the?!" yelled Lance as he tried to get out.

"What the hell was that?!" yelled Toad in shock as he tried to move, but couldn't.

"It was nice seeing you all again. It's good to see some things never change." Scott then walked off with Jean with a big smile on both their faces.

"Man, how'd he do that?" said a frustrated Pietro. They all waited annoyingly as Lance slowly chiseled them out.


Later on that evening, the brotherhood walked through the doors of their boarding house covered with dust from forcing their way out of the concrete they had been encased in for over an hour.

"What took you so long?" yelled Mystique. As soon as she said that, she noticed the large amounts of concrete dust all over their cloths. "And what happened to you?"

"We hit a snag. We ran in to Summers and that girlfriend of his on the way out," said Lance.

"What?" said Mystique in shock. "Scott Summers? Cyclops? I thought he was dead."

"Yeah so did we," replied Lance, "But he's back. We don't know how but he is."

"Yeah and he did some weird hocus pocus on us and we were stuck for an hour. On top of that he ain't wearin' his shades no more," added Toad.

"Really?" said Mystique with a bit of intrigue.

"Yeah, but we don't know how," said Lance as he went upstairs to change out of his dusty cloths.

'Hmm, this is most disturbing. Cyclops is back with new and enhanced powers. This is major.' Mystique then went up to her room to make a phone call to her superior.

"Mystique, to what do I owe this call?" said a deep, dark voice.

"Magneto, something's come up. It appears that little pest Cyclops isn't dead like we thought he was. According to my students, he back and he no longer needs he ruby-quartz glasses anymore. On top of that he's packing new, stronger powers," said Mystique. Then there was a brief pause.

"So, young Cyclops is back and from what you tell me, he is also...Enhanced," responded Magneto with a tone of excitement in his voice.

"Yes, but my students also said he didn't tell them how," added Mystique.

"Then I guess we'll just have to make him tell us...Gather the rest of the brotherhood and tell them to meet me. We must pay young Cyclops a little visit."


AN: End of part 1. So what did you all think? You think this is a good beginning to a sequel to "Scott Summers, The Chosen One?" Please send me your thoughts by reviewing this story on or by email at Stay tuned for the next chapter if you want to know what Magneto means by his ominous words.
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